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  • An Old Classic
    We are back from Adepticon, and the long process of unpacking rebuilding the various work areas begins!  Many new projects await, and I can also get back into all the one which are well under way!A lot of exciting things happened while we were there, including some fun spontaneous demos, talking about the oil paints, and even a side by side painting demonstration in the Trenchworx booth.I have several new materials to try out, such as the new oil paint "sticks" from Mig AMMO, new Wild West Exodus figures, Eden miniatures and Historical figures from Footslogger.Finally, with the help of ... read more
    Source: James Wappel Miniature PaintingPublished on 2017-03-26By wappellious
    7 hours ago
  • Age of Sigmar – First Battle
    When The Old World met it's end I admit I was a bit sad to see the passing of the setting I had known for decades. On the other hand it was hard to get annoyed or really muster up more than an 'hmm, that's a shame' as it had been a long time since I had played Warhammer Fantasy Battle or do more than read the old Warhammer story.The fact was 40k had a much bigger hold on me and I had long stopped having an interest in playing the game, all those massed ranks really didn't appeal to ... read more
    Source: Recalcitrant DazePublished on 2017-03-26By Rictus
    14 hours ago
  • Crystal Brush Winners Announced
    Adepticon has many fine tournaments and contests that take place over the course of the show. But only one of them gives away $10k to the winner. That’s the Crystal Brush Awards, the culmination of a year-long painting contest process that ends up in Chicago. Well, the overall winners have been announced, and we’re here to give them to you. Bronze: Oz Francesco Farabi Silver: The Tribute Michal Pisarski Gold: Space Wolf Sergio Calvo Rubio Congratulations to Sergio for his win! Note: I’ll be filling in the category winners as well as I get that information. Stay ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-03-26By Polar_Bear
    15 hours ago
  • StarCraft Remastered
    Anyone not excited for this? StarCraft, along with WarCraft 2 and Diablo were some of the first games I completed (without cheating!) and some of the most fun for the longest time after. I played StarCraft before Brood War and until I finally lost my disc for the game. I remember going to the mall with a friend in high school and he purchased the Special Edition Protoss big box. My first copy of StarCraft came in the GotY box with WarCraft 2 and Diablo.After 19 years StarCraft will be free. Not free-to-play, free period. I think this is a ... read more
    Source: Into the VoidPublished on 2017-03-26By CJ Kilbride
    17 hours ago
  • Battle Report 1850pts Ad-Mech + Knight vs Ravenwing + Celestine
    First of all I apologise for the lack of pictures, didn’t have time to take them this time around! I played a game on Monday against Adam’s Ravenwing. Mission 1850pt Eternal War Mission Big Guns Never Tire (Extra vps for destroying Heavy Support Choices of which we had 2 each). 3 Objectives, one in the centre, one on Adam’s left flank and one on my left flank. Armies My list: Oathsworn Detachment: 1 Imp Knight w/gatling cannon, melta gun, reaper chainsword, stormspear missile launcherSkitarii Maniple: 10 rangers w/ 2 arc rifles + omnispex 10 vanguard w/ 2 plasma calivers + omnispex ... read more
    Source: Miniature MindedPublished on 2017-03-26By grantix89
    18 hours ago
  • Ratpack #1
    Always time for more projects right.. Especially when I’m invited to the Tor Megiddo event hosted by Alexander and Wilhelminiatures! I decided quite early on to go for a ratskin themed gang as I had thought about doing one for ages anyways. It is all rather rough but getting there. There will also be vehicles and beasts down the line so should be a lot of fun -t ... read more
    Source: Big Boss RedskullzPublished on 2017-03-26By bigbossredskullz
    1 day ago
  • Sylvaneth- Drycha Teaser
    #MonsterMarch is wrapping up and I wanted to do a Drycha teaser leading up to the end of the month.  I’ve enjoyed painting this model and with the experience of painting Sylvaneth I feel that my skills have improved over the process.  I’m really proud of this model and it has been a treat to showcase it. I wanted to go with a nighttime look with Drycha lurking in the trees waiting for stray travelers.  She’s not too happy to see trespassers venturing into her lands and is more than prepared to unleash her fury. Here’s Drycha ... read more
    Source: The Roost of TurkadactylPublished on 2017-03-26By Turkadactyl
    1 day ago
  • Frostgrave Cultist and Barbarian Sprues
    Just a quick shout out to these fine plastic kits being put out by North Star Military Figures for Ospreys games , Frostgrave.  I know I have previously mentioned my dislike for plastic kits, as I like to say I have gotten too old to be fiddling  around with putting hordes of plastic models together. However I am very impressed by all these kits.  For me they fit a variety of roles not just Frostgrave.At 20 Figures a box, Hard plastic Renedra sprues (aka. High Quality), coming out to about $1.50ish a figure . I have 3 of the 4 kits ... read more
    Source: Plastic LegionsPublished on 2017-03-25By John@Plastic.Legions
