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Good Reads 46 – with Rory’s Finds

OK so I am not Joe B but I am instead Rory /Thousand Eyes from over at Stepping Between Games. I am the guest writer for this weeks Good Reads, the trick here being I use these posts to find the random wonderful blogs from around the blogsphere. As such many of the tutorials I have saved for reference actually came from here, but I am not one to shrink from a challenge.

So here are a few good blog posts for you all:

Creative Twilight

Blood Bowl Ogre

Blood Bowl Ogre by Thor

Thor has done up a wonderful post on painting the skin on his Bloodbowl Ogre, he uses a few more steps that I could have imagined but the work speaks for itself. Truly a great guide to painting up any pink skin.

Painting and Converting Legion of the Dammed

How to convert and paint legion of the damned

Legion of the Damned by juckto

This next Good Read isn’t actually from a blog but from a Relic News forum post back in ’09. It contains a wonderful set of instructions for making Legion of the Dammed, from converting to painting them up. It is one of those pages I visit every now and then and ponder if I have the time to do up a squad.

Trust in Rust 2.0 Battle Report

Dread Mob battle vs Tau

Battle Report by Greg

I am sure many of you are familiar with Greggles over at Feed Your Nerd and if you aren’t then you are in for a treat. Not only does he have a wonderful blog but lately he has been putting up reports of one of the armies I have been most jealous of on the internet for a long time, Trust in Rust. His all kicking, all stomping, all shooting and most missing Dread Mob of epic proportions. In this report he goes head to head with two Tau Stormsurges.


Improve Your Through Sculpting 2 Tips & Tricks

How to Improve Your Sculpting Skills by Mr. Pink

So this is a great tutorial and has a link back to part 1, both of which are very worth reading.  The more observant amongst you may notice it seems very familiar to this fair site. That is only because Broken Paintbrush puts out a lot of wonderful articles, so you may have missed one or two. Great tips and techniques in this post.

Deadpool in 40K?

Building Deadpool for 40k

Deadpool by Spot1cus

Spot1cus has a good look and bringing everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth into 40K. There is a lot of scope for playing around with bringing your super heroes into the game. This one was a good go at it.

Wrap up

Well that is all from me, I shall let you return to your regular scheduled Joe time. I hope the links were of some use to you all. Good Reads demonstrates that there are so many more blogs and articles than any one of us can actually read, but we can rely on Joe finding us some gems.

Enjoy the Good Reads?

40k pile of wip

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  • That Rory go sure found some wonderful articles 😉

    • man he sure did, where did I find such a great guy? 🙂
      Thanks again for putting together this awesome list. I had missed seeing Spot1cus’s Deadpool and haven’t got back to Thor’s site yet. And haven’t heard of Relic’s forum. Great finds Rory.

      • Glad I got to surprise you this time at least.
        Not a bother though, us bloggers have to help each other out now and then.

    • Turkadactyl

      That Rory sure is a swell guy.

      • More people should visit that little site of his.

  • Nice collection, and as always, thanks for the plug.

    • You keep doing good work and people are going to want to keep seeing it.

  • Plugs! Hurray! Note: The wraithknight in that photo is from sincain40k’s blog. He lent it to me because my ork knight was in the capital palette booth 🙂

    • What can I say but I really enjoyed reading those reports. Love that army.

      • Appreciate it! Lot of love in that army!

    • As a fellow dread mob fan, I’ve enjoyed your reports as well. Dakka dakka dakka!

  • Spoticus

    Much appreciated plug for Deadpool. Thing is next from Knight Models. Sometimes it is great to just have fun with the rules.