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  • 8th Edition 40K: Thousand Sons and Possible Invulnerable Saves
    What initially put me off the Thousand Sons is just how badly priced they were. 8th Edition promises to change all that though!Despite some new shiny models, and some excellently fluffy formations, the standard Rubric Marine was hideously over priced for what it did (as I discussed here). It makes fielding them next to impossible in low point armies, and makes getting into them a case of diving deep into your wallet and points costs straight away.The common complaint is that they're not very resilient for how much they cost, being only one wound. They have a good 4+ invulnerable ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-04-26By Tabletop Teacher
    2 hours ago
  • Cult Mechanicus- Corpuscarii and Fulgarite Electro-Priests WIP Pt.2
    I’ve really enjoyed painting the Electro-Priests.  They’ve been more time-consuming than I anticipated but that’s okay.  These are some of the coolest models I’ve painted.  I’ve made some more progress so why not show it off. I took a couple of extra days off work to get models painted for Inner Circle.  I haven’t posted anything because my computer was having some issues.  I was free of distractions so I did a lot of painting.  I’m going to be posting a few entries over the week to get you all caught up with what I have done.  I ... read more
    Source: The Roost of TurkadactylPublished on 2017-04-26By Turkadactyl
    4 hours ago
  • Project Samus Part 5: Base Drive
    Edit: This is a post I had written a month or two ago, I’m posting it now so that I can document the basing process. Hey All, Eric here, I’m onto basing Samus after getting his willing sacrifice/unfortunate victim squared away. I usually have to be in the right mood for basing but I usually end up loving it. At the beginning of my career I’ve mentioned before that I was an environment artist.  My favorite thing was to build a war torn battlescape.  I always tried within my budgets to make the environments feel as beat up and organically ... read more
    Source: Plastic.Resin.MetalPublished on 2017-04-26By Eric L
    6 hours ago
  • Salute 2017 – Blazmo’s Big Day Out
    One man, one model, one mission ... oh, and one now rather empty wallet. It must be Salute 2017 then. I entered the painting competition again this year too, but more on that later. I figure that the best way to start is with a big exciting shot:I like to keep the angle low so you can see the board and not the punters, as Salute is always a major sausage fest... oh, and yes, that is a Warlord Titan.This picture shows just one part of an amazing 30k display put together by the South London Warlords themselves. There was ... read more
    Source: Tabletop ApocalypsePublished on 2017-04-26By Blazmo
    6 hours ago
  • Lindethiel Gladesinger
    Hi guys, what an exciting day! I’ve finished my first warband member, who just happens to be the leader. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Lindethiel Gladesinger:   I am particularly pleased with my attempts to turn the male Spiritseer into a female – one thing I really wanted to do in my warband was to take advantage of the lack of gender bias in Eldar lore and have some really strong female characters. I’m chuffed with my attempt to sculpt breasts – hopefully they are realistic and not in any way crass. I ... read more
    Source: Praetorian Imperial GuardPublished on 2017-04-26By Alex
    6 hours ago
  • BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition Warhammer 40K Unit Profiles Analysis!