    1 day ago
  • WIP: INQ28 The Chapel Warband, part 7
    -I hear ye boys, I really do. But let me explain for a wee bit before ye all decide not to takes us down to the Chapel.  The crew scruffed and wailed as the old man spoke. Sure, he was their captain but they had been through it all and more together. He was first and foremost one of them. He was the first among equals.  -The Chapel is bloody murder and we all knows it. So we dun fancy hearing any faery tales, cap’n.   -Ye got me all wrong, mate. Trust me on this one. Not here to ... read more
    Source: High Times on the Eastern FringePublished on 2017-03-25By Thomas
    2 days ago
  • Monster March (semana 3)
    Muy buenas a todos.Tercera semana de Monster March y a pesar de ser las fiestas de La Magdalena en Castellón me las he apañado para darle un empujón bastante grande al jinete. No está acabado pero solo me queda las espinilleras, los faldones grandes, el libro y las gemas, Y un poco de cuero de las riendas.Las fotos correspondientes.Le falta la parte trasera y el cuero de las riendas.Definitivamente no sé pintar espadas. Tendré que practicar más, mucho más.Si queréis ver las otras entradas de Monster March, pinchad en los siguientes enlaces.Monster March (Presentación)Monster March (Semana 1)Monster March (Semana 2)Espero ... read more
    Source: MastodonticaPublished on 2017-03-25By Cylde Ar
    2 days ago
  • [Von Plays…] Dawn of War II, Episode 11
    Filed under: Computer Games, Warhammer 40,000 Tagged: Dawn of War, Let's Play ... read more
    Source: Kaptain VonPublished on 2017-03-25By Von
    2 days ago
  • Review Roundup
    And we’ve come to another Saturday. Ah, the possibilities for today. I’m sure a lot of you are spending it at Adepticon. Me? I’ve picked up a bunch of snacks and some drinks and am going to watch some MST3K on Netflix. Because I’m cool like that. Anyway, I know what you’re all here for isn’t my choice of fizzy beverage, but for reviews. So let’s get to it. Today we have: Realm-Master, Unlock, WizKids Unpainted Miniatures, Arkham Horror The Card Game, Bushi No Yume, Ronin, Element, Guns & Steel: Renaissance, Bloc by Bloc, The Oracle of Delphi, Dragoon: ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-03-25By Polar_Bear
    2 days ago
  • Munitorum Armoured Containers WIP
    Writing up the March workbench post prompted me to continue with the containers now that I had six primed models and few excuses.  So it was that I fired up the compressor and took the air brush out to set some base colors down.  First off, I decided to try modifying the primer with a top-down zenith highlight of grey. This approach is was hopefully going to add some interest to the base coat in terms of darker shading on the underside and lowest parts of the containers and the brightest shades on the top.The zenith highlight here is laid ... read more
    Source: 262nd Death Korps of KriegPublished on 2017-03-25By Dave Mary
    2 days ago
  • Paint Table Saturday 177 – Not finished, but close
    Hi All,Making progress on Dormur, I've gotten up to 7 colors, trying to decide how I can get the leather color I want without going to an 8th color to achieve that.I can't tell if the strange texture in the cloak is my paint or the sculptors finger prints.I've helped my son clean up and glue together two of his Chaos Space Marine Terminators. He's too nervous he's going to stab himself with an xacto knife.We've got a band performance and then Dragon Boat racing later today so I'm hoping to push and finish Dormur tonight and tomorrow. I need ... read more
    Source: Sean’s Wargames CornerPublished on 2017-03-25By Sean
    2 days ago
  • Terrain and Scenery – Rubble – Using those sprue offcuts
    Hi Readers, if you are like me you'll have plenty of sprue leftovers and those red range rulers from certain box sets. Well, don't throw it all away, use it all to improve your scenery.Here I have a pot where I occasionally chop up and place bits of old kits, sprue offcuts and now those range rulers I had in a box set and never used. So, recycling unwanted offcuts and range rules...This provides me with the raw materials needed. Larger 'bricks' from the range rules...Smaller 'bricks' from the sprue offcuts, I tend only to use the straight bits, not ... read more
    Source: WeeManPublished on 2017-03-25By Siph_Horridus
    2 days ago
  • Shattered Legion Rampager Squad and MDF Terrain
    Hey gang,Today I spent a little bit of time building for my Shattered Legion force. This is an army made up of Emperor's Children, World Eaters and Sons of Horus (Or rather Luna Wolves!), that represent the loyalist forces on Istvann III as they defend the Prefector Palace following the virus bombing. It won't be terribly competitive at 2500 points, as I have zero vehicles and have gone for very fluffy unit choices, but I just love the whole background behind it AND I have tried to use as many different third party models parts as I can to give it ... read more
    Source: 30kplus40kPublished on 2017-03-25By 30k plus 40k
    2 days ago
  • The Weekly Review 25/3/17
