Rainbow Warriors Project

Love wargaming, miniatures, and people? People of all backgrounds, colors, races, gender, and age? Cool. So do we. Oh, and we are raffling off a fully painted Space Marine army.

Win a Full Space Marine Army

We have a cool back story, but in the end, the team behind the Rainbow Warriors Project wanted to support diversity within the community and paint cool shit.

To that end, twelve different painters from around the world teamed up with other hobbyists to build, convert, and paint a huge Space Marine army of the Rainbow Warriors.

Why? Because they are cool as shit.

Rainbows on their helmets. Check.

Aztec themed army. Check.

Burn heretics. Check.

Old school. Check.

Want to own this army, and support diversity within the hobby community? Well, we don't have all the details figured out yet, but signup below and we will email with updates and notify you as soon as the raffle starts.

Oh, and this is just the start for this team. We already have plans for future armies coming down the pipe.

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