    Damn Games Workshop, can we slow down a little bit? I've got books to mark!So, a few things here to unpack.First of all, the return to the movement value. This is going to give GW designers a lot more flexibility in determining speedy themed armies, and how units work together. We've already seen the differences and similarities appear just with the screen shots above.The Tactical squad and the Dreadnought both have similar moves values, which gives us the impression the Dreadnought is meant to be striding up with the infantary giving close support. The Terminators, on the other hand, despite ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-04-25By Tabletop Teacher
    15 hours ago
  • Gamboni Board Game Up On Kickstarter
    I’d thought about starting this post with a bunch of bad Italian-American stereotypical thing, but decided against it, since I didn’t want to find myself in the Hudson with a pair of cement shoes on. Anyway, the various crime families in New York are having a bit of a war in order to find out who’s going to control which bits. There’s only so much town to go around. They’re going to have to fight to get the best parts. And that’s what you’ll be doing in Gamboni, a new board game up on Kickstarter. From the campaign: New York ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-04-25By Polar_Bear
    16 hours ago
  • Sailor Moon Crystal Tabletop Games Coming From Dyskami Publishing
    One of the most popular anime series out there is Sailor Moon. It’s one of those where even if you don’t watch the show and have never even seen an episode, you know about it just through all the other media it’s in. Well, soon you’ll have some new ways to experience the setting, as Dyskami Publishing is going to be coming out with some new games based on Sailor Moon Crystal. The first two are Dice Challenge and Truth or Bluff. From the announcement: Dyskami Publishing Company announced today that it has entered into a North American ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-04-25By Polar_Bear
    17 hours ago
  • Guilliman As Done As He Is Going To Be
    I'm calling him done at this point. I added some more color to his face, and toned down the extremely exaggerated sculpt a bit by artificially shallowing the crevices on it. I'd like to try to get some better photos, but I am really struggling to get them to come out these days.I really appreciate all the helpful feedback. I tried to use a lot of it. The power glove should be a lighter color to add another spot focus, but in the end I just needed this guy to be finished and take his place in my cabinet.Do I ... read more
    Source: 40k Hobby BlogPublished on 2017-04-25By John Stiening
    23 hours ago
  • Learning from a Paint and Sip
    Recently I went to a paint and sip with my wife and found it amazing that twelve people, mostly with no painting skills, all managed to paint a great picture. It got me thinking about how we could apply some of the techniques to our own painting and tutorials. If you haven’t done one of these events, you show up to a room of empty canvases and a cool looking painting hanging at the front of the room. Each person takes a seat with a plate will the primary colors, white, and black paint, a couple of large brushes, ... read more
    Source: Broken PaintbrushPublished on 2017-04-25By Joe B
    24 hours ago
  • Tactica Blood Angels: Archangels Orbital Intervention Force
    Since you have had to put up with Discordian bloggign about Xenos so much lately, lets talk about what really matters: BLOOD ANGELS! And what is best about them right now? THE ARCHANGEL'S ORBITAL INTERVENTION FORCE!Hopefully you can use this before 8th drops.First and foremost let me say any way you run this formation it is good. Deep Striking and Assault Terminators are just GOOD. Period. This is the single best formation Blood Angels have (nevermind it is one of like three usable ones) and quite possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread... or maybe just the Rhino Rush. IDK. ... read more
    Source: Sepulchre of HerosPublished on 2017-04-25By Gothmog
    1 day ago
  • Horus Heresy Imperial Militia – Counts as Proteus
    Hey ho, lets go!So one of the very best things about the Imperial Militia in the Horus Heresy, is that it gives you one of the greatest scopes for using whatever you fancy to represents units and vehicles. As an army, the Imperial Militia represents a time before the standardisation of the Imperial Guard (or Astra Militarum), and as such all of the armies are drawn from the available resources that each planet has, with a smattering of mechanicum developed vehicles thrown in.This gives you a cornucopia of ways with which to model your armies! Obviously you won't be able ... read more
    Source: 30kplus40kPublished on 2017-04-25By 30k plus 40k
    1 day ago
  • Salute 2017 – Aftermath
    For those that missed it, last Saturday (22nd April) Salute 2017 was held at Excel London. Allegedly the biggest wargaming event in Europe, this massive expo is hosted annually by South London Warlords. I was fortunate enough to attend and spent the day shopping and painting with Blazmo from Tabletop ApocalypseWarlords' Warlord!We decided to drive down to the venue as I wanted to buy plenty of terrain and it was bound to be heavy. Despite the wallet crippling parking fee (still cheaper than the train!) they journey down was easy and we arrived just before the doors opened at 10am. ... read more
    Source: Berserker BladePublished on 2017-04-25By Ed OMalley
    1 day ago
  • Art project, influenced by artists work [WIP]
    Today I wanted to share a few photos of my current art project, which is based on the theme of ocean and horror. The sample designs are influenced by various artists including H.R. Giger, Francis Bacon and John Blanche. Enjoy! Alien arm (Tape moulding), inspired by H.R. Gigers works Tech Priest (paper folding), inspired by John Blanches artwork Figure (Paper folding + Tape moulding), inspired by Francis Bacons artworks _____________________________________ If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks! Hope you all have a great day, -Bjorndovah ... read more
    Source: CallumartPublished on 2017-04-25By bjorndovah
    1 day ago
  • Van Diemen’s World Devils: Battlewagon TO-DONE!
