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Chaos Conscripts WIP

Traitor Conscripts: The zombie slaves start to assemble

In between painting sessions, I’ve slowly been building up the legion of conscripts for Traitor Guard. Using a mix of Zombies, Flagellents,  Cadian troopers, and various bitz I’ve picked up along the way, the unit has started to come together. Current tally is 20/50 built. Why so many conscripts? Well it seems 6th edition has turned into a troopers game and there is no cheaper trooper than a pack of conscripts with “Send in the Next Wave!” For 270 points I can field 50 models, take them off at any point, and bring them back on the next turn! Combining the various kits has been a challenge of patience and creativity. The various bodies don’t line up with the different arms, and the heads are made for completely different sockets. This has led to green stuff magic to hide defects and tie pieces together as you can see in some of the individual shots below. I particularly like the second from the right above, he is my zombified Rambo. But you can see the small amounts of green stuff to tie …

Chaos Bastion WIP

Bastion Progress: Nearly There

I have made a bit more progress on the Chaos Bastion of the few weeks. I started to regret painting the brackets supporting the horizontal trims metal as they seemed to take forever, but I like how it turned out in the end. The gun emplacements are still separated but are already painted the metallic. Still left to do is the weathering and chaos stars similar to the Russes. The stars will be interesting as they will most likely cover multiple sides so it may be a bit of a change to balance the number and size of them. The defensive walls are also in progress and I actually used the spray gun to paint the red/orange on some. I will post them up soon with notes on the air brush.   [amazonify]B002G21PC2[/amazonify]

Using an X-Acto Chisel blade to remove Aquila

Removing Aquilas – Creating a Chaos Bastion and Defense Lines

Often the first step in converting, removing Aquilas and other details can help transform your miniature into other factions. When the Bastion and Aegis Defense Lines were released, I was excited that they had a Chaos Bastion kit as well. I’m sure I was not the only one sorely disappointed, and a bit embarrassed for GW when I realized the “Chaos” bastion was just the usual one with the accessory sprue added in (at an extra cost of course). Being in product development myself, it just baffled me why GW molded the Aquilas into the kits rather than having it as a glue on piece. They could have then sold Chaos, Ork, or even Tau accessory bits to glue on instead. But alas, if you want to use these kits for non-zombie worshiping factions, here is how I removed those pesky mutant eagles. The Tools First you need the right tool: the chisel Xacto blade! (more info on X-Acto knife here) I’m not sure what the blade number is for this guy but the key is the flat blade at the …

Iron Warriors Rhino #2 - Done - Front

Iron Warriors Rhino 2 Done

Finished the third and final (for now) Rhino for my Iron Warriors army (see the first and second here). This one I tried a few new things. The first is the scratched metal. I tried using an old, terrible brush and splayed the bristles to create parallel streaks. I don’t think they all work out well, but it is something to build off of. The second is the free-hand Chaos star on the top hatch. I took the design from one I found in the 4th edition Codex showing the dual rings and 3d shape. I don’t think I pulled it off how I wanted, but for a first attempt, I’m happy with it. For this tank, I decided to put the stripes on the outer faces of the smoke stacks. Keeping it simple was needed to retain the tank from becoming too busy with the start, chain and skulls and havoc launcher. And here is all three in their finished states (click for a bigger picture!). I have a couple of random projects I …

Iron Warriors Rhino 4 - Right Side

Iron Warriors Rhino #4 Done

This is my fourth Iron Warriors Rhino finished. Complete with plenty of chevrons and looking fittingly dirty. Finished up the details on Rhino #4 which mostly entailed the stripes and spotlight. After the last Rhino’s attempt at doing the strips freehand I decided to cheat a bit on this one and mask the black areas off with scotch tape. I started by taping all the area around where I wanted black so I could spray it. I then took some clear masking fluid and sponged it into the area. This way I could take an eraser to it and uncover the metal area underneath. I then sprayed it black, waited for it to dry and then covered it with scotch tape. After marking out each strip, I cut it apart with the handy knife and removed the tape where I wanted the yellow. After painting up the yellow, I removed the tape and washed the whole thing with a sepia wash. Once that was dry, I rubbed off the clear masking fluid to finish the worn effect. Overall I’m …

Traitor Guard Basilisk Squadron – The Moirae

What would Iron Warrior army be complete without some good artillery pieces to pummel the foe? Presented here is my traitor guard basilisk squadron, The Moirae. These tanks were from a prize giveaway at the local Games Workshop Store during the Apocalypse Reloaded release. They have made a great addition to the 14th Grand Company and inspired me to build up a full traitor guard army. Atropos won a mini golden demon award at the local battle bunker, and the full squad won a painting competition at the local store. They have also served the War Smith well in two  Apocalypse games raining death upon the foes. I painted them in my Iron Warriors color scheme and made adjustments to the Imperial iconography throughout the tanks. Taking the X-Acto to the tank, I removed the Aquilas and added a few touches of Chaos instead. Clotho is the designated command tank as fitting with the evil commissar enforcing his rule. I had fun building up the gunner crew out of a mix of Cadians, Catachans, and heavy …

Capitan Nestryx

Captain Nestryx Pictures are here

This is Captian Nestryx, commander of the assult forces of the 14th Grand Company. He marches to war in his Terminator Armour and dual lightning claws. As for conversion work on this model I used the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour kit and used the two lightning claws in the box. I didn’t like the position of the claws so I cut each hand at the wrist, turned is slightly and re-glued. To make this work I had to redo the power cables running to each hand. I made the new cables out of 5 pieces of plastic rod and wrapped with a thin strip of green stuff. I also used a head from the Iron Warriors upgrade bitz set. This required some sanding of the head and armour opening to allow it to fit, but it has a great result. The base is one of the ones included in GW’s basing kit. It is the same size as the normal base for Terminators so I just used it instead.

Dreadnought pictures are here as well

This dreadnought was originally from the Assault on Black Reach box set from GW but with some modifications. The most obvious is the head. I cut out the front plate and modified one of the masks from the Defilier kit. The wires hanging below are an assortment of guitar strings and small gauge wire. The another modification made is the added trim and stars. This was made with thin plasti-card strips cut to length and glued down.