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Tips to improve your painting skills

How to Improve Your Hobby Painting Skills

In part two of Improve Your Hobby Skills series, I want to share some ways to improve your hobby painting skills. I’ve broken this huge topic down into eight areas that can improve the way you paint. As painting is a huge aspect of our hobby, this is going to be a rather long article, but don’t forget you can download the article as a PDF, including part 1: building skills. [convertkit form=5003522] Painting ability is where a lot of us focus when we think of what we need to improve. Understandable since there are so many aspects of painting to learn, so many incredible artists out there, and we spend so much time on it compared to the build. But just as with the build suggestions, I recommend you focus on one idea at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Also, let your painting style build upon itself, don’t pressure yourself to be the next Blanche, ‘Eavy Metal, or name-your-favorite-artist. Get comfortable with what you can do already, and progress from there. 1. …

How to Paint White - AdMech Style

Painting AdMech Part 2 – The White Sections

Hey, everyone! Ben here again from Moosehead Studios with the second and final part of my painting AdMech articles (for now, at least). In this article, I am going to cover the second-largest section of my Skitarii Vanguard and Rangers: the white sections. If you missed the first article it is where I painted the blue sections. White is one of the most difficult colors to paint, right up there with yellow and black. What I have discovered works best for me is to build up layers on whatever it is that I am painting and trick the eye into believing that what it is seeing on the model is pure white cleverly applied instead of several layers of different colors built on top of each other. And I can’t stress this enough when painting white: it is always better to apply several thinned layers of paint instead of one thick. I mean, this is the cardinal rule of painting as spoken by the one and only Duncan Rhodes (@WHTV_Dunc on Twitter). When you are …

Good Reads 45

Good Reads 45 – Awesome Hobby Posts to Catch

Back with some awesome hobby posts from the last two weeks, I’ve some great articles for you to check out from 30k, 40k, AoS, and Blood Bowl! I even have two tutorials in there for you to learn some new painting tips. Ultramarine Battle Tanks I love tanks, and Lord Halfpenny’s mobile detachment for his 30k Ultramarines caught my eye. Between the nice shade of blue and the weathered tracks, they fit the nice balance between the traditional boys in blue and realistic military vehicles. Drakon Riders When I first looked at Swordmaster’s Drakon Riders, I thought they were simply a dragon kit that I didn’t remember, only to read his post and find out the are converted from Cold Ones and Vargheist wings! Not only a cool conversion but a nice paint job as well. How to Paint Non-metallic Metallics Painting non-metallic metals is an advanced painting concept that can look nice when pulled off. Blazmo has been learning how to do it on his Greyfox Inquisitor. In the process, he decided to create …

Book Review of Color Theory by Patti Mollica

Book Review: Color Theory by Patti Mollica

While doing research for my painting basics post, I pulled out a book I’ve had on color theory. After reading through it, I thought I would provide a book review and my takeaways from this book. Color Theory by Patti Mollica is a fairly short but dense book in the Artist’s Library Series aimed at more traditional artists. What I mean by this is that the colors she mentions and tools used are the typical set used by canvas painters. So while the topic of learning color theory is helpful, we just need to translate it into painting miniatures. I am listing learning color theory as one of the things to help painters improve. By learning how colors interact and mix, you can create moods and feeling, or create focus to particular areas of the model. Book Contents At only 52 pages, it is easy to skim through Color Theory and get a sense of what it offers. Patti breaks the book down into five sections: the history of color, color basics, pigments & paints, communicating with …

How to Paint Ironjawz Brute by Em

Watch This: Painting Red Ironjawz featuring Em

Yes, I like greenskins so it is hard to pass up videos featuring them. Especially as I’m trying to finish my Dread Mob and start the Ork Blood Bowl Team. What I like about Em’s tutorial on painting these red Orruk Ironjawz Brutes is how simple each step is, yet the finished model looks great. Below I embed the video from Warhammer TV where Em steps through each part of the miniatures and gives some great tips from using different types of washes to highlighting the bone spikes with lines. I’ve tried to gather as many of these notes as I could below for those who like to read along to wanted to quickly grab all the colors she used. Quick note: I am using this video and notes without permission, but wish to share this great tutorial and provide my own thoughts to it. In no way do I claim any copyrights to the video or any of Games Workshop’s trademarked colors below. Watch How to Paint Ironjawz Orruk Brutes My Notes First I’m going …

How to Paint Black Armor and Clothing

Guide to Painting Black – How to Paint Black Cloth and Armor

I’ve received the question on how to paint black a number of times so a few weeks back I put the question to the greater community and have compiled this guide to painting black armor and clothing. I broke this guide down into a few different sections: background/color theory of black, general tips on painting black, three different methods to paint black, and further reading with tutorials by other bloggers. Want this as a PDF? I took the extra time on this post to create an eBook for you to download and take with you. Check out the form at the bottom of the post to grab it. So let’s jump in! What is Black and Why is it Hard? What makes black such a hard color to paint? Painters suffer from the opposite problem as painting white: it is hard to shade black. Reds, blues, yellows, they can all be shaded and highlighted. You can change the tone or saturation by mixing in other colors. Black, well is black. So while you can’t shade …