    Hi folks,As the smoke settles on another week, I am glad to be able to report some progress, on both my Landraider Excelsior and a project that I am working on for a mate.On the Table  This week I have focused on the driver and data augury on my Landraider Excelsior; there are no holes in the hull anymore! The driver is a Techmarine which I painted in the same scheme as Hephaeston, my Deathwatch character. The augury was made from a little Dark Angels receiver dish from the Ravenwing sprue and a piece of armour from the Blood Angels Librarian ... read more
    Source: Old School GamingPublished on 2017-03-25By Marc van Holst
    2 days ago
  • Review: Evil Craft Chaos Veterans
    Evil Craft is a great choice for semi-true scale, highly detailed alternative models and parts for Chaos Space Marines. They may only make parts for the spike cousins of the Imperium, but they do it well. Today, I'm checking out their Veteran squads.The parts from this area unit share a lot of design elements with existing basic sets, but are sharper and meaner than the originals. Extra spikes, horns and blades protrude from the armoured pieces, highlighting the model's favour with the chaos gods.As per the usual with Evil Craft, the quality is top notch. Hardly a casting bubble or ... read more
    Source: Power Armoured MetalPublished on 2017-03-25By Matthew Davies
    2 days ago
  • Weekly Waffle #115
    These updates are beginning to feel a bit like ground hog day with no game night because I’ve been on the road all week. I did manage to make a bit of change this week and took a few paints away with me so I could get some hobby time in. But more on that later. For me this week the big thing is that for those lucky enough to be in Schaumburg it’s Adepticon. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we were there and seeing all the pictures on Twitter this week has really fired me to ... read more
    Source: Terminator TidsPublished on 2017-03-25By Steve
    2 days ago
  • Witch In Progress
    For all that his duties bring him into regular contact with the dead, Inquisitor Morix has no more capacity to hear or understand them than the regular Imperial citizenry. Indeed it is this that has allowed him to flourish within the order, for those who hear the cries of the dead are soon driven mad by them. Only the most vocal of sprits can trouble his sleep and none but the most violent of poltergeists disturbs him as he goes about his duties. Nonetheless there is a need, from time to time, to make contact with lesser spirits, to track ... read more
    Source: Convert of DiePublished on 2017-03-25By Wudugast
    2 days ago
  • Big Stompy Robots Are Marching On
    Welcome to the latest update on Big Stompy Robots. If this is the first you’ve heard of my new game, you can find out more about it here. This blog is mostly about games design – specifically how to approach changing the game following play-testing. I’m using Big Stompy Robots as the example, and it gets a bit technical with the Big Stompy Robot rules, so if you haven’t already seen it, you may want to watch this video, which introduces the basic mechanics. If you want to read even more about the game, there is a dedicated Big ... read more
    Source: Mechanical HamsterPublished on 2017-03-25By Gav
    2 days ago
  • Project Warp Spider: Hellion Conversion
    Okay, so it's a blue tack mock up, but it's very busy at work now. Real post up tomorrow.Hopefully.Thanks for reading.If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please leave a comment. Sharing this with your friends, and following me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ would also be hugely appreciated.If you have anything you want me to look at, let me know in the comments below. I'll probably be able to write an article about that topic within a day!If you really love what I do here, you can make a one off donation at my PayPal, ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-03-24By Tabletop Teacher
    3 days ago
  • WIP: WoK Wolves Fur
    Okay, above is the color palette for the male & female wolf's fur and below is the process...I do a bit of under shading with the darkest colors and the pinks to deepen shadows and add tonal variation...I'll start with the male wolf first. Start to mix and work up these colors and overlap your brush marks and let them show to suggest a fur like texture in places. Now we shade and glaze with these colors...Same process fro the female wolf...So that is the fur done. Pretty hard to do actually. I am okay with the results, but would have ... read more
    Source: Almost PerftecPublished on 2017-03-24By Zab
    3 days ago
  • Action shots from gameday
    A while back I went to a special Game Day where we hosted (more like Kabala hosted) a group from another gaming club.  It was a great day where I played three games and faced off armies and general I have not seen before.  Here are some shots from my second game.The terrain on the table was done by one of our regular members.  He actually likes building and painting terrain (crazy right?) He asked me to take some pictures of his terrain in action.This game was a bit one sided.  He had a bunch of Leman Russes but I ... read more
    Source: Xeno for the WinPublished on 2017-03-24By Grenn Dal
    3 days ago
  • Mini of the Week 3-24-17
    Welcome back to Mini of the Week, where every Friday I will find a miniature from around the web that exemplifies an aspect of our hobby and share it with you.Read more » ... read more
