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Catching Up – Squaduary, Posts, and Looking Ahead

You know those crappy weeks where Real Life ™ destroys any hobby or personal time? Yeah, that has been the last two for me as I put it way too many hours at work to get projects completed. Finally wrapped up on Friday, only to come down with the flu. Whoa is me right?

Anyway, you came here for the hobby, and while it’s been super quiet for me, I do have some updates, news, and looking ahead.

Squaduary – Fail (but barely)

First, February I was supposed to complete the Ork Blood Bowl team for Squaduary. I was off to a great start with having half the team highlighted.

After getting the highlights on, I was really happy with the purple and orange scheme. I was waiting to do weathering and the base once the whole team was completed.

Over the weekend I was able to get the other half base coated and washed (though I forgot the metal bits). This was great progress, but still long ways off from completion.

With it being the final day of the month, I am going to have to call it as it is: Squaduary was a Fail. But it was a great opportunity to push me to finish a whole squad (or team) in a month. I also saw a bunch of other hobbyists get their projects done, so congrats to all of you.

You can see that the second half of the team has a bunch more orange than the first half. I wanted to mix up the painting a little bit since I didn’t do any conversions on the team. It’s not a complete switch, but rather I mixed up where purples and oranges went.

Awesome Guest Writers

For those who follow the blog, you may have noticed it wasn’t all quiet here thanks to the awesome contributions of Mr. Pink and Rory who both wrote articles for the site.

For anybody looking at improving their sculpting work, Mr. Pink wrote two articles on it. Part one focused how to improve your sculpting skills while part two shared some tips and tricks to make it easier to do.

Good Reads has become a regular post where I highlight some of my favorite posts from the week. With the craziness or the work week, I asked Rory to fill in, and he delivered an awesome set of articles well worth your time to read. It was great to see what he found as each of us follows so many different blogs and forums.

I want to say a big thank you to both of you for not only writing the articles but also putting them together during this crazy few weeks. Oh and give them both a follow on Twitter! Mr. Pink (@mod_synth) and Rory (@macantsagart) are awesome #warmongers and great for the community.

Coming Up Next

I’m current try to pick the post schedule back up and have two more articles in the How to Improve Your Hobby Skills series in the works – though the painting one is getting a bit long and may need to get broken up.

I also want to call out Swordmaster is hosting a build and paint challenge next month called Monster March! He reached out to me during Dreadtober, wanting to create a fantasy themed challenge and has been planning it ever since. So if you have a large create of nightmares that needs painting, head on over there and join in! I may have a late addition if I can finish my team this week.

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  • That Blood Bowl team looks great, and may they perform on the pitch just as admirably. Real life gave me a good kick as well, but I have somehow managed to put the finishing touches on my Squaduary project with mere hours to spare…

    Looking forward to the upcoming hobby posts!

    • Thanks Doug. I’m still trying to play catch up with everyone’s posts and will have to check your out soon.

  • Siph

    Well it’s great progress with your team Joe, it might be a fail, but still a hobby win! They look great!

    • Thanks Siph, any paint and progress is a hobby win 🙂 I am really happy with how the purple and orange turned out.

  • I wouldn’t call that a fail, they look excellent Joe, strong play. Hopefully real life smooths out for you soon.

    So glad people are enjoying the event. Prepping the final post now.

    • Thanks Rory, I am happy with where I was able to get with them, and hopefully make more progress this weekend. Squaduary was an awesome idea and hope it builds for next year.

  • Just a bit more and they are finished. Great work. I’ll give an eye to Monster March

    • Thanks Cylde. They are very close. Yeah Monster March should be a ton of fun too!

  • The team is looking great. I like the colors and the style. Mixing it up a bit is always good in my opinion. I’ve done it on my team too, though more subtly. I got so caught up in painting that when I remembered to change something it was too late. Well, more like stuff was done, why redo them?

    Anyway, great job on the team. You get to play the game at all yet?

    • Thanks Thor. Since I didn’t do any conversions, I felt that mixing up the colors helps break up the repeats.
      I haven’t yet played, but trying to talk the Mrs. into a game and my brother-in-laws are usually here during July for a week of gaming fun.

  • Turkadactyl

    They still look sharp. Please post the finished product when you do complete them. I’m in on the Monster March. Looking forward to seeing the projects.

    • Thanks! Yeah I will post a finished showcase, hopefully soon. Monster March should be a ton of fun as well, it’s great to see more of these events taking off