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Traitor Leman Russ Complete – ToEMP Challenge 2 Done

Pictures of my finished Leman Russ Battle Tank for my traitor guard. Although I was hoping to have had a head start on the second challenge for 73rd’s A Tale of Even More Painters with my sentinels, I came back from my work trip to find the challenge was to paint an elites choice, and if none were available then a heavy support could be painted instead. I had neither choice planned for the short term for my traitor guard and didn’t even have any models I could put together for it, but luckily I had one of my brothers old Leman Russ tanks in the back of my closet. With his permission I have relinquished the tank from those who worship the corpse and added it to my growing horde.

Defiler Pictures

Finally, here are the pictures of my Iron Warrior Defiler. I entered this two weeks ago in a painting competition at my local GW store. This didn’t place, but I had a great time painting it (and the competition gave me a good excuse to finish it!). I didn’t do much conversion to the model, but I did build up a base for it from an old CD. Now that this model is finally built and painted I need to get him into a game and blow away all those silly loyalists! The guns are magnetized so if I later decide to go dual close combat arms or replace the flamer with a havoc, it will be a snap I also tried to magnetize the torso to the legs but it was too heavy for my little magnets so I had to pin it. The top still comes off for storage and transportation, but it can’t rotate during a game. The base is an old CD that I glued a layer of pink Styrofoam onto. …

Traitor Guard Basilisk Squadron – The Moirae

What would Iron Warrior army be complete without some good artillery pieces to pummel the foe? Presented here is my traitor guard basilisk squadron, The Moirae. These tanks were from a prize giveaway at the local Games Workshop Store during the Apocalypse Reloaded release. They have made a great addition to the 14th Grand Company and inspired me to build up a full traitor guard army. Atropos won a mini golden demon award at the local battle bunker, and the full squad won a painting competition at the local store. They have also served the War Smith well in two  Apocalypse games raining death upon the foes. I painted them in my Iron Warriors color scheme and made adjustments to the Imperial iconography throughout the tanks. Taking the X-Acto to the tank, I removed the Aquilas and added a few touches of Chaos instead. Clotho is the designated command tank as fitting with the evil commissar enforcing his rule. I had fun building up the gunner crew out of a mix of Cadians, Catachans, and heavy …

Land Raider Pictures

The Land Raider was a blast to put together and paint, it has so many  great details inside and out. The lascannon sponsons are magnetized to the hull so I could take them off. I painted the inside of the vehicle before gluing the top section on: The side access doors were also magnetized to show off the inside. There was very little modifications to the actual model other than adding some Chaos spiky bits and replacing the lascannon tips with the dragon heads.