5 Steps to Create an Inspiring Creative Studio Space

5 Steps to Creating an Inspiring Studio Space in your home

Adding an artistic touch to your life can make a big difference considering the quality of your overall lifestyle. Therefore, having a place to commit to your own artistic ideals can mean a lot when days are busy and stressful. Also, depending on whether you’re a professional, semi-professional or an amateur artist, you’ll have to invest and organize this space accordingly. This guest post comes from Emma who is blogger based in Australia. While she comes from outside our hobby niche, she has some great insight on creating artisitc spaces and DIY. If you want to see more, check out the links to her bio at the bottom. For professionals, their own studio will act as their home office while those who enjoy such creativity as a hobby can recreate their own little sanctuary with few helpful pieces of advice. For hobbyists, a dedicated space reduces the barrier to getting some extra painting done and keeping the rest of the house happy. 1. Plan your budget The budget for your perfect studio space won’t be the same …

How to do Wet Blending Video Tutorial by AG Productions

Watch This: Wet Blending

Blending is the technique of transitioning one color of paint to another, with wet blending being a particular style that involves adding layers while the paint is still wet. In today’s Watch This, I feature AG Productions’ video on wet blending. While the hot thing lately is to use airbrushes to create super smooth blends and highlights, wet blending has been around for a long time. It works great for those who like to use brushes or in tight spots that an airbrush would be difficult to get in to. So check out the video below or skip to my notes where I break down his steps and tips for making the most of your wet blending. Watch How to Do Wet Blending Wet Blending Overview Here are my notes from AGP’s video on how to do wet blending. He is painting a Carnosaur with a fade from white to yellow to purple that looks incredible. Focus on small sections of the model at a time Use features on the model to break up where …

Best Painting Articles of 2016

Good Reads 2016 – Painting Articles

It’s no secret that I love painting miniatures and love tutorials, so it should be no surprise that I have so many Good Reads in the painting category! Some of the tutorials are great for beginners getting started, others will find some awesome tips from expert painters. These are my collection of Good Reads 2016 Painting Articles pulled from my bi-weekly Good Reads post, emailed in links that I missed, and a few posts of my own. Click through and check them out, bookmark it for later, and don’t miss the other Good Reads 2016 Collections: Good Reads 2016 Main Page Good Reads 2016 Building Articles Good Reads 2016 Inspirational Articles Good Reads 2016 Gaming Articles Good Reads 2016 Humor and Story Articles Painting Bases Wilhel is back this week with a great step-by-step on how he paints his bases. They are a great mix of jungle, marble tile, and 40k morbid gothic. And he makes it look so simple too! If you want to see the monster he put on this beautiful base, check out his Tyranid mutant …

Good Reads 2016

Good Reads 2016 Some of My Favorite Posts of the Year

This week’s Good Reads is going to be epic. Rather than just adding in the last few week’s worth of posts, I have gone over all my previous Good Reads, articles sent me by others, and even a few of my own thrown in to bring you some of my favorite articles from 2016. So I bring you: Good Reads 2016 Edition! Before we get to far along, if I missed your posts or a blog altogether, please forgive me. There are so many amazing articles published every day that I can only see so many! So if you think I made a mistake in skipping an article, submit it to the comments below, send me an email: or hit me up on social media! I’m not kidding about this: have zero shame in sending me your links! I had originally set this up to be one massive article featuring all the posts, but quickly realized it would not only be too long to read, but was becoming painful to edit! So instead I broke …

Community Question on how to paint black and white

Community Questions: Painting Tips for Black and White

Mixing it up a bit today. Rather than share a post with you, I’m looking for your thoughts on painting the ‘hard’ colors: Black and White. As I’ve been building up the blog, I’ll get a ping on Facebook or email with hobby questions, and the one I get the most is how to paint black or how to paint white. Both are hard colors in the sense of highlighting or shading without it looking too harsh. So I turn to you, my awesome readers. What are your favorite tips for painting black or white? Post them in the comments below so everyone can learn. Have a tutorial as well? Post the link!

Good Reads 41 with Awesome Hobby Content

Good Reads 41

Bringing together some awesome hobby blogs that I have found the last few weeks, Good Reads 41 has some good ones for you. So dive in, check out what your fellow hobby bloggers are up to, and leave them a comment. How To: Chipped Paint Tutorial by Scott on The Brush WizardAdding chipped paint to a model is one of the basic ways of adding weathering. It can be as hard as you make it to be, but Scott shows a few steps to take to make them really pop. With only a few extra colors, you can give your models some extra character. Birth of a Chaos Knight Titan Anyone who finishes a Knight Titan deserves an award. And to do one with such incredible degree of details, Thor’s Chaos Knight Titan deserves an extra reward. Named Ironfate, Thor has put an amazing amount of work into painting him. Converted Gal Vorbak Forge World’s models are epic, and the Gal Vorbak of the Word Bearers are no exception. The problem Eric ran into is …