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Good Reads 47

Need a dose of awesome hobby reading? Then get ready for my picks for Good Reads 47 and be prepared to spend a few hours enjoying some excellent content.

Good Reads 47

Painting Black

Painting Shiny Black with Matte Paint

Shiny Black by David Powell

A few weeks back I wrote an article on painting black using some quick and dirty methods. For those looking for a more advanced discussion on the topic, check out David Powell’s post on painting shiny black.

Squaduary Finished

Squaduary 2017 Completed

While my Squaduary pledge was a failure, plenty of other hobbyists fished their squads in this final showcase. With at least 40 participants and 205 finished models, I think Rory created a fantastic new event. I can’t wait until next year (I really will complete something I promise!)

Monster March

Monster March Painting Challenge

If you haven’t seen it already and enjoyed Squaduary or Dreadtober, Swordmaster is hosting Monster March! As the name implies, this event is all about completing a Monster this month. So far it looks like 19 people have started, so grab your nearest monster-on-the-sprue and join in!

Titan Maniple

Legio Mortis Titan Maniple for Epic

Titan Maniple by John

There are times I wish that I had picked up Epic as the idea of moving whole battalions and god-machines would be amazing. While John was longing to build a Titan Maniple for 40k, the mortgage needed to do so, pushed him to create this awesome looking Epic version instead.

Vehicle Damage Table

Vehicle Damage Rules Modified by Spot1cus

I didn’t start playing 40k until 3rd edition, but reading Spot1cus’ post on vehicle damage tables makes 2nd look like an entertaining beer game. While I would love to see something like this for small games of 40k, it would add another layer to a currently overly complicated game. Perhaps a mini-game?

Monetizing a Hobby Blog

Monetizing a Hobby Blog

All of us blog for different reasons, but at some point, many of us get tempted to make money off our site from all these “work from home” ads. Jacob does a great job of bringing reality into our niche and how it is possible to earn enough for server costs, but none of us will retire soon.

Painting a Blood Bowl Ogre

Painting Blood Bowl Ogre

How to Paint Blood Bowl Ogre by Thor

I know Rory highlighted Thor’s first tutorial on painting his Blood Bowl Ogre, but I wanted to call out the other two tutorials Thor did as he completed this monster. He put a ton of details into his tutorial, and it shows through onto the model as well.

The New Games Workshop

It’s been very apparent that GW has changed up its internal brief on using social media and how employees can interact with fans. The Jester wrote up some great thoughts about how this has affected his shopping experience with GW, and the individual impact stores can make.

Stained Glass Windows

Making a Stained Glass Window for Miniature Wargamming

Stained Glass Window by Will

Will is creating another epic display for a client, but what I love about his work is that he takes the time to create a few tutorials as he goes. This week he shows his tricks to create a stained glass window. By using a sharpie and Mod Pog, it looks excellent for small scale – though the Tamiya Clear paints sound like a pain.

Tips for Improving Your Paint Skills

Yes, I’m sharing own of my articles (it’s cool right?). But I put a ton of work into creating this post on how to improve your painting skills. It’s part two of my series on developing your skills, and I created a downloadable PDF with it as well.

Wrap Up

So when I looked back at my list for this post I thought it was extra long because I didn’t write the last Good Reads (thanks again Rory!). But no, these guys have been extra productive this last two weeks!

So make sure you check out all these awesome posts, leave them a comment, and get some hobby done!

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  • Glad you shared your painting tips again as it needs to be seen again. Ditto with Thor’s work.
    I actually thought someone had made that titan maniple in 40K at first…

    • Cheers Rory. A full maniple in 40k would be ridiculous, though I’m sure someone with too much money has done it. I am looking forward to GW releasing the new version of epic and building one myself.

  • Turkadactyl

    Thanks again Joe. Always some nice new treats to read with your Good Reads round-ups.

    • Cheers Alex. It makes me happy that people enjoy them and hopefully bring new visitors to these well deserved posts.

  • Thanks as always for the pimpage.

    A 40K titan maniple…that’s insane! Lots of other good stuff to go read now too.

    • For sure, I enjoyed reading through your tutorial.
      A 40k version would be insane! But John’s is in Epic, still an awesome set, just not expensive as a new car.

  • Andrew

    Hi Joe,

    Would really appreciate you taking a look at my blog that I have recently started: and let me know your thoughts.


    • Awesome Andrew, welcome to the world of hobby blogging! If you want any tips or help with it, let me know. FYI, I added your site to the blogroll as well 🙂

  • Swordmaster

    Hi Joe!

    Thanks again for having my post in Good Reads! I am glad so many people answered the call for Monster March and I hope it will be a successful challenge for the participants!


    • It’s awesome to see it taking off. It’s also a great opportunity for people who love challenges but Dreadtober or Squaduary didn’t work out. Perhaps one day we can get someone hosting a challenge every month :-0

  • Great work Joe. Thank you for sharing all this knowledge with us.

    • Cheers Clyde, more than happy to share.