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Good Reads 2 with awesome hobby blogs to read

Good Reads #2 – Hobby Blogs You May Have Missed

Welcome back to another week of Good Reads. I have more hobby blogs posts from our niche in the world that stuck out to me, and I wanted to share. Check them out and support your fellow hobbyist and celebrate their accomplishments. Iron Snakes M4cro has painted up a full squad of Iron Snakes he has called Squad Lakodeme. Some fantastically painted shield designs and a cool story he is telling with these Marines. I’m a big fan of the Spartan look on Marines and especially Marines with shields, and these guys fit both bills. Custom Built Razor Back Turret Typically a Razorback doesn’t get anyone excited, but D  Powers scratch built his turret with some crazy, ornate detail and an exposed Techmarine who is just looking like a boss. Also, check out his armies back story, I love when people expand upon little tidbits or create whole new stories from the lore. Building a Bridge How many remember your first hobby projects? How about your first foray into blog posting? Stephanie Young has not only jumped into …