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  • Weekly Waffle #140
    I’ve mixed things up again this week by shifting back to Dystopian Wars, although I still haven’t managed to the game with Pete finished. I know I’m just delaying the inevitable but I’ve been full a cold this week and feeling sorry for myself so I’ve not ventured out of the house, other than having to go to work. Spent my evening nursing a cup of tea and waiting for my head to explode. But whilst I haven’t got any gaming done I have made some progress with my Empire of the Rising Sun Fleet. The carrier is nearly complete, ... read more
    Source: Terminator TidsPublished on 2017-09-23By Steve
    9 hours ago
  • Track of Words – September 2017 (Part Two)
    September 2017 marks the twentieth anniversary of my first ever published story, Birth of a Legend. In the second part of my interview with Michael Dodd of Track of Words I talk about my more recent works, writing for the audio format, and what is on the horizon, amongst much else. If you haven’t read part one, you can do so here. Read The Interview Please Feel Free to Share: ... read more
    Source: Mechanical HamsterPublished on 2017-09-23By Gav
    10 hours ago
  • Shopkins: Chef Club
    La entrada Shopkins: Chef Club aparece primero en TusPeliculasHD. ... read more
    Source: House of PaincakesPublished on 2017-09-22By Administrador
    19 hours ago
  • Just fall already 
    This isn’t something I’d usually post, I generally keep my personal life and complications aside when it comes to blogging. Especially since my blog is focused more on hobby and art, rather than my life journey. However, things have been pretty difficult for me lately, trust has been broken, anxiety is creeping into my mind, people I needed help from most have turned away and feeling none existent until something bad or unexpected happens. Well, the unexpected happens in form of a mental breakdown/ sudden meltdown. I won’t go into the details of how this occurred, nor the place where ... read more
    Source: CallumartPublished on 2017-09-22By Bjorn Stormborn
    19 hours ago
  • Reaver Titan WIP ~ #10- Pistons
    Hi one and all,A quick Reaver update- I've made steady progress with the pistons for the legs/pelvis joint. Before fitting I added 6 pins drilled into the ball joint, and then pinned in place. These holes are hidden under the pistons.   The pain was having to cut 3 of the pistons to allow them to fit under the joint due to the leg position- Something I hadn't foreseen before building the legs, however due to the shape of the join you can't see where I've cut at it. Hopefully there will be some paint added to the body for the next ... read more
    Source: WeeManPublished on 2017-09-22By Lord Halfpenny
    19 hours ago
  • Terrifying Girl Disorder Card Game Available For Pre-Order From Japanime Games
    Japanime Games has started taking pre-orders for a new card game called Terrifying Girl Disorder. It takes its inspiration from the novel Dogra Magra. In the game, players are highly-psychically-powerful women who have lost their memories. The goal is to regain that which was lost, though each character has their own, unique win conditions for the game as well. From the website: A game of lost memories and unknown identities for 3 to 4 players. Inspired by Kyusaku Yumeno’s novel Dogra Magra, this compact card game from the designer of The Ravens of Thri Sahashri is set in a world ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-09-22By Polar_Bear
    20 hours ago
  • ON DISPLAY: Dark Vengeance LE Starter Set
    OOOooohhh pretty ruuules!Also included in the case... Let's look at the minis though eh? Every single shoulder pad and many other Dark Angels icons were re-sculpted into Angels of Redemption icons! In both forces all the duplicate sculpts were converted in some way big or small to make each figure feel unique!They are for sale right now HERE!Man that took forever. I have many other boxed sets ready to paint and will be selling them slowly as I complete them in between fun show case pieces and board games. I won't lie. I don't miss batch painting, but there is still something really ... read more
    Source: Almost PerftecPublished on 2017-09-22By Zab
    20 hours ago
  • New Heavy Artillery Pieces For Beyond the Gates of Antares Available
