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Squaduary Week 2 – Half of ork team almost done

Short post for today but wanted to share some my updates on my Ork Blood Bowl team for week Squaduary Week 2.

WIP Ork Blood Bowl Team for Squaduary Week 2

The first half of the team is almost finished with all the highlights. After highlighting the orange towards yellow, it works a lot better with the purple armor. I did finish the middle lineork as you can see below and on the rest, I only have the purple and black left to finish.

WIP Ork Blood Bowl Lineman With Purple and Orange Armor

I haven’t done any weathering or the base yet as I am going to wait until the whole team is ready so they look uniform.

The next two weeks are looking super busy at work so it might be a bit quiet from me. But I do have a couple of guest posts lined up thanks to the awesome Mr. Pink and Rory. Hopefully, I can still sneak some painting in to relax in the evenings.

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  • Turkadactyl

    Looking good.

  • Siph

    Looking sweet so far, nice colours on the armour plates.

    • Thanks Siph, adding a bit of color has been fun

  • Those are looking very well. I was wondering how highlights on the purple would work but that is spot on.

    Hope the work stuff resolves itself.

    • Thanks Rory, I was a bit worried too as the initial base coat was a bit too jarring. I think the highlights made it pull together

      • Are we going to see some match highlights of them when you get playing?

        • need to get some games in, my brother-in-laws only come to town a few times a year so I need to find a local league and make some time

  • Nice work Joe!

  • They’re looking great. With that orange toned down, it really works with that purple.

    • Thanks Thor. I agree. I am tempted to do one more layer of extreme highlighting on both with bonewhite which I think will help pull them even closer together

  • Squad is looking awesome! Purple and orange are utterly fantastic colors!

    • Thanks Greg! I find I like painting a bit on the bright side lately 🙂

  • Great work

  • Coming along nicely dude. Really like the orange. The depth and highlighting are excellent

    • Thanks Naf. As a fellow ‘bright color painter’ I appreciate that 🙂