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  • WizKids Previews Hulkpool For HeroClix
    Just about everyone in the Marvel universe has had a Deadpool parody of them at some point, it seems. In this instance, it’s the Hulk that gets the Deadpool makeover. I have to admit, not having read comics for almost 2 decades now, I don’t quite know the circumstances that Wade ended up with gamma-infused powers, but there we are, then. Check out Hulkpool. From the preview: We have a special treat for you today as we showcase one of the chase figures you can find in the Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force set that will hit your local ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-02-22By Polar_Bear
    3 hours ago
  • Blood Pact #14
    And thus I proclaim my Blood Pact complete.. It would have been fun to field my Bovem tank in the Vortapt IV campaign but it worked out great nonetheless As I started to say in this post, the Bovem tank is the final model for my Blood Pact. I feel finished with them but I do have one last great ride to send them into. So the Stalkertank is moved into the misc box and will await there until I find a suitable place for it. Next up will be the Avis Maleficus to tie off ... read more
    Source: Big Boss RedskullzPublished on 2017-02-22By bigbossredskullz
    5 hours ago
  • Dark Eldar list building 
    With the release of the Gangs of Commorragh and the Start Collecting box building a Dark Eldar army has never been cheaper. The Dark Eldar range is one of the coolest in 40k and I’ve been eyeing the models for a long, long time.  I have started to muster a Realspace Raiding party, aiming for 1850 points. The plan is cheap and notably different from my other two armies – my Chaos Space Marines and Tyranids. Those armies are a bit on the slow side and both are lacking in the shooting phase. So what I want from my Dark ... read more
    Source: High Times on the Eastern FringePublished on 2017-02-22By Thomas
    8 hours ago
  • Daemons Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend
    Before tackling the Chapel, or any of the other forthcoming projects, there’s still the little matter of the living dead to be dealt with. After the struggle to get the skeleton’s painted tackling the ghouls was remarkably uncomplicated. Partly it’s the fact that ghouls are a lot easier to paint than skeletons, partly it’s that I really like the models (not that I have any bones with the skeletons mind you) and partly it’s that a combination of the previous factors means I did a much better job of painting them last time I tackled this project so there wasn’t ... read more
    Source: Convert of DiePublished on 2017-02-22By Wudugast
    9 hours ago
  • Captain Garfio
    ARRRRR!!While starting this in a private coaching session with Meg Maples, Roman is happy to show you the finished version of his Captain Garfio, sculpted by Lucas Pina."This is mine, I dug it out, my treasure chest ... do not challenge me!" - Captain GarfioA very pure character to paint.A joy to paint. A lot of Pirate Music was playing while this was finished.Roman did paint this on comission in the end of 2016.Captain GarfioSculpt by Lucas Pina, 1:10And a photo from the workbench.If you want to see more photos of this project please visit Roman on Putty&Paint.Keep on happy ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-02-21By Massive Voodoo
    10 hours ago
  • Tournament Time – 2000 Points
    So I opted to make the most of a lack of an internet connection this past Friday and spent most of the night working on my Immortal squad.  While I am not finished, I do want to keep a relatively simple color scheme.  I might be picking out some of the details on the guns with perhaps grey and maybe lighting up the eyes a bit with a bright blue...but otherwise all I have left to do is base the suckers.Compared to other people's #squaduary items, they perhaps won't be the same level of quality but I'm mostly happy with ... read more
    Source: Of Dice Kings and EmperorsPublished on 2017-02-21By HeriGonz
    14 hours ago
  • Meet a Golden D6 contributor – Rubén Torregrosa
      #THEGOLDEND6 CONTRIBUTOR Rubén Torregrosa 1 Secret or loud and proud painter/gamer? Both of them at the same time. I mean, for example I have two FB accounts. A personal one where I have my “regular” friends and then a specific account only for painting. Let say that I do not want to bother people that is not interested as much as I am in this hobby! Continue reading Meet a Golden D6 contributor – Rubén Torregrosa at The Golden D6. ... read more