    Sometimes you just gotta bring out the big guns. Enemy armor or fortifications need to be blown to smithereens and your regular hand-held piece just won’t do it. So you call in the artillery. That’s what we’ve got with these new releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares. The Isorians have two new floating artillery pieces (must not have much of a kickback) and the Freeborns get one. From the releases: Fresh from the drone factory and straight to the front line, the new Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone comes equipped with either the compression cannon ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-09-22By Polar_Bear
    21 hours ago
  • Sideshow Extravaganza #7
    Heralding the arrival of the troupe.. The Jester lures the crowd in.. With a booming voice.. Yet no mouth nor vocal chords to utter them.. I long thought him too boring but painted he looks the part! Sadly I can’t make the trip over to Helsinki for the event due to family stuff but I will finish the gang and send at least one of these as an NPC. -t ... read more
    Source: Big Boss RedskullzPublished on 2017-09-22By bigbossredskullz
    24 hours ago
  • Review & Unboxing: Wood Elves Drycha / Sylvaneth Branchwraith Warheim: Drycha
    There were some plastic and metal miniatures on the blog lately, so it's high time for some finecast =) While preparing for Warheim Fantasy Skirmish tournament in October I added another miniature for my Athel Loren Wood Elves squad. She used to be the Dryad Drycha miniature before the destruction of the Old World, but since there is a new Drycha miniature now it is just a Branchwraith miniature in Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth army.The miniature is made of finecast, so I thought there will be some troubles with it, but I was very kindly surprised =) There is a base and ... read more
    Source: The Fantasy HammerPublished on 2017-09-22By TheFantasy Hammer
    1 day ago
  • Mini of the Week 9-22-17
    Welcome back to Mini of the Week, where every Friday I will find a miniature from around the web that exemplifies an aspect of our hobby and share it with you.Read more » ... read more
    Source: Mengel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-09-22By Mengel Miniatures
    1 day ago
  • 30K: Iron Warriors – Iron Havocs
    Hi all, Hogfoot here. It has been a busy period, not only at work but also in hobby land. A chance meeting this summer convinced me that it was no good waiting to fulfil my dream of travelling to an event in England, so when I got the opportunity I seized it! Ever since, I have been painting like a maniac, desperately trying to get a full 2,500 points of something resembling a battleworthy force ready in time. The army is finally painted and all preparations complete, so I decided to chill out by typing up the next installment in ... read more
    Source: Stepping Between GamesPublished on 2017-09-22By thousandeyes
    1 day ago
  • 40K Comic Book Battle Report – Chaos Marines vs Grey Knights
    I was going to give a dull intro to this with the usual stuff I say proceeding a battle report. Instead, I'll change it up a bit. I have been using Abaddon a lot lately. He's finally where he should be in terms of effectiveness (in my opinion), and it's hard to not try him out. I've had a lot of luck with him in my games, so I'm trying to build something solid with him at the core. As for the game below, I do not yet own an Abaddon model. I'm going to buy the awesome one that...continue ... read more
    Source: Creative TwilightPublished on 2017-09-22By Thor
    1 day ago
  • Armies on Parade 2017 – The Sylvaneth Harvest
    Hey everyone!  Happy Autumn Equinox!  Today I wanted to begin talking about my project and army plans for Armies on Parade 2017.  The date is already fast approaching, but I wanted to ensure I wrapped up my current Khorne army before diving into this one.  As of this post, there are Thirty-Two days before our parade week beings for Age of Sigmar.  On October 23rd Warhammer and Games Workshop stores across the globe will be full of amazing themed and painted Age of Sigmar Armies and I intend to be one of them while looking to earn a Gold place once ... read more
    Source: The Realm Gate BlogPublished on 2017-09-22By Chuck Moore
    1 day ago
  • Whats on my palette?
