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Tutorial on how to paint zombies from Mansion of Madness

How to Paint Zombies Tutorial – Mansion of Madness

This how to paint zombies tutorial start with a Christmas visit where my brother-in-law brought over Mansions of Madness, a Cthulhu-based game from Fantasy Flight Games. I enjoyed the game so much I convinced my wife to get it for my birthday. This led me into deciding to paint the miniatures. As I do, I figured I would provide tutorials along the way, not just how to paint the MoM minis, but hopefully keep them broad enough for other ranges as well. I started off with the Zombies as I also received the Vallejo¬†Skin Set and wanted to try them out. With that said, nearly every step uses paints from the set. If you want to save this tutorial for later reference, I created a downloadable PDF version that includes¬†a bit more information on the paints used. If you want to get the PDF, fill in the form at the bottom of the post and I’ll email you a link. How to Paint Zombies – Mansion of Madness Tutorial Step 0: Prime The first step …