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Little Stompies: Killa Kans

Adding some numbers to my growing ork machines are a rag-tag squad of Killa Kans from the Sanctus Reach box set. Say hello to Hickory, Dickory, and Doc! (names via my very supportive wife)

Killa Kan Squad

These are in line with my Deffdread: lots of rusty armor, sections of ‘lucky’ blue and the odd section of stolen icons here and there. I put together a painting guide with my second squad of Killa Kans if you want to see how I did the colors.

Killa Kan with big shoota - right

First up is Hickory with this big shoota and buzz saw. Probably the worst choice of weapons in the box and someday will need to switch it to a missile launch or something.Killa Kan with big shoota - left

I built all three models without their base so I could paint it separate. After finishing the Killa Kans, I found a base that matched best with each model. Hickory got a base with a large step that matched well with his gait.

Killa Kan with big shoota - front

The bases are from Secret Weapon Miniatures‘ Iron Deck series.

Killa Kan with big shoota - back

The Killa Kans have such great, cobbled together look, they were fun to build and paint. While not as flexible as some of GW’s newer kits, the customization (or Kustom’) you can do on each is impressive even without resorting to plasticard.

Killa Kan with missiles - right

Next up is Dickory with a rocket launcher and nice buzz-pinchers.

Killa Kan with missiles - left

He is also on an Iron Deck base, this time with the step to the side. His legs were off just enough to make it look convincing.

Killa Kan with missiles - back

Notice the Goff markings on his pincer hand. I wanted to pull in some of the loota’ aspect of the Death Skulls as well as give some interesting bits throughout the model.

Killa Kan with Grot Blaster - right

Last up is Dok with the ever famous Grot Kannon and buzzsaw. The idea of the grot stuffing whatever he can find into the launch barrel more than makes up for the down side of this gun (short range with scattering is never a good thing!).

Killa Kan with Grot Blaster - left

Dok’s base is from the scrap yard set with lots of odds and ends to paint up. I feel that I tied in the different lines well with the rusty metal look throughout.

Killa Kan with Grot Blaster - back

And now a family shot!

A humble start to a dread mob

Not too bad of a start to a dread mob, though if I remember right, I need six more Killa Kans, two more Deffdreads, and two Gorkanoughts. But fear not Ork fans, for another box of Killa Kans, and Gorkanough, and a Stompa are in progress.

Update: I’ve made more progress on the Dreadmob!

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  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! More ork walkers! You can’t possibly make me any happier right now. These guys are absolutely lovely!

    • Thanks Greggles! I wish I could say stay tuned for more walkers, but they are still in the shrink wrap. well the stompa is half built but ways off from paint. I do have a couple of trucks that I just need to get the time to post the picture – not as cool as walkers but still full of wonky character 🙂

      • I need to get working on my trukks, but I was too sad when the no longer do the cool 2d6 random direction when they blow up :(. I don’t think you ever finish building a stompa, you mainly just say “I am done now”. That kit is just so insane.

        • But there are so many cool bits! Actually what is holding it up is I need magnets to hold the arms on break out the soldering iron to add some LEDs!

          • Please be posting an article when you do the LED’s 🙂

          • You bet I will! Unfortunately I lost all the pictures when I wired up the knight titan, but I’ve already taken a few for the stompa. perhaps a good thing to do during the super bowl