    Bless me readers for I have sinned, it's been nearly 3 months since my last confession.For the most part you all knew what was on it anyway. I pushed on through the Genestealer Cult and felt like I was casually getting into the Deathwatch, however that's now become something of an urgent task.My To Do List has down my Armies on Parade board. This is nothing grand, just a new red planet 2'x2' that has an area that has been tiled with large pre-cast concrete slabs. I have some sheets of MDF that have nice pre-painted tiles on. They came ... read more
    Source: Confessions of a 40k AddictPublished on 2017-09-22By Dave Weston
    1 day ago
  • Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter – The Crews
    One of the first questions that many people seem to have about Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago is whether the game is compatible with the original Frostgrave. The short answer is yes, but the power level between Ghost Archipelago Crews and the Original Frostgrave Warbands will not be on par. The two games have not been play tested together and even though they share the same core rules, my feeling (after browsing both books) is that warbands in the original Frostgrave will be more powerful than those in Ghost Archipelago.The cover of the Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Crew Box. Image used with permission ... read more
    Source: Must Contain MinisPublished on 2017-09-22By Jacob Stauttener
    1 day ago
  • Showcase: Orruk Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, and Greenskinz Heroes by Jörg
    Welcome back for my final Orruk blog post! This time I want to focus on the heroes of my green tide.The first Orruk I painted for Age of Sigmar was the Ironjawz Megaboss. When it was released, Games Workshop started their series of monthly painting competitions on Facebook, so I bought this model to submit.More after the jump ... read more
    Source: Stahly’s Tale of PaintersPublished on 2017-09-22By Guest Poster
    1 day ago
  • C-Girl Akito – To the rescue!
    “I can get down to some serious mini painting for myself! I’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline and I’m looking forward to getting them underway!” … So much for good intentions! I’ve had an unusually busy Summer and the only problem I have with it is that I’ve been busy doing things other than mini painting. In itself that’s not a serious problem but, as Summer turns into Autumn, I find myself feeling more than a little frustrated at the lack of painting action and extremely keen to get started. So I began working on one of my ... read more
    Source: Sproket’s Small WorldPublished on 2017-09-22By David Soper
    1 day ago
  • Ettin
    "Ettin"CMON Massive Darkness32 mm (Ogre size)This figure was a lot of fun to paint. A Fantasy character that you see not very often.This handpainted figure will be given away for free in a raffle via Instagram as soon as my Instagram profile reaches 10K followers. Maybe exactly you will win him!More photos via Putty&Paint!Keep on happy painting!Roman___________________________________You can follow my work here:http://www.romanlappat.comhttp://www.massivevoodoo.comInstagram ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-09-21By Roman aka jar
    1 day ago
  • Announcing Hobbyistgirl and the Brush Wizard on Twitch!
    Big news everyone!After a couple months of talking about it and figuring out all the details, Sophie and I are starting a Twitch stream!Read more » ... read more
    Source: Brush WizardPublished on 2017-09-21By Scott Ferguson
    2 days ago
  • “Do I look like a guy with a plan?”