    Source: Mengel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-03-24By Mengel Miniatures
    3 days ago
  • Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Company Formation, Fail – Big Warhammer 40K Game
    Approximate Reading Time: 5 minutesThis is my biggest game ever! Its taken three years to get to this point, although of course a lot of stuff needs painting still but I am getting there! 3,000 points of Astra Militarum vs Dark Angels using The Emperor’s Will mission. But we will focus on a huge mistake on my part with the Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Company. I mainly wanted to write about this battle because I used the Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Company Formation and it failed me terribly. Or rather I failed it terribly. It was, in hind sight, a simple mistake ... read more
    Source: Cadian ShockPublished on 2017-03-24By Jake
    3 days ago
  • Marshalling the dead
    Hi guys, there has been so much good stuff coming out about The Chapel this week, so I thought I would finally break cover on what I’m planning for the more eldritch side of my warband. I’ve been diligently learning how to sculpt fur on my Exodite Avengers, but I’ve also had a chance to get the basic build done on the latest warband member – a Spiritseer. I love the idea of Spiritseers and their role in communing with the Eldar dead, and this seems very appropriate given the ghostly theme running throughout The Chapel project. I love that ... read more
    Source: Praetorian Imperial GuardPublished on 2017-03-24By Alex
    3 days ago
  • Dark Age Miniatures Outcast warband
    I checked out Dark Age a long time ago and since then the game and the miniatures have undergone some major revisions. Including the redesign of the world by one Matt Weaver: The game takes a lot of its inspiration from the art of Brom. Go ahead, look it up, I’ll wait. Worth it, huh? On a world abandoned and under siege by all sorts of aliens and raiders, only the toughest of humanity has survived. Continue reading Dark Age Miniatures Outcast warband at The Golden D6. ... read more
    Source: Golden D6Published on 2017-03-24By Adam
    3 days ago
  • Resin Anime Figure Finished
    Well, it was a long haul, but she's finally finished. Hats off to me for another job well done. I think I need a holiday though!I was so near to completion for months, but I ran out of steam at the last hurdle. Thankfully, I had a bit of spare time over the weekend and finally got her last lance done. At the start of this project, I wanted to use her as an excuse to try out some verdigris and marble effects. I learned a lot about both techniques, although actually the most valuable experience turned out to be ... read more
    Source: Tabletop ApocalypsePublished on 2017-03-24By Blazmo
    3 days ago
  • Thousand Sons Warpsmith
    +++ Thousand Sons Warpsmith +++ If you follow along with my site you will notice I like my Chaos war machines, so I thought it was about time to make a Thousand Sons Warpsmith. So may I present Warpsmith Ghobhainn. Thousand Sons Warpsmith This model was originally my Iskander Khayon model but I am replacing that with the more heavily detailed Evil Craft one. But I still liked the look of the base model I had created so when I got the Anvil Industries servo harness a plan formed. If you check the link above I originally had a large axe in Khayon’s right hand ... read more
    Source: Stepping Between GamesPublished on 2017-03-24By thousandeyes
    3 days ago
  • Dreadnought Duo and Reports
    Ugh, report season. I have about 50 of them to complete by tomorrow morning, so no blog post. Here's a picture of two dreadnoughts to tide you over.Thanks for reading.If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please leave a comment. Sharing this with your friends, and following me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ would also be hugely appreciated.If you have anything you want me to look at, let me know in the comments below. I'll probably be able to write an article about that topic within a day!If you really love what I do here, you ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-03-23By Tabletop Teacher
    4 days ago
  • Good Reads 48
    Skip scrolling through the blog feed for a minute and check out this week’s list of Good Reads. I’ve collect some of the posts that have caught my eye over the last two weeks and gather them here for you to check out, catch up on if you fell behind, or maybe find someone new to follow. With that, here is Good Reads 48. Seeking Guidance Inq28 Models by Alex Alex has joined in with The Chapel project to create a unique mix of backwoods clans in the 40k world.  This is his second Ostium Guild for the event ... read more
    Source: Broken PaintbrushPublished on 2017-03-23By Joe B
    4 days ago
  • The Black Tide
    To call the Black Tide a ghost is true but it behaves more like an elemental force. It has been around since humans have inhabited The Chapel and so no one could tell you who it used to be, the only thing those who have survived it can agree on is that it isn’t just one soul but many. It gets it’s name from the fact that it not only has a taste for souls but it also has a voracious appetite for pollution and other