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I follow hundreds of hobby blogs, from 40k to Age of Sigmar, model trains to fine art. And when building my tutorials I often research what else is out there. With the vast backlog of materials, it can get overwhelming how to keep up.

That’s where I hope to help with the Broken Paintbrush weekly newsletter. I will sift through my hobby links and send you a select handful of helpful articles. Articles to inspire and articles to improve your hobby.

A Relatable Hobby

Painting, building, photography, inspiration, blogging

Every week I will send an email with links to great articles that will help you with your hobby endeavors. This includes some of the following topics:

  1. Painting – tips and tutorials to improve your painting
  2. Building – tips on building models, conversions, sculpting and the like
  3. Photography –┬áimprove your skills of taking and editing pictures of your creations
  4. Inspiration – sometimes a good, inspirational model or art will get your hobby juices flowing
  5. Blogging – tips on blogging for wargamers

Oh, and no spam or hyped up promotions, I’m here to serve this great hobby community. If I ever drift away from that, alert your nearest Ordo Malleus, or just unsubscribe (yep, I follow the CANSPAM Act rules like a good servitor).

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