    A little someone I've been working on.  More to come.Cheer's yall ... read more
    Source: Da Rednekkz MekshopPublished on 2017-09-21By Rednekkboss
    2 days ago
  • Tor Megiddo, part VI
    Another member of my Techno-Barbarian gang is complete! This guy is based on a FW Tech Thrall with a FW Khorne Berzerker faceplate. The arms and axe are from Khorne Bloodreavers, and the feathered crest is from an old Empire Knight. A lot of people have asked me how I painted the bases. I'll take some step by step pictures when I paint the next base and will make a quick tutorial soon.  ... read more
    Source: Wilhel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-09-21By Wilhelm
    2 days ago
  • Nurgle Daemons with Abaddon, a prelude to a batrep – Part 1
    I finished some new models in time for a regional 40K GT tourney, and as such will slap you with some knowledge concerning my army and games. First off, I finished some new models for use in the tournament.  I purchased a rotten lord from Scibor Miniatures on the cheap, and in turn painted him up as a Herald of Nurgle (with a quick option to add a storm bolter and also run his stinkin’ keyster as a chaos lord/sorcerer in the future). Here is the original figure. I also painted up a daemon prince model that I had, ... read more
    Source: Bare Hand FishingPublished on 2017-09-21By GameOn
    2 days ago
  • FTN Episode 207 – Putting the Sass in Assassins
    Some players are struggling to make their Power Armor lists work if they aren’t one of the few chapters/legions that have a Primarch.  Maybe using an assassin or two will help you out!  Cheap and effective. Hey Everyone, This week we had a surprising number of folks ask us our opinions on assassins.  They wanted ... read more
    Source: Forge the Narrative PodcastPublished on 2017-09-21By ftnadmin
    2 days ago
  • Hobby update 21/9/17 – Nurgle defeated
    Greetings all, sorry about the silence on the blog for the last few days - I'm afraid that after my second weekend away in a row, I was struck down on Sunday night by the dreaded lurgy - there must have been some poxwalkers at that party I went to! Still, I'm pleased to report the evil forces of Nurgle have been banished back to the great rift, and progress is once more underway, so here we go!Read more » ... read more
    Source: The Burning EyePublished on 2017-09-21
    2 days ago
  • The Green Man
    Once I had the large clumps of moss in place, and the glue had a chance to dry for a bit, I could continue with the rest of the process.  I mentioned that the tops of the hills were kept as clear as possible for other types of scatter terrain, in this case one of the smaller tree stands.The clumps on the flanks of the hills were meant to provide potential cover for troops advancing up the hill, or vice versa.This wider angle shot illustrates how I did this on each section, sometimes with some fallen trees.  I will also ... read more
    Source: James Wappel Miniature PaintingPublished on 2017-09-21By wappellious
    2 days ago
  • Schools League 2017: The First Age of Sigmar Skirmishes
    The club started a few days ago, and I have some time to upload some of the images from the first few skirmishes.There are some odd alliances popping up, and students get out all their new toys gathered over Summer. We're kicking off with the Age of Sigmar mosh pit, with Stormcast Eternals rubbing shoulders with Bloodbound against Serphon and Kharadron Overlords.  As you can see, a complete mess of a battle, with some very dodgy interpretations of the rules. But it's beautiful to see for the simple fact that I had no part in it. The senior Initiates set it up themselves, giving the new player ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-09-21By Tabletop Teacher
    2 days ago
  • Watch Master to Done!
    Last night it was time to put the brushes down and call the Deathwatch Watch Master done.  I see lots of more highlighting and fine tuning to be done, but he's already at a level well beyond good enough for the table top and certainly respectable for my collection at large. He's not entering into the Crystal Brush after all, and so it was that I decided not to let perfect be the enemy of good in this case.  I have many more projects for the year to get done!After much consideration, I chose his background to be with the ... read more
    Source: 262nd Death Korps of KriegPublished on 2017-09-21By Dave Mary
    2 days ago
  • Heresy Era Sons of Horus – Project planning, and first models!
