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Tyranid Warriors of Hive Fleet Behemoth

Next up from the Deathstorm box is the three Tyranid Warriors.

Tyranid Warriors Banner

This is the second Tyranid Warriors brood that I’ve painted, with the first being armed with scything talons and death spitters, I decided to give this squad a venom cannon and devourers for shooting, and bone swords and lash whips for close range.

Tyranid Warriors of Hive Fleet Behemoth

I really like the new Tyranid Warriors kit with all the great weapon options, it was actually a bit difficult to decide on what to go with. I liked the idea of the bone swords for marine killingness and the lash whips give an interesting look as well. The devourers were just because they looked cool and were different from the death spitters in the other squad.

Tyranid Warriors of Hive Fleet Behemoth

I based these just like the Carnifex, using bark to add some rock formations and leaving bare spots on the base for water areas. I think it adds a nice green organic contrast to the alien blue and red. It also helped that the bases used in the Deathstorm box were a bit bigger than the typical based given in the kit.

Tyranid Warriors of Hive Fleet Behemoth

I also took a bunch of in progress picture for these guys with the thought of a step-by-step but am not sure if it would give much more than the Carnifex tutorial, perhaps I’ll get around to editing down the 54 pictures into something meaningful for you all.

Tyranid Warriors of Hive Fleet Behemoth

Like I said, the new kits are a great step up from the old kit, which in itself wasn’t bad, but the expanded weapon options are really nice.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • They look glorious. I especially like the highlighting you have done on the swords. It is really effective. Also the basing is great, as you say it is a nice contrast to the models

    • Thanks NafNaf. In many ways the bone swords were much easier to paint than the other weapons, well at least more straight forward. Still not sure if I like the end result of the lash whips.

  • Fantastic work Joe! I agree with Nafnaf, the swords are viciously awesome. Really great line/edge highlighting all over these guys.

    • Thanks Greg, it was a lot of fun painting this style of edge highlighting than the power armor which tends to be neater and softer transitions, something that I haven’t got down just yet.

  • I have always used bone swords and they are fantastic. Great paint job, it is nice to see Behemoth getting some love 🙂

    • Thanks Marc, for me Behemoth is one of those old school armies that had that nice 80s look and just needed a bit of modern love. Its also a fun colorful army to paint

  • Like everyone else has said, these look great. I like the carapace work and the swords the most.