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Tyranid Warrior Brood

Ok so that teaser post was a while back now, blame it on Real Life ™. But anyway, here are some more units for Hive Fleet Behemoth, this time a (now old) Tyranid Warrior Brood to lead the little gaunts into battle.

Tyranid Warrior of Behemoth

Each is armed with the classic scything and death spitters to give a well rounded battle field role of longish range shooting with an extra attack in close combat. While the lack of the special weapon gives it a lack of punch, it also helps cut down on the point cost – which makes this a great throw-away leader unit if needed.

Tyranid Warrior of Behemoth

This is one of my favorite aspects of the Tyranids, in that you can see the hunger and drive in each of the units. From the snarling faces to the forward lunge it is clear they are trying hard to get forward into the enemy.

Tyranid Warrior of Behemoth

This view shows the contrast between the deep, smooth(ish) red and the high-contrast blue of the carapace. I really wanted an army that sticks out from the table top and looks very alien so adding those sharp highlights really helped.

Tyranid Warrior of Behemoth

While GW’s Behemoth is more on the teal/turquoise side for the blue, I liked the idea of both the weapons and carapace going to white and giving a bit of a balance. It also makes it more visually striking.

Tyranid Warrior of Behemoth

Well, I promise that you will be seeing many more of the finished Tyranids over the next few weeks as they are done and photographed, so all that is left is clean up the pictures and write up the posts! In fact they have been done so long that I actually finished another model for the 14th Grand Company (stay tuned for that soon too!)

Keep on painting.

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