    As I have alluded to recently, the next Horus Heresy project in the hopper is a Sons of Horus force. I place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of Dave Taylor, who shared his SoH paint recipe for the recent NOVA Charitable Foundation raffle army and after painting up a helmet in that scheme being held by one of the Thallax models I'd done, and subsequently a test model, I was hooked!Whenever I start a new project I pencil together a quick painting chart to get a feel for what the army structure may look like and figure ... read more
    Source: Mordian 7th RegimentPublished on 2017-09-21By Mordian7th
    2 days ago
  • Our Rage Won’t Die – Part 1
    Few kits currently available in the chaos range can conjure such disgust and disappointment from fans  as the Khorne Berserkers. First released over a century ago, the fact that the Berserkers remain on sale today makes a mockery of the company’s proud boast to make the finest toy soldiers in the world. Only the most perversely deranged of the pantheon’s followers find even the slightest glimmer of pleasure in these lumpen, ill-proportioned horrors, and even they wholeheartedly agree that even unconverted Blood Warriors from Age of Sigmar make infinitely superior Berserkers. Indeed some suspicious souls would go so far as ... read more
    Source: Convert of DiePublished on 2017-09-21By Wudugast
    2 days ago
  • Battle Report 118- 2000 pts White Scars vs Crimson Fists
    This week's battle report is the first outing for my White Scars in 8th edition, where they would be facing off against Maurice's Crimson Fists. I had played Maurice's great looking Crimson Fists army with my Deathwatch, but have not tried them with my Scars yet, so was really looking forward to seeing how they would perform with the new codex. My army consisted of:Battalion DetachmentCaptain- Bike, Teeth of Terra, Master-crafted Boltgun (C)Librarian- Force Sword (L1)10 Tactical Marines- Bolters, Meltagun (TS1)Rhino- Storm Bolter (R)5 Scouts- Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles (S1)5 Tactical Marines- Bolters, Flamer (TS2)Razorback- Twin Assault Cannon (Rb)10 Sternguard- Special ... read more
    Source: St. Andrews WargamingPublished on 2017-09-21By Michael Corr
    2 days ago
  • Angels Sanguine Primaris
    Hey jungle,it´s just a few months ago when the new editon of Warhammer 40 hit the stores and all fell in love with the new Primaris Space Marines. Some even call them the "True Scale Marine". As I´m a good old fan boy and the new ruleset made it possible to get back into the game easily, I bought the starter box and prepared my unholy Death Guard for battle.My idea was to slowly convert the Primaris Marines into Death Guard Marines, all the bits were already prepared, but time is always a short resource. So, the Marines still wait ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-09-21By Peter aka Baphomet
    2 days ago
  • Xenos: Arbores Opscurus
    The 121st Moon is where we’ll make our base. Our records indicate it was once a Agri-World but transmissions have seized millenia ago. Imperial technology isn’t picked up by sensors, but there is definitely life. Though when it comes to these hollow Moons, this one is a rather desolate one. Still, expect trouble. Task force […] ... read more
    Source: Iron SleetPublished on 2017-09-20By Toni
    3 days ago
  • So You’ve Been Shot: A Flowchart
    Stay vigilant, Guardsman! What should you do if you are shot? While the superiority of Imperial tactics ensures that battlefield injuries are rare, you may, through carelessness, find yourself shot on the battlefield. In this case, it is absolutely imperative that you do not waste your medic’s valuable time or distract your fellow guardsmen with exhortations of fear or panic. 99% of battlefield injuries do not require immediate medical attention* – if you find yourself shot, consult the following flowchart to seek other courses of action before wasting the valuable time of your betters. There you have it ... read more
    Source: The Regimental StandardPublished on 2017-09-20By The Warhammer Community Team
    3 days ago
  • Miniature Spiders
    Hello, today I can show you some painted spiders, it’s continuation of arachnids like Gol Gul I painted some time ago. You can find there variety of species inspired by real living exotic and more casual spiders. Biggest ones are from Mierce Miniatures, medium are Mirkwood Spiders from Games Workshop Hobbit and smallest from HD […] ... read more
    Source: Fantasy GamesPublished on 2017-09-20By C'tan
    3 days ago
  • Beginner Grey Knight 500 point Army List: The Lightning Hammer
    Ironically does not use hammers.We had our first session for the Warhammer club at school two days ago, and preparations have begun in earnest for the School League tournament. I have some Student Initiates now, older players from last academic year who have significantly upped their game and model count.They've even painted them!I've been feverishly build crafting for them, trying to sort out some outrageously cheesy lists to fit inside a 650 point School League limit, and I'm getting quite a bit of success. They often turn into one trick ponies, but the one trick usually has flexible enough application ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-09-20By Tabletop Teacher
