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Iron Warriors Chosen – The Warsmith’s Champions

When I was building out my Iron Warriors army, I wanted to create a protector squad for the Warsmith. I felt that Iron Warriors Chosen wouldn’t be full of mutations and craziness since they disdain the weakness of the flesh. So instead, I took bits from the Chaos Knights and built a custom squad with force weapons and storm shields.

Iron Warriors Chosen Squad

While this load out does not exist in the Chaos Codex, with the new flexible way Games Workshop is building out the armies, I have played these as Wolf Guard or even Honor Guard.

Iron Warriors Chosen Squad

The core of the model is just select bits of normal Chaos Space Marines, but the arms are from the Chaos Knights for fantasy. To also help set them off as special, they are on the 40mm bases as well with some added height.

Iron Warriors Chosen Squad

The selection of shields from the kit is fantastic and a good mix. The champion’s shield was actually from the Juggernaut Lord that I used for the base of my Warsmith, but since he wasn’t using it, I added it to his Champion.

Iron Warriors Chosen

As fitting of a Champion, he is pointing out his next target with a power fist. You can also see his honor roll made with green stuff pinned to his chest.

Iron Warriors Chosen

Some of the warriors also used the heads from the Chaos Knights as well which fit in so nicely with the Chaos Space Marine look. Here, I liked the chain mail on the face mask and the loin cloth.

Iron Warriors Chosen

The demon face shield is probably my favorite and adds a good deal of color to the squad. I also added a few extra strips of leather to the top of his spear to create some motion.

Iron Warriors Chosen

I wanted to make the shields and spears a part of the movement of the models and the one above really demonstrates that idea.

Iron Warriors Chosen

The shield of eyes follows up as my second favorite. I also liked the more halberd look of this weapon. At his feet is a Blood Angles helmet, a common opponent at the time.

Iron Warriors Chosen

I had also spent a good deal of time building up the bases and adding some good interest in textures and height.

I used this squad to make my painting tutorial for how to paint Iron Warriors.

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  • Sometimes the most obvious conversions are the best. These look the business; sticking with the idea that Chosen Iron Warriors wouldn’t be hugely mutated makes sense.
    It’s a shame about the Chosen rules though.

    • Fortunately I didn’t build these guys for the rules, but I think I would be waiting a long while for a new chaos book to upgrade them, though when the HH book with the Iron Warriors comes out I might be able to run them that way.

      I like to post simple conversions, in part because my skills are limited and I like to see others with ideas that I can do. Things like Dark Future Game’s crazy conversion ( is awesome, but way beyond my skill right now.

      • Don’t hold your breath on the new codex!
        Sometimes simple head swaps and weapon swaps are the most effective. I admire gamers who convert an entire army, but it’s such a labour of love and I think it would do my head in. I did some for my Plague Marines, and after four squads was well and truly done –
        That Glottkin Maulerfiend is beyond mental! It’s gamers like that we should take inspiration from. Sometimes I look at projects like that and get utterly intimidated but it’s not beyond the reach of anyone with the time to build the skills and the imagination to do it.

  • Those plague marines are pretty darn cool, I had never add any nurgle to my army because I had never thought of a good way to tell the story, but yours add new possibilities.
    There is a mix of intimidation and inspiration from those with ‘more skill’ but you are right, much of it is just practice.

    • It’s as you said, the evolution of an army over time. I am a giant fluff bunny and it was cool to be able to tell a story as part of the process. The fact that Plague Marines were, pound for pound, some of the toughest troops in the game was a bonus 🙂