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Good Reads 5 – Panther, Rivers, Thunder Priest, and Fists

Welcome to Good Reads 5 where I highlight some of the Hobby Blogs from around the interwebs that caught my eye. One of the things I love about our corner of the internet is that we hobby bloggers look at each other as companions in this journey and spur each other on. It is hard to find that anywhere else, so keep up the great work hobby bloggers, #warmongers, and readers alike! Chaos Panther Beast What happens when you combine the Glotkin, Maulerfiend, and a ton of green stuff? Well TG over at Dark Future Games made a crazy wicked Chaos Panther. Over the course of five or six posts, TG documented his progress from a pile of bits and a creative idea, into a very unique and inspiring conversion. Hopefully we see it painted soon TG! Improving Premade Rivers So John Stiening over at 40k Hobby Blog showed how you can take pre-painted river sections you can pick up for $18 on Amazon, and re-paint them into much more realistic terrain pieces. With just …

tall Pegasus Gothic Buildings for 40k

Pegasus Gothic Buildings for 40k Terrain

So when I first saw people use Pegasus Gothic Buildings for 40k, I thought it was a fantastic alternative/union with the Games Workshop kits, so I ordered a whole bunch of them to add some tall terrain for my Knight Titan to hide behind. While I finished these a while ago, I’ve been waiting for a way to take pictures of them as they wouldn’t fit in my home-made light box. After buying some dark cloth and flood lights from Home Depot, I am in business! These are fantastic kits and only $25 or so on Amazon: Pegasus Gothic Building Kit. I think I ordered two of the Gothic Ruin sets, both of the Small Sets, and two of the Large sets which not only built both of these buildings, but I have pieces reserved for an extended cathedral, so they go a very long way. One of the neat little bits that come with the kits is a bunch of lamps and torches which I practiced my object source lighting on to mixed effect. One thing …

Chaos Bastion WIP

Bastion Progress: Nearly There

I have made a bit more progress on the Chaos Bastion of the few weeks. I started to regret painting the brackets supporting the horizontal trims metal as they seemed to take forever, but I like how it turned out in the end. The gun emplacements are still separated but are already painted the metallic. Still left to do is the weathering and chaos stars similar to the Russes. The stars will be interesting as they will most likely cover multiple sides so it may be a bit of a change to balance the number and size of them. The defensive walls are also in progress and I actually used the spray gun to paint the red/orange on some. I will post them up soon with notes on the air brush.   [amazonify]B002G21PC2[/amazonify]

Chaos Bastion WIP - Front

New Models for 6th Edition

I’ve been pouring over the 6th edition rules the last couple of weeks now, and overall I’m excited for the changes. I especially like the idea of over-watch giving my pour renegade guardsmen some protection against assaults. All the minor changes are going to take some time I think to settle out their benefit/cost to the game. From a hobby standpoint and someone who isn’t into the competitive side, I like the idea of the new army structure including allies and structures. Will it get abused? of course, but so will any rule set put out. I’m working on more posts about my guard and Iron Warriors in 6th but as I was reading the rulebook I remembered I had this in the closet of doom (tm mordian 7th): I had bought one of these when they had come out thinking of actually playing a planet strike game with it (anyone actually plan that expansion?). After hours of scrapping off those blasted Aquillas and gluing the upper walls together wrong, I started painting the Bastion …