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Iron Warriors Land Raider

Iron Warriors Land Raider Banner

For today’s showcase, I present my Iron Warriors Land Raider. A classic for any powered armored army, the Land Raider is beast of a tank considering its age in comparison to many of the other amazing Games Workshop kits.

Iron Warriors Land Raider

I finished this model over six years ago now but wanted to post updated pictures since I have improved my photography skills over the years. Considering the number of engagements this guy has gone through, he is in remarkable shape with only a couple of the spikey bits breaking off.

Iron Warriors Land Raider

Its also fun to look back on some of our older models and see where we have improved, but also where we may have lost some things. For example, the weathering on the tracks is a mess compared to some of my recent models, but the hazard stripes on the lascannons are in a place I would be timid about placing now.

Iron Warriors Land Raider

This was also the time that I actually painted in the inside of the tanks – for what ever reason. To achieve this I didn’t glue to top of the Land Raider on until everything was nearly done. What a pain! While it is cool to have the interior details, personally I don’t open the doors often enough to even think about them and don’t find it is worth the headache.

Iron Warriors Land Raider Interior Detail

The grid of screens is a neat bit though and I have seen it used for many other cool kit bashes.

Iron Warriors Land Raider Interior Detail

I do think Games Workshop was somewhat lame for through a spikey bit sprue into the box and calling it a Chaos kit so I hope at some point when they revamp the line they create an actual CSM version with all sorts of cool details, but then again they may go the Helbrute route and make it more flesh than metal and call it something crazy like DeathCrazyCan or some such.

Iron Warriors Land Raider

Iron Within, Iron Without!

  • Joe B.

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  • Man it just looks so much bigger than the RT Land Raider I have at home for my guys. Not sure how I am going to beef it up.
    That is still a nice looking model, a shame the black shows up the dust though but still very cool. I agree though about not painting the inside unless you really want to go all out. It is seen so rarely that there doesn’t seem to be much point.

    • I’ve never seen the original RT Land Raiders, but I bet they are a good deal larger, though the new FW versions are a bit bigger yet I believe.
      Damn cameras showing crazy things that are hard to see in life! I should have figured it would be dusty but didn’t even notice when I was taking pictures – oh well I guess its time to clean it now.
      Yeah the only time people I’m gaming with have noticed is when I’ve pulled off a lascannon due to weapon destroyed and they happen to be at the right angle.

      • Oh no the RT land raider is a lot smaller. You can see one in: http://gamestepping.blogspot.ie/2015/05/warhammer-40k-thousand-sons-11-army.html
        It doesn’t look like it could transport 5 marines let alone terminators. If I had access to plasticard I would actually try some of the stuff I see online to expand it a little.

        • I clearly have been missing out on a number of posts recently, sorry about that!
          You are right, that is tiny! But I guess that was how so many of the older metal and resin beasts were.

  • Love the detail inside. I could never make myself paint that when I first got the land raider! Looks great Joe!

    • Thanks Greggles, they are a fun little gem, but make the entire process much longer. Once I get some hobby time again I am nearly done with my Mentors Land Raider where I chose not to do the inside – instead painted white armor…