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Green Marines of a Different Kind – WIP Mentor Legion

Although I have been much busier as of late with grad school and health goals for the year, I am still making slow and steady progress on the Mentor Legionaries. As you can see i the pictures below, I have a good chuck of the army built and primed. The first up to receive paint were 15 tactical marines (I had the first 5 already done), and the librarian and the chaplain from the Dark Vengeance box.

Mentors WIP

At this point I have the base colors, wash, and the white are now done. First up is the chaplain, I really like this model from the limited edition set and with only a few minor modifications will make a great chaplain for any other chapter. The white base was started with Zandri Dust, followed with a wash of Earthshade. The white was built back up with the dust and finally pure white.

Mentor Legion Chaplain WIP


Next up is the librarian. A simple arm swap with one from the Chaos terminator lord, removal of a few of the dark angle markings, and a new look is achieved.


And a rough shot of some of the new squad mates. Much of it is made up of dark vengeance and AoBR marines with a few kit bashes thrown in. For the foot soldiers I didn’t build up the white is an many steps, in fact I pretty much just painted the pure white back over the washed down dust. It may not give as clean of a look, but the grittiness is pretty fitting for marines anyway.


Now that the white is finally done (a rough color to paint!) I can knock out the rest in hopefully a short order.

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