    Source: Golden D6Published on 2017-02-21By Adam
    15 hours ago
  • #Squaduary – Progress report
    #Squaduary progress has been rapid (for me). I’ve got my paint scheme worked out and my test model finished! From bare metal to base coated! After undercoating the unit in black, I blocked out the body with Gretchin Green and the scales on the back are base coated in Rhinox Hide. Next, I started to […] Thanks for reading about my hobby efforts on Sprue Grey Toy Soldiers. ... read more
    Source: Sprue GreyPublished on 2017-02-21By Adam
    16 hours ago
  • Modiphius Releases Symbaroum: Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden, GM Screen
    Modiphius is expanding their Symbaroum releases with the first part of a new adventure series as well as a new GM screen. Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden starts you off down the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns adventure. Meanwhile, the GM screen keeps your notes a secret, as well as has a multitude of charts and tables to keep you from having to flip through your book all the time. From the release: Today we’re pleased to announce two new releases for the acclaimed dark fantasy Swedish RPG Symbaroum, a new source book and adventure Thistle Hold ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-02-21By Polar_Bear
    18 hours ago
  • Adeptus Mechanicum 2
    A bit more progress on the Ad Mech.It would have been more but I had to read Inferno (I had to, I had no choice).The Domitar is built in sub sections and primed in it's shiney metal base colour.Normally I just build things and be damned, but this time I am trying to have some forethought and make painting easier by keeping the models in sub assemblies until I reach a stage that they have to go together.The four Scyllax are also getting there.The bodies, floatey leg things and the mechadendrites are together.Bottom right you can see the WIP flamer ... read more
    Source: Recalcitrant DazePublished on 2017-02-21By Rictus
    18 hours ago
  • The Jester Race
    Silloin tällöin figuarmeijaa lähdetään tekemään meininki ja fiilis edellä ja peliteknisistä kriteereistä tulee toissijaisia armeijaidean kolahtaessa tekijälleen teematasolla erityisen kovaa; tiedän itsekin kokemuksesta miltä tuntuu taistella turnauksissa hymyssä suin tuulimyllyjä vastaan jollakin vähän suboptimaalisella kokoonpanolla. Listaanhan haluaa usein maalata jotain tiettyjä yksiköitä ihan vain maalaamisen ilosta, vaikkeivät ne edustaisikaan ihan kärkikastia kyseisen faktion tarjoamassa valikoimassa. Omaperäisessä ja itse laaditussa armeijassa on kuitenkin aina persoonallista särmää, mikä tekee jengin maalaamisesta ja pelaamisesta sen "oman jutun".40K-turnauskentille Fantasy Battlen (Wood Elves) ja Warmahordesin (Legion of Everblight) kautta loikannut Jussi Salonen alkoi rakentaa Harlequins-armeijaansa juuri tällaisista lähtökuopista. Hauraan, mutta nopealiikkeisen Dark Eldar -kabalin pelaaminen ... read more
    Source: War HeadPublished on 2017-02-21By Frenzy
    19 hours ago
  • Resisting the Grim Dark in 40K
    Laying down the law in the Grim Dark future of the 41st MilleniumIn these turbulent times of political unrest, en masse immigration of xenos and the fall of treasured institutions, it can be hard not to feel the grim dark pull of the 40K universe.As Eldar start to push their way to Macragge, and Chaos get down to having a really good celebration over Cadia exploding, this Time of Ending in the galaxy can lead people to some very dark and depressing army themes.This is not unusual.Ever since the conception of 40K, the crazy metal themes of the past have ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-02-21By Tabletop Teacher
    19 hours ago
  • Building a Community : Part 2
    Welcome to Part 2 of my Building a Community Series.  If you missed Part 1 please check it out here.  I apologize for the delay in getting this article posted.In this installment, I want to talk about poisonous players and the current challenges with this type of player that I am currently facing.  I will not be calling out anyone by name, as that is not the direction I want to take this article.  My wish is to show you my personal dilemma that I have encountered while trying to grow my local scene.  Hopefully, my experiences can help others ... read more
    Source: The Realm Gate BlogPublished on 2017-02-21By Chuck Moore
    20 hours ago
  • The Darker Road – Read Along Script Extract