    Hi folks,Today is ANZAC day; a day of remembrance in Australia where we honour the men and woman who have served in the armed forces. In case you aren't familiar with Australia's military history (I wouldn't expect you to be), our soldiers have served in many conflicts in support of the Commonwealth and other allies, and the defense of many nations. When an Australian travels through Europe, they are rarely far from hallowed ground; we are buried everywhere. To honour them, I have been working on some Van Diemen's World Devils for the past 12 months, an Imperial Guard regiment ... read more
    Source: Old School GamingPublished on 2017-04-25By Marc van Holst
    1 day ago
  • Public Service – Kairic Acolytes
    Yesterday, fellow hobbyist Harrison commented that, in spite of their efforts, they was struggling to find any comparison pictures between the Kairic Acolytes released alongside the other Tzeentchian models for Age of Sigmar earlier this year, and those released as part of the Silver Tower boxset last year. Could I, they wondered, provide any images that allowed them to see them side by side? Naturally, as I’ve gained so much from all of you down the years in terms of support, encouragement and inspiration, I was more than happy to return the favour now. Here we see Kairic Acolyte from ... read more
    Source: Convert of DiePublished on 2017-04-24By Wudugast
    1 day ago
  • Muscia & Kong Fu
    Loved the latest movie, the great visuals, the connection to the animes, the additional story fluff and the music just kicks butt! Makes me want to smash color somewhere and I am pretty sure I will listen to this as soon as I paint miniatures again. Yes, I am not able to paint right now. Don't know why, but I want to know. I call the stage I am in right now: Breathing, channelling inspiration, re-animate myself in sense of washing away many thoughts and habits that bind me to not feel happy. Interesting.Speaking about painting miniatures and 2016:Looking back ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-04-24By Roman aka jar
    1 day ago
  • Paint Job: Storm of Sigmar – Khorne Bloodbound
    Hey there, it’s been a while but I am returned. And I bring to you painted minis. Now, that’s something you don’t see everyday on this blog. Seriously I am the world’s slowest painter.  This Christmas I bought the Storm of Sigmar boxed set. All and all a brilliant little box with all you need to get started with Age of Sigmar. I did a review, check it out. My initial plan was to speed paint everything and play through the campaign during the holidays. Remember what I said about being the world’s slowest painter? Let’s put it this way, ... read more
    Source: High Times on the Eastern FringePublished on 2017-04-24By Thomas
    1 day ago
  • Chibi Swap 2: Ser Snapjaw and Brave-Mode Candy
    It's time for another Chibi Swap! This time Chris chose Brave-Mode Candy and I chose Ser Snapjaw, both from Super Dungeon Explore. With minis in hand, we both got to work and I have to say both of these figures turned out excellent!Once again, I had Chris do a write up on Ser Snapjaw, so he can share his experience of painting him in his own words. So lets check them out!Read more » ... read more
    Source: Brush WizardPublished on 2017-04-24By Scott Ferguson
    2 days ago
  • 596 – Bolt Action ‘Manhunt’ Scenario
    Hullo, All.I'm still visiting my hometown of Portsmouth fairly regularly to help out my dad, and for the second time I was very pleased to be able to get in a game of Bolt Action - once more at the excellent 'A Fistful of Dice', and this time against a new opponent: the thoroughly pleasant and personable Ed.Here are some snaps of Ed's beautiful (and fluffy!) Fallschirmjäger force:Sweet StuG!Medium mortar, light howitzer and PanzerschreckFSJsRoll call: In addition to his HQ+1, Ed brought along five FSJsquads, med mortar, light howitzer, Panzerschreck and, ofcourse, the StuG ...and here are some of my 4KSLI ... read more
    Source: Admiral DraxPublished on 2017-04-24By Admiral Drax
    2 days ago
  • Orruk Warboss Skin Tutorial.
