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Good Reads Week 28

Welcome to another week of Good Reads where I showcase a handful of great blog posts from the last few weeks by other amazing bloggers. Check out the posts, hit up their blogs, and hopefully I can share something you may have missed.

With a newborn at home, this last week has been a bit of a blur so sorry if I haven’t been commenting as normal. I did manage to pull together this week’s Good Reads for your enjoyment. So if you aren’t busy trying to catch all the Pokemon, check out some of these great post.

Inquisitor Lazaros

Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros by J.E.

Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros by J.E.

As I get further into the world of Inq28 the more amazing conversions I find. J.E. from the Convertorum is building up a Black Ship crew with the Captain-Inquisitor above as the leader. It’s all the little details like the robotic leg and arm and the questionably chaos chest plate that make this guy so cool looking.

Surviving a Death World

Captain Catachan from Games Workshop

Captain Catachan from Games Workshop

Games Workshop is coming out in a big way on social media and non-standard marketing such as The Regimental Standard. Adding some fluff around the Catachan’s fighting style, a Captain helps a new set of recruits with the rules of the jungle.

Dark Angel Jet Fighter

Dark Angels Jet fighter by Dave Weston

Dark Angels Jetfighter by Dave Weston

The Dark Angel Nephilim Jetfighter is a pretty cool model in its own right, but Dave’s paint job is fantastic. Between the red marble wings, verdigris, and hand painted details.

Carnival of Venom Death

Dark Eldar Carnival Venom by NafNaf

Dark Eldar Carnival Venom by NafNaf

NafNaf has been working on his fantastic Carnival version of the Dark Eldar. His Venom cruiser is just the latest in his crazy cool army. It’s those top hats that really do it 🙂

Aztec Themed Space Marines

Aztec Marines by Rednekkz

Aztec Marines by Rednekkz

I love to find non-traditional Space Marines as they help expand our creative thinking. RednekkBoss decided to go with an Aztec themed marines including jade and terracotta armor and colorful details.

Thanks again for checking out this week’s Good Reads. I hope you found some inspiration and things to try in your own hobby endeavors.

Did I miss a post you think should be included here? I don’t doubt that I did, as I try my best to keep up with all the amazing working being done out there. So if you felt that I missed out, post a link in the comments below!

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