    The script extract I published for The Thirteenth Wolf proved popular, so here’s another – this time for Asurmen: The Darker Road which was released this week. The script below matches the audio extract you can hear over on the Black Library website, so you can follow the script, reading the stage directions as you listen along to the finished audio. See if you can spot the changes that were made between script and final recording! SCENE 1a: EXT. APPROACHING ULTHWÉ – SPACE [ATMOS: deep space; the faint rumble of a world-sized ship’s engines nearby] [SFX: an alien warp ... read more
    Source: Mechanical HamsterPublished on 2017-02-21By Gav
    20 hours ago
  • Old Timer
    Sometimes the oldest of figures can be the most interesting to work with.  When we first started painting minis, there was not a huge selection of figures for us to work with.  We didn't really know anything about the various companies.  Years and years ago, we ran across some old Ral Partha figures in a bin at a convention, with the thought of using them for Blood Bowl teams, etc.This figure must be well over 20 years old, possibly 25 at this point.  But, some modern treatment and basing can make it seem as if it still belongs in today's ... read more
    Source: James Wappel Miniature PaintingPublished on 2017-02-21By wappellious
    24 hours ago
  • Squaduary Challenge – Week 3 Progress
    Nothing like a dark, moody, shot to make a bunch of half painted figures look half reasonable. This week I've been base coating another 5 guys ready for the final work and detailing during the final week of Squaduary. I've been massively distracted by a sudden need to create an entire coven of Dark  Eldar (those few Wracks have caused some kind of unstoppable epiphany!) so I'm hanging on in there with this project; bitterly fighting crazed obsession to the end.The figures look great though - some really nice Anvil parts are doing most of the work for me for ... read more
    Source: Tabletop ApocalypsePublished on 2017-02-21By Blazmo
    1 day ago
  • Valkyrie Refurbish WIP 3
    I've been having so much fun repainting old GW models, that even though the Valk is a few stages away from completion, that I want to move on to the next refurbishment project. I added some heat treatment to the engines, but forgot to add red! I suppose I should be able to ghost in a little bit of it later, but that is the last glaring thing besides the lack of gunners and pilots. Good news on that front though, after Zzzzzz generously offered some replacements I decided to do more scrounging. I found the bits, along with my ... read more
    Source: 40k Hobby BlogPublished on 2017-02-21By John Stiening
    1 day ago
  • [Von Plays] Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines: Episode 18
    Still doing this, I'm afraid. Trying to streamline the old upload/promote/archive process, too, so everything's going to come through this site from now on. I pay money for this domain, so it may as well be the hub of operations ... read more
    Source: Kaptain VonPublished on 2017-02-21By Von
    1 day ago
  • How To Improve Your Hobby Skills Through Sculpting 2 – Tips & Tricks
    Hey, it’s Mr. Pink here again from the blog Modern Synthesist to share some more tips and tricks about How to Sculpt Miniatures. In my previous post, I outlined the basics tools you need to start sculpting and went into a bit of detail about how to use them. In this post, I want to impart my 4 Sculpting Caveats and a couple of tips and tricks or greenstuff hacks. Sculpting Caveats My 4 Sculpting Caveats are the following: Use Lubricant Be Patient Work in Levels You Need Practice 1) Use Lubricant We kind of already covered this in the previous bit ... read more
    Source: Broken PaintbrushPublished on 2017-02-21By Mr. Pink
    1 day ago
  • Orks: Gretchin Herd #1
    The Orks are back!I've not lifted a digit on this army since last year so I thought it was high time to add another unit.So I renovated a salvaged unit of Gretchin and Runtherd and got them painted up ready to hit the table.More Ork stuff: ... read more
    Source: Wargames WastelandPublished on 2017-02-21By Dean Kelly
    1 day ago
  • Culexus Commission the IInd – The Lineage of Fear
    Good day to thee,Another Culexus to go along with the old Vindicare and the Night Lords currently in my possession, a few touch ups needed and I still need to chat with the client about what style the bases need to be on these, but pretty much there otherwise!Peace out,Rob ... read more
    Source: 30kplus40kPublished on 2017-02-21By 30k plus 40k
    1 day ago
  • Terrain and Scenery – Pre-Painted Desert Rocks Set
    Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by. I saw these reviewed on Winters SEO You Tube channel, (BTW, check his channel out, great battle reports!) and I already had some Containers and the Battle Mat from, so I knew they are a good company. If you are in Europe or UK, check them out for Battle Mats and Scenery!So this arrived, only a week after I ordered which is not bad at all from Europe.The terrain is very well packed for transit.Each piece is well protected and individually bagged.Out of the box, the full set.Here is the biggest Mesa piece. Space ... read more
    Source: WeeManPublished on 2017-02-21By Siph_Horridus
    1 day ago
  • Old Barbarian
    Aloa -he Jungle,time for another project Roman did finish in the end of 2016.Roman's studies of painting stuff up leads him to weird places. This result here is definatly one of these places. Roman calls it "genithal light" and enjoyed his studies on it a lot.Good News is he did so many photos that he might be able to write a big article sooner or later on his thoughts, ways of achieving something and his steps while swinging the brushes on this old barbarian. Miniature is by Black Sun Miniatures and was a joy to paint.Old BarbarianBlack Sun Miniatures, 75 ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-02-20By Massive Voodoo
    1 day ago
  • Skaven Blood Bowl Team
    Hello everyone!Well, the new Blood Bowl version is out for a few months. A friend and I bought the box and I bought some Skaven to be my official team. It took a while to paint these buggers as I painted them to quite a high standard. I really like the colourscheme. It fits with the Skaven. As a matter of fact, for this year I want to paint a small army of Skaven and I'll probably go with this scheme, be it with some adjustments (purple clothing instead of armour for example).The models were a real joy to paint. ... read more
    Source: Hammer ‘n BrushPublished on 2017-02-20By Rigtje
    2 days ago
  • Squaduary (semana 3)
    Buenas a todos.Ya es lunes otra vez, como pasa el tiempo. Mis planes para esta semana eran acabar los detalles de las minis, metálicos cueros distintivos de la compañía y escuadra, pero por circunstancias de la vida, apenas He podido pintar el cuero de las pistoleras, así que he pasado al plan B, que era pintar las peanas. Esto significa que me dejo lo anterior para la decisiva semana final.Para las peanas no me he calentado mucho la cabeza y he seguido el estilo del resto del capítulo. Corcho para simular asfalto y diferentes tonos de grises, junto con lavados ... read more
    Source: MastodonticaPublished on 2017-02-20By Cylde Ar
    2 days ago
  • Tabletop Engineer: Gunslinger Blood Angel
    Another offering from the Tabletop Engineer, here we have a dual melta pistol wielding Blood Angel!His guide to building this model will go up on his new weekly Friday spot.Until next time!Thanks for reading.If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please leave a comment. Sharing this with your friends, and following me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ would also be hugely appreciated.If you have anything you want me to look at, let me know in the comments below. I'll probably be able to write an article about that topic within a day!If you really love ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-02-20By Tabletop Teacher
    2 days ago
  • Crispy ‘Khorne’ flakes, and the World’s pain
    “If there’s one thing about Khorne’s Bloodreavers that I’ve come to realise, is that they really need to wear some decent winter coats. Probably because their so warm blooded by their curse, that they’ve forgotten that they themselves are cold blooded in reality…….”. – Brother Gregor of the chapel of Sigmar, wearing his thermal bright yellow robes before losing it to a Reaver champion. Hello, and welcome back to another AoS collection post. Today I wanted to show how my Khorne Bloodbound (part of my combined Chaos Grand Alliance) collection is going so far. As well as an off topic ... read more
    Source: CallumartPublished on 2017-02-20By bjorndovah
    2 days ago
  • Scale Bricks, bricks, bricks from clay and bricks from cork
    Scale Bricks Things are still going very slow here, besides these scale bricks, and after a small medical fuck-up, I completely screwed up the face on Sail Away. I, by complete mistake and being confused, I managed to take my sleeping pills in the morning instead of my normal medicine which made the day.. ‘Weird […] The post Scale Bricks, bricks, bricks from clay and bricks from cork appeared first on ... read more
    Source: KlatuPublished on 2017-02-20By Nils
    2 days ago
  • The Angel of the Gathering Blood, Herald of the Heptameron.