    3 days ago
  • Blood-Maw
    Recently I did not paint anything from Mierce Miniatures but this is about to change. Here comes Blood-Maw, Vore – a giant carnivore beast. With it’s powerful jaws it can devour any warrior in whole! Just look at it’s size – it is mounted on 100mm base. (click to see bigger photo) Can a single, … Continue reading Blood-Maw Blood-Maw was originally posted to Chest of Colors. ... read more
    Source: Chest of ColorsPublished on 2017-09-20By Chest of Colors
    3 days ago
  • Oakbound Studio presents Factious Waste
    Geoff Sims of Oakbound Studio has been a great supporter of the Golden D6. We are really excited to be helping him out by showing off their new game called Factious Waste. Geoff has been very busy with the imminent Kickstarter campaign for Factious Waste, a post-apocalyptic skirmish game we’ve had in development for the last 3 years. Trash Runners are the Rockstars of the new era. Continue reading Oakbound Studio presents Factious Waste at The Golden D6. ... read more
    Source: Golden D6Published on 2017-09-19By Adam Jones
    4 days ago
  • 8th Edition Game Day
    I finally had a chance to try out 8th Edition on a full size board this week and I really enjoyed it. Shooting and combat happen so quickly, many difficult or ponderous game mechanisms have been streamlined and I can finally play Orks and enjoy myself! I have been painting up some very bright deathskulls this summer and mounting them on the new Sector Imperialis bases in a return to "tabletop" paint schemes rather than time consuming display pieces. They looked so good I went and re-based all my kult of speed models and other painted Orks I last painted over eight ... read more
    Source: Heaven’s TeethPublished on 2017-09-19By Matthew Beavis
    4 days ago
  • Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Necrons (2,000pts)
    So, the house is getting there, my hobby space is slowly getting unpacked, and I caught enough free time on a Monday to get a game in!  It was a bit of a learner, because I hadn’t played in 4 months, and this also represents only my third battle in 8th edition. Regrouping following the 13th Crusade from Cadia, Knight Commander Pask sets up camp around some Imperial Ruins.  Within hours, some of the accompanying infantry are not reporting in their patrols.  Techpriests are encountering significant difficulty taming the machine spirits of the normally docile and dim Leman Russes of ... read more
    Source: The Emprahs Mighty Flowry MeadowPublished on 2017-09-19By Oakenhawk
    4 days ago
  • A look at the EverLasting Wet Palette
    Everlasting Wet Palette – the PRELUDE When Vivien Massad at Redgrass Games approached me regarding the Everlasting Wet Palette (check out news on the KICKSTARTER HERE) I was instantly intrigued, I have used a wet palette for several years now, yet there are still issues with it’s use and suitability. For instance the need to replace the sponge or kitchen ... The post A look at the EverLasting Wet Palette appeared first on figurementors. ... read more
    Source: Figure MentorsPublished on 2017-09-19By Redrum
    4 days ago
  • + inload: Hive Confronsis +
    + Golgotham: Hive Confronsis +Planetrise: From the pock-marked moon of Foretithe, the blighted planet Golgotham emerges over the horizon. The second moon; Corest, is visible on the left of the image. + Like most hive-cities of Golgotham, Confronsis runs on hyperfedual lines; with a few powerful spire families extending their patronage glutinously and insidiously into the depths of the hive-belly, where the industrotech clans – great organisations of affiliated family groups roughly equivalent to nation-states – toil ceaselessly beneath the ever-watchful eyes of the spires and authorities in order to feed the rapacious needs of the Imperium at large. Beneath these in turn ... read more
    Source: Death of a RubricistPublished on 2017-09-19By Apologist
    4 days ago
  • Streaming some sculpting on Youtube…
    Starting here in about 10 minutes, c’mon and watch if you’ve got nothing better going on. ... read more
    Source: Miniatures of TomorrowPublished on 2017-09-18
    5 days ago
  • Citadel Paint App Review
    The Citadel Paint app boldly claims to enable users to 'paint Warhammer miniatures like a master'. I've been exploring it over the weekend, so let's dive in and find out how well that statement bears up. I'll cover each of it's five sections in order; Get Started, Paint By Colour, Paint By Miniature, Paint Bases and Inventory & Wishlist. Get StartedThe first section is a fairly straightforward introduction to the Citadel paints range, and offers videos demonstrating the techniques that the app refers to elsewhere, such as layering and drybrushing. These will be familiar to anyone who's seen a Warhammer TV ... read more
    Source: The HeraldorPublished on 2017-09-18By Jamie Mistry-Evans
    5 days ago
  • He’Stan has a brand new ride!