    Hi all, I started this miniature a while ago now and I'm pretty sure that it wont get finished. I did do a stage by stage on the skin (yes it's blue) so i thought I'd post it up anyway.Hopefully someone might find it useful!Cheers! Daz1. Undercoat grey2. Basecoat Hawk Turquoise + Bleached bone mix 80/203. Shade Thunderhawk Blue4. Highlight Hawk Turquoise + Kommando Khaki 70/305. Add Bleached Bone into the previous mix to highlight6. Add White to the previous mix to highlight7. Shade Incubi Darkness8. Add blue and red tones around ears and mouth9. Mix black into the highlight ... read more
    Source: Razza Mini PaintingPublished on 2017-04-24By Darren Latham
    2 days ago
  • Review The Steampunk League by Miniature Tale
    Review The Steampunk League Details Company: Miniature Tale Scale: 54mm Material: Resin Sculpted by: Stavros Zouliatis Availability: Available at Miniature Tale I’m not the biggest fan of Steampunk out there, I do like some miniatures in the genre. I remember seeing Miniature Tale’s Steampunk League Indiegogo campaign and I always regretted not backing it because […] The post Review The Steampunk League by Miniature Tale appeared first on ... read more
    Source: KlatuPublished on 2017-04-24By Nils
    2 days ago
  • Completed: Raphen’s Death Company & DC Chaplain
    It’s been over a month since I’ve posted last, but I figured I’d wrap up something that’s been lingering too long on my Trello board.  Time to showcase some of the work I wrapped up over the winter, Raphen’s Death Company, and a more recent addition, the DC Chaplain, who has yet to be dubbed.  He died a rather inauspicious death at the hands of some Black Legion inspired cultists during the Apocalypse battle earlier this year… Regardless, they’re done, and I think they’re rather spiffy looking on the table-top.  That said, I first started painting them in April 2015.  Almost ... read more
    Source: The Emprahs Mighty Flowry MeadowPublished on 2017-04-24By Oakenhawk
    2 days ago
  • Second Skin
    You have already seen the review of the Rubicon Models Panzer 3 kit, and now it's time for the painted images!!  I thought it might be interesting to add this to my Hungarian army, with a camo scheme and identity markings that are different from what I have seen so many times.It is also the first time that I have had a chance to paint one of the classic extra armor versions!Those obviously create a lot of interesting weathering opportunities.  Lots of fun streaks, scratches, spatters and so on!  Here's a link to the live painting video on facebook: was ... read more
    Source: James Wappel Miniature PaintingPublished on 2017-04-24By wappellious
    2 days ago
  • Hash Tag Excited for 8th Edition – Warhammer 40K Blog
    Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutesWell I just got done watching the Warhammer TV Live Stream about 8th Edition and I have come out of the other side of it in one piece and really excited. It seems others were engaged too, at the time of writing the video has 51,000 views. This means two great things happened today; I gave blood for the 4th time 8th Edition has inspired and engaged me I am slightly frustrated that the Fall of Cadia rule book I have is now useless. As are all the codexes I own and Campaign books. This is annoying. ... read more
    Source: Cadian ShockPublished on 2017-04-24By Jake
    2 days ago
    It has been six months of peace for The Colony Special Project. I’ve mentioned before that such grand projects are never fully complete – so here I am, adding even more stuff to the already vast collection of scenery. The reason for this is obviously the restless muse, but also I grew up to a […] ... read more
    Source: Scar Hand PaintingPublished on 2017-04-24By Nazroth
    2 days ago
  • Desktop XI
    Source: Wilhel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-04-24By Wilhelm
    2 days ago
  • TUTORIAL: Kharadron Overlords of Barak-Mor
    When I started painting my Arkanauts I knew I wanted a unique scheme that looked great on the table, but was fairly quick to paint. After a test model I had my colors sorted and painted the whole unit at once. Hopefully this step by step guide helps you out, even if you don't want your Overlord to come from Barak-Mor. Read more » ... read more
    Source: Mengel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-04-24By Mengel Miniatures
    2 days ago
  • Calth Contemptor – Quick Repose
    Chopped this contemptor up in a few spots, drilled sockets and added ball joints, added real feet, made a chain fist, just generally tried to make it look like it was on a battlefield and moving, not just in a storage rack in the bowels of a ship.Was just a quick hack and slash job, I want to get it on the table for the weekend. If I had a bit more time I would cut and bend one of the legs and rebuild the knee. But not back for a quick project aye. ... read more
    Source: Redscorps HobbytimesPublished on 2017-04-24By RED SCORPS
    2 days ago
  • more Grot tanks
    So this week I had a surprise arrive in the mail.  Three new non Forgeworld grot tanks. I was so excited I had to assemble them. (sorry Sisters)So back in November the site Models and Minis had a sale.  I saw these tanks at half the price of 4 Forgeworld tanks I decided to order them.  I was planning to use them during our big Apocalypse game. After not getting a update on when they would arrive for a month I reached out and contacted the company.  After several back and forths and promises that they are on the ... read more
    Source: Xeno for the WinPublished on 2017-04-24By Grenn Dal
    2 days ago
  • Salute you sir!