    “My Fathers Great Grand Father used to tell a tale to him when he was a boy and he in turn  has told it to me and now I tell it to you my boy.” “It tells of an Angel of such wrathful beauty, blazing colour and dripping blood. She flys through the spaces of The Chapel gathering the lost and the damned, the loved and the cherished for all are welcome in her embrace. Voice so sweet it lures you in and it is said you fall helplessly in love with that Angel of colour and light, so much ... read more
    Source: Heresy of UsPublished on 2017-02-20By heresyofus
    2 days ago
  • REVIEW: Asurmen – The Darker Road
    The Black Library was kind enough to send me some stuff to review, including the audio drama, Asurmen: The Darker Road by Gav Thorpe. I haven't read the Asurmen novel, yet I still really enjoyed this audio drama as the Phoenix Lord attempts to secure the future of the Ulthwé Craftworld.Read more » ... read more
    Source: Mengel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-02-20By Mengel Miniatures
    2 days ago
  • Review: ML Shields – Lasercut Candies 
    Custom engraved shields So I will come right out and say it ML Shields – Lasercut Candies and myself have been chatting on Facebook about reviewing some of his work. I have been a fan of his stuff for a while now so I asked him to send me along a few pieces from his “Black Fists” range to have a look over. Below will be an honest review of them as I see them, this may not work for everyone putting out reviews but I think it is for the best. Some samples of the custom shields applied to figures. ... read more
    Source: Stepping Between GamesPublished on 2017-02-20By thousandeyes
    2 days ago
  • Sylvaneth- Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows WIP
    Happy Family Day to any readers residing in Alberta.  #Squaduary is now in stage 3 will be coming to a close soon.  I started the month with Tree Revenants.  I’m pleased to say that the squad is complete and I will be revealing them closer to the end of the month.  Today I want to show my progress on the Kurnoth Hunters with greatbows, my second of two pledges for the event. My first step is painting the bark.  I based the models with Scorched Brown and shade with Nuln Oil.  I drybrushed Scorched Brown, Dark Flesh, Sylvaneth ... read more
    Source: The Roost of TurkadactylPublished on 2017-02-20By Turkadactyl
    2 days ago
  • Review: The Misty Moorlands TerraTile Set by RAINN Studios
    A while ago, RAINN Studios sent me their entire collection of TerraTiles to review. Some of my readers will recognize the products because Must Contain Minis has already written a quick initial thoughts article about the product line and a product by another company has been showcased on the tiles. In this post, Must Contain Minis is going to take a much closer look at the Misty Moorlands TerraTile set. Be sure to read to the end of the article for some real eye-candy!Must Contain Minis Reviews the Misty Moorlands TerraTile set by RAINN Studios. The first thing to note is ... read more
    Source: Must Contain MinisPublished on 2017-02-20By Jacob Stauttener
    2 days ago
  • 589 – Sorting Stuff Out (2) 40K Imperial Guard Medics?!