    So this year for my birthday I bought myself a small present for my Salamanders.   The Land Raider Achilles I've been drooling over for ages.  Spent some time the other day getting the kit together.  There are some minor issues with the build instructions that made a small headache getting the main body together but than things just fell into shape.I've still got to puddy in some gaps and then its on to painting!!!! ... read more
    Source: Legio XVIII SalamandersPublished on 2017-09-18By Mad Pat
    5 days ago
  • 2017 Fight Club Player Spotlíght: Mikko Savolahti
    Some of you might have noticed some new, cool forces gracing our store section's cabinets this summer. These are hand-picked highlights from our dear player community and from Fight Club combatants that have been kind enough to have us display their armies! This exhibition will now be accompanied by mini interviews to shed light on the artists behind these brilliant collections. These interviews are conducted in English because of our community's international flavour. Today we introduce vampire count Mikko Savolahti!Who are you and what do you do besides play wargames?My name is Mikko Savolahti. I’m an engineer by education and ... read more
    Source: War HeadPublished on 2017-09-18By Frenzy
    5 days ago
  • Talons of the Emperor Showcase
    So today I thought I'd show off some of my Talons of the emperor, including those that you didn't see in the post from throne of skulls. I'll take a look what I have, what I think of it in game and where I'd like to take this army going forward a little. But first off what do I own...Read more » ... read more
    Source: Hobby from the AettPublished on 2017-09-18By Philip
    5 days ago
  • I know we have lapsed a few months. I had to move from CA to VA and then get ready for and go to NOVA. Last few weeks have put a delay as well for a family emergency, but through all the delays, we still got it done.Listen/Subscribe with iTunes This month we do quick discussion on our hobby progress and do some NOVA recap, followed by some great discussion on the fluff Space Marines and their enhanced physiology and then we go over Chris' theorgy regarding the Chaos god "Malal" and the recent fluff developments surrounding 8th edition 40k. Make sure ... read more
    Source: Sepulchre of HerosPublished on 2017-09-18By Gothmog
    5 days ago
  • To the gates of the Chapel!
    Day 2 of the Chapel has ended, and only one warband completed the journey through the forest to challenge the Lady Elect, mistress of the gates, and her unholy guardians… Despite overcoming the Wytch-cult, the Imperials fell under of dream-spell of the Albino Woods, and were lured away from the true path by wisps and ghosts. They remain lost in the deep forest, their future is uncertain… (Sadly, Kieran was ill for day 2 and didn’t make it – get well soon dude!) The more psychically attuned Exodites resisted the lure of the forest spirits, and made it to the grand ... read more
    Source: Praetorian Imperial GuardPublished on 2017-09-18By Alex
    5 days ago
  • Vampire Counts: Zombies (Part 3)
    Wow - I didn't realise it was March when I last produced anything for this army.Anyway - in a mad burst of activity, I've blasted through all my remaining Zombies which I'll present in three posts; this one, the remaining models, and the whole lot as a horde.I've loved working on these models, which was unexpected.There were two things that put me off:The sheer quantity of models required to build a Horde; I've not based these in the regular "one per 20mm base" method; I've included a lot of 40mm bases which have either two or three zombies plus a ... read more
    Source: Wargames WastelandPublished on 2017-09-18By Dean Kelly
    5 days ago
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