    Hi all! Sorry for the long gap between now and my last post, I had been meaning to post for a while as a few different things have been going on but I thought it would be better to consolidate it into 1 post rather than lots of bitty posts (and finding the time to write a post has been challenging over the last week!). So I will talking about a couple of things this week: Visiting Salute 2017 8th Edition news Continuing the Cult What’s on the Painting Table So hopefully there is something to pique your interest! Salute ... read more
    Source: Miniature MindedPublished on 2017-04-24By Miniature Minded
    2 days ago
  • Runewars Miniatures Game Scale Comparison (Part 1)
    A few weeks ago, Asmodee sent Must Contain Minis a copy of Runewars the Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a game that I have been excited about for a while so I was really pleased when there was a surprise copy waiting for me when I got home from work. Since there are already a lot of unboxing videos of it on the Internet, I wanted to do something different. That something different is a scale comparison to other miniatures companies. This post focuses solely on the Undead (Waiqar) miniatures in the base game. These miniatures scale nicely to ... read more
    Source: Must Contain MinisPublished on 2017-04-24By Jacob Stauttener
    2 days ago
  • Necron Warriors – 40 done, 5 left
    Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by, 5 more from the Battleforce done, now the remainder of the 4th squad, that's 40 done now. I only have 5 left to do in the to-do pile, plenty of other Necrons left though.These ones I took the time to re-pose the heads so they are not looking up in the air or too crouched over. I also posed them so they are actually shooting their Gauss Flayers. I copied the same scheme for the rest of the Warriors I've done so they blend in seamlessly, makes it easier when choosing my forces for ... read more
    Source: WeeManPublished on 2017-04-24By Siph_Horridus
    2 days ago
  • Review: MV Private Coaching with Aurélie
     Good Morning Jungle,incoming private coaching review.This time with Aurélie.I enjoyed two splendid days with a really cool paintress from Berlin.Main subject on the coaching with Aurélie this was"how to create atmosphere while painting a miniature".Side topics: - better understanding of light and shadow- pushing contrast- advanced color theoryAurélie wrote a little review herself (german only):"Ich habe mich für ein private coaching mit Roman entschlossen, weil ich meine Erfahrungen einigen Bereichen erweitern wollte.Als unser Termin feststand, bat Roman mich darum mir ein Thema zu überlegen und in Anbetracht dessen, was ich alles bei ihm lernen könnte, war das keine leichte Entscheidung. Leider ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-04-23By Roman aka jar
    2 days ago
  • What We Do in the Shadow War
    I had been getting really excited about Shadow War, and was a bit nervous that the actual experience would disappoint. It did not. Got in a couple of Games on Saturday, and even tho they both ended up being fairly straightforward, we could see how much possibility there is here. I remembered to take pics for one, so here's a mini-BatRep:Kharvash the Reaver leads the Culties on the offensive. He learns to drive them before him in the futureGunner Urthgu attempts to take out a couple of Immortals as they move into his field of fire, but misses badly, leaving ... read more
    Source: Cascadian GrimdarkPublished on 2017-04-23By WestRider
    2 days ago
  • Heresy Era Thousand Sons – Assault squads built!
    Up to this point I haven't had a viable army assembled, so this weekend I finished up the pair of assault squads - Gets me up to three valid compulsory troops choices and opens up the option of running the Orbital Assault or Drop Assault Vanguard rites of war for the Khamasiin Warhost!I wanted to continue on with the nods to older versions of the force, but also update them somewhat so assault squad Besenmut's sergeant will be getting the ethereal wing treatment similar to what I'd done last go-around. This time however I decided that rather than using the ... read more
    Source: Mordian 7th RegimentPublished on 2017-04-23By Mordian7th
    3 days ago
  • Workbench Update
    Just because I don't have a decent camera doesn't mean I've stopped working. My Abhuman Techno-heretics have gotten some reinforcement.I've also gotten some ideas to coalesce from fragments into something actionable and have set upon this heap of styrofoam.The Witchhunter's Retinue has a new member...And I've got lots of new characters to paint up or convert. This is just a few of them.I should have my good phone fixed this week, Stay tuned for progress on a few fronts.Cheers,CJ ... read more
    Source: Into the VoidPublished on 2017-04-23By CJ Kilbride
    3 days ago
  • Brush Stroke 2
    The second newsletter, Brush Stroke 2 shares the start of my Mansions of Madness painting spree, tutorials on painting pale skin, and a look at the Golden D6. Painting I finished the zombies from Monsters of Madness this week and even put together a tutorial. Oh, and I created a PDF version as well if you want to download it, please let me know your thoughts on it! Spiky Rat Pack has transformed into the Iron Sleet, but in their backlog, they have an excellent tutorial on painting pale skin. A few more steps than my zombies, ... read more
    Source: Broken PaintbrushPublished on 2017-04-23By Joe B
    3 days ago
  • Workshop Datalogs: April 2017
    April has been a fun month, and with a far improved workbench setup I've been motivated to actually work on something.I ordered a couple of paint racks, which have massively freed up space on my desk. Most of the paints i had sidnt fit on the existing racks I had, and so would clutter the desk.As well as that, I now have a more comprehensively organised bitz box, with everything I may need in one extensive system. Each section has been broken up into weapons, limbs etc, and is colour coded depending on the model (blue is space marine, red ... read more
    Source: Power Armoured MetalPublished on 2017-04-23By Matthew Davies
    3 days ago
  • Lord of the XII Legion – A Triptych, pt. 8
    The Battle of Armatura Distance did nothing to steal any of the primarch’s blunt, savage grandeur. He was a ruined, towering thing of pain-spasms and sutured flesh. Lotara had only ever seen two primarchs, but despite the legend that each was cast in the Emperor’s image, Lorgar and Angron couldn’t have looked less alike. The former had a face that belonged on antique coins, and a voice that made her think of warm honey. The latter was an angel’s statue, desecrated by a hundred blades and left in the rain. Angron was ripped skin and roared oaths over a core ... read more
    Source: Eternal HuntPublished on 2017-04-23By krautscientist
    3 days ago
  • Paint Table Saturday 181 – Pretty little maids
    Hi All,Still all over the place, but I'll show you the most recent thing.Taken with the new phone on "pro" settings. I played with the aperture and ISO to get better exposure on the figures. In auto it was compensating for the pure white elements in the shot and darkening things down too much. You can see the white bottles in the back are blowing out.I used Reaper Rosy Skin and Rosy Shadow on these with a little drying retarder mixed in. The hope was to wet blend. My paint still dried pretty rapidly and I couldn't blend. I may ... read more
    Source: Sean’s Wargames CornerPublished on 2017-04-22By Sean
    4 days ago
  • Cadian Special Ops: Now with paint!
    The count down to hand over of these minis is fast approaching, especially as I only see the person three or four times as year. The first batch has been finished a while. As such I pushed ahead with this lot.  They went from unprimed to base layers throughout various parts of the day as time allowed. As I was using the army painter spray again I shook the can for a long time, then I let the kids shake it on the trampoline some more. No harm in being sure. With a few thin coats they came out looking well ... read more
    Source: Stepping Between GamesPublished on 2017-04-22By thousandeyes
    4 days ago
  • War Head at Model Expo & Horus Heresy
    Kuluva viikonloppu keväisessä Pasilassa on ollut erityisen jännittävä, War Head on nimittäin osallistunut yrityksenä ensi kertaa alan harrastemessuille! Koko viikko onkin kulunut suunnitellessa ja pystyttäessä myyntipistettä ja turnausaluetta Messukeskukseen, joka viihdyttää vieraitaan useiden tapahtumien voimin loppuviikon mittaan. War Headin näkökulmasta näistä tärkein on tietysti Suomen valovoimaisimpiin pienoismallialan tapahtumiin kuuluva Model Expo, jonka perinteinen maalauskilpailu, junaradat ja dioramat saivat tänä vuonna rinnalleen vaikuttavan kattauksen miniatyyripelejä.Kyseessä on War Headin ensimmäinen messutapahtuma, ja muutimmekin koko tavallisesti tukijamme Poromagian tiloissa sijaitsevan myymäläosastomme hetkellisesti Helsingin Messukeskukseen. Pisteellämme on saatavilla monien eri valmistajien miniatyyrituotteita, figulautapelejä ja luonnollisesti paljon harrastustarvikkeita - kaikkia tietysti intohimolla ja ammattitaidolla esiteltyinä! ... read more
    Source: War HeadPublished on 2017-04-22By Frenzy
    4 days ago
  • New edition 40k announced!
    It’s coming…   Well, Games Workshop just exploded our corner of the internet with the huge announcement of Warhammer 40k 8th (but not officially called 8th) edition. Warhammer Community “Over the last few months, it’s been pretty clear that something has been coming – we’ve seen the Baal System threatened by the Tyranids, war erupting across the Damocles Gulf, a Daemon Primarch return in the Fenris System and most recently, the events of the Gathering Storm, in which worlds fell, gods were born and a Primarch rose from his 10,000 year slumber. The new Warhammer 40,000 will ... read more
    Source: Paint at DawnPublished on 2017-04-22By Mark
    4 days ago
  • Hobby Progress – Kings of War/Terrain
    I've been focusing on trying to get more Kings of War guys ready to go to help my buddy Sanjay learn how to play the game.  It also gets me to the point where I play more Kings of War games with multiple options.With that, I also need to be prepared to have *SOME* terrain for playing Kings of War.  So I managed to assemble a couple of cottages that aren't quite to scale, but should work great in a scenario where one force is assaulting a village.  I need to build up a few of my GW forests but ... read more
    Source: Of Dice Kings and EmperorsPublished on 2017-04-22By HeriGonz
    4 days ago
  • MSU Elves – some observations
    Greetings!Due to real life interference I had to miss the local event that took place in the always welcoming hall of Three D6 store - The Valley of Kings 2. If you are interested, you can check the results here: The Valley of Kings 2 - ResultsIt means that I am not going to have any new battle reports at the moment. However, it is not an excuse not to write something about Kings of War! The number of games I have played so far has just reached 50 so I think some kind of generic post about experiences and ... read more
    Source: Path of an OutcastPublished on 2017-04-22By Swordmaster
    4 days ago
  • Strontium Dog
    My newsletter subscribers will already be aware of my exciting news, but for everyone else, here’s the announcement! Occasionally I am asked if there is any other licensed property I would like to work with, bearing in mind I’ve already ticked off Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 from my teenage fascinations. My answer is always that I’d like to work with the classic 2000AD comic strips of my youth, most notably Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog. Well, that’s happening! I recently had a great meeting with former Games Workshop ne’er-do-well Andy Chambers, and I’ll be working with Andy on ... read more
    Source: Mechanical HamsterPublished on 2017-04-22By Gav
    4 days ago
  • Weekly Waffle #119
    I’m going to throw in a bit of shocker this week and say that I actually turned up for game night and what’s more I actually got a couple of games in. And just to cap things off I won both, although it was more down to blind luck than any skill on my part. So I’ve not had any travel this week so it was round to Al’s for games night and we had a couple of games of ‘Bang! The Dice Game’. It’s a simple cowboy game, although there are other options and expansions available, which is really ... read more
    Source: Terminator TidsPublished on 2017-04-22By Steve
    4 days ago
  • This just in, from Eternia
    Feeling better, getting stronger, and hoisting a paint brush once again.  To celebrate, I finished up a project. I finally finished Skeletor: he has been painted, based, and is ready to hit the mean streets.   The photos don’t do him much justice, but that is a problem for another day. He will be running as a Chaos biker-sorcerer once I finish his merry band of mutant misfits.  For now, he will keep Trap-jaw company on the shelf. The panthor model is from a third party caster that I found online – it is a great mini, so I ... read more
    Source: Bare Hand FishingPublished on 2017-04-21By GameOn
    5 days ago
  • WIP: Loka Green & Yellow Knights and Bishops
    Colors above. Paint jobs below...That's it. Simple, easy and fun.Next Post: The red and blue :)Thanks for having a look, comment below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain 🙂 ... read more
    Source: Almost PerftecPublished on 2017-04-21By Zab
    5 days ago
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