    Hullo!Yes - Cadia itself may indeed have fallen*, but these still remain untold millions of their brave personnel strewn across the shrinking Imperium......and here are a few of their finest. A wee side project for the indefatigable Zzzzzz, these models form a mixed medical squad - and boy are they mixed:A 14-strong team. Assorted medics and their security detail.Most were built on arrival; about six are painted, which givesme an idea for the scheme. The delay was in getting somerubble onto their bases. Luckily, I'm used to Zzzzzz's style.A close-up. These models - differing slightly in scaling maybe -are fantastic! Just beautifully ... read more
    Source: Admiral DraxPublished on 2017-02-19By Admiral Drax
    3 days ago
  • Enthroned in darkness – How to make a ruined shrine objective token and a simple flagstone base
    Last time we fashioned a diorama base featuring weathered gravestones, a gnarly autumn tree and moss-covered flagstones. As promised  in this second installment we will focus on an objective token or a small piece of scatter terrain featuring a ruined shrine and a removable birch tree. Naturally nothing stops you to use it as a scenic base instead or to incorporate this idea into a gaming board. We will also cover how to make a generic flagstone base if the miniature you are working on does not demand a very elaborate base. Given I already covered the basic techniques in the ... read more
    Source: Dagger and BrushPublished on 2017-02-19By daggerandbrush
    3 days ago
  • WIP – Deathwing Terminator Captain: Chest Details, Cape and Left Arm Finished
    More progress!As of Thursday night I've gotten the interior of the cape, the rest of the chest details and the custom left arm all painted. It's actually going pretty well and while I know I've got more than 20 hours into the model so far, it doesn't really feel like it.Read more » ... read more
    Source: Brush WizardPublished on 2017-02-18By Scott Ferguson
    4 days ago
  • Paint Table Saturday 172 – More Chibi Madness
    Hi All,Quick one before heading out the door.Some issues with the craft paint on the cloak. I'm using mid, wash with shade, reapply mid technique. I've also used some glaze medium on the cloak.Coming along. My hope is to be able to take it into the store and buy the next figure on the 21st. ... read more
    Source: Sean’s Wargames CornerPublished on 2017-02-18By Sean
    4 days ago
  • Inquisitor Greyfax
    Just finished assembling Inquisitor Greyfax. She comes as part of the Triumvirate of the Imperium set. The molding in plastic is superb. She comes in 13 parts which have been cunningly designed to hide mold lines. There is very little in the way of mold lines anyway on this mini. The pose of the mini itself on its own is quite contemplatively still. She is looking downwards and to the left with her weapon pointing to the ground and her left hand by her side. I thought this looked uninspiring on a plain base and looked a bit like a ... read more
    Source: Artificer’s WorkshopPublished on 2017-02-18By Artificer
    4 days ago
  • Ironjaws Megaboss part 10
    So I’ve got a Megaboss with what amounts to one base stuck onto another and a dirty great gap between them! Obviously I had to fill in the gap with a texture that would blend seamlessly into the existing base work. The problem is that the earth texture was made at the start of the project using garden soil and superglue. This gives an excellent result but there is no way I’d risk it on a painted mini. The fumes given off by superglue can cause white fogging on painted surfaces. I decided to experiment with Games Workshop’s texture paints ... read more
    Source: Sproket’s Small WorldPublished on 2017-02-18By David Soper
    4 days ago
  • Weekly Waffle #110
    So this week I thought the stars would align and I would get loads of work done with me not having any travel at all, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. I had loads of time but for the first time in quite a while I just didn’t have any mojo so as I result is spent most of time this week watching re-runs of Farscape and Atlantis. Now that’s not a bad thing but it’s not good if you want to crack on with a project. Keeping with the theme of things not going to ... read more
    Source: Terminator TidsPublished on 2017-02-18By Steve
    4 days ago
  • Squaduary Challenge Week 3
    With time as my enemy, I still managed to update my squad with some snazzy new paint.   Due to some upcoming work constraints, I have been a bit limited on time for this week’s Squaduary Challenge.  As such, I had to scramble to get my squad of Neophyte Acolytes up to some semblance of snuff.  Here is what I have: Since last week, I have touched up the basic layers and then added some details; a tattoo here, a scar there…Just your average day for a band of xenos-tainted convict miscreants.  The fearless leader is sporting a power ... read more
    Source: Bare Hand FishingPublished on 2017-02-17By GameOn
    5 days ago
  • WIP: WoK Wolves – Cloth
     Short posts these days - still fighting burnout. Colors above, process below...Shading first...Then highlights and and a few glazes with the mid tone blue.Next post: Wrappings and leather.Don't forget to check out my eBay items page at the top of the blog.Thanks for looking, leave comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain 🙂 ... read more
    Source: Almost PerftecPublished on 2017-02-17By Zab
    5 days ago
  • In to the Albino Forest…
    Hi guys! Wow, a second post in the space of a week! I’ve had a real surge in creativity this week, which has coincided nicely with temporarily having a bit more time on my hands. I have taken full advantage of this, and dived into The Chapel project with a couple of test pieces prior to starting the warband itself. Here are a few shots of some kind of forest daemon and an Ostium Guide shrine – the aim here is primarily playing with wood (fnar fnar), practicing some basing techniques, and getting my eye back in with freehand on ... read more
    Source: Praetorian Imperial GuardPublished on 2017-02-17By Alex
    5 days ago
  • Fifty Shades of
    I drilled. Slowly, gentle at first, then harder, with more and more pressure. My movements became more firm when I grabbed the lower parts and drilled deep and hard. Upon a finale my hands were covered with a thin layer of sweat. I fealt the fastened beat of my heart, when I plucked the drill […] ... read more
    Source: Scar Hand PaintingPublished on 2017-02-17By Nazroth
    5 days ago
  • #Squaduary Update – So Many Unique Models. Spread that Love!
    A lot going on to start this week with painting. Sadly, I am slightly delayed on week 2 of our #Squaduary challenge from Stepping Between Games (link). The flu got me.... I will be combining posts on week 2 and week 3. Being a teacher and a natural rule follower, I have been stressed out about not making the deadline for week 2. I will strive to improve!Here is what is on my table:Thousand Sons Scarab Occult TerminatorsSpent a lot of time on these this morning. I primed them with black spray, then basecoated with Retributor Armor, followed by a ... read more
    Source: Watch Fortress EriochPublished on 2017-02-16By Spot1cus
    6 days ago
  • Clash of Kings Australia 1 – Game 3 – Undead – 2017/02/16
    Greetings!In the game 3 I had a great pleasure to play against Josh who brought a very interesting Undead army. I have never had a chance to play against Josh before so it was great to meet a new player too! While I had a few games against Undead before this army was significantly different to what I have faced so far. It looked like it is a slow force as it had only a single unit of cavalry but it was a deception! Fortunately, I still remembered how dangerous Surge is so I tried to take that into account when ... read more
    Source: Path of an OutcastPublished on 2017-02-16By Swordmaster
    6 days ago
  • Chapter Approved is live!
    Tibbs has a Warhammer 40K podcast? Remember that one time I mentioned that I was working on a something new? I’d forgive you if you forget since it was a while ago, but I’ve been plugging away behind the scenes. Last week I finally launched Chapter Approved with three episodes ready to roll, … ... read more
    Source: Tibbs ForgePublished on 2017-02-15By Tibbs
    7 days ago
  • The Visarch – Chic or Shabby?
    Well met, Guardsmen! Today we bring you a sharp dose of Imperial Truth. The finest minds in the battalion have been hard at work to bring you more information on this shadowy individual: This fiend is one of the wretched Eldar. We have ascertained that the so-called Visarch, whose literal translation means ‘filthy beggar’,* was found to be so useless, so thoroughly degenerate and lacking in any skill or purpose, that it was cast aside by its kin and left to survive on the scraps of the galaxy. While many of you** have been awed by its array of ... read more
    Source: The Regimental StandardPublished on 2017-02-15By The Warhammer Community Team
    7 days ago
  • Iron Snakes: Centurion Squaduary Progress
    Hi folks,Progress is progress, as they say. It has been pretty difficult just to get through the days this week, so I wasn't expecting much in terms of creativity. I have managed to undercoat all of my Iron Snakes Centurions in Leadbelchers and Corax White, two of the three main colours of the scheme. On the weekend I will be laying down the bronze, in preparation for some verdigris weathering. This will give me two weeks to paint all of the detail if I am to get these guys done for Squaduary.I have left the right shoulder off, as they ... read more
    Source: Old School GamingPublished on 2017-02-15By Marc van Holst
    1 week ago
  • Blood Angels Spartan
    I've finally finished my Blood Angels Spartan and I have many shiny pictures for you. Enjoy! ... read more
    Source: Heresy & HerosPublished on 2017-02-15By johnnya10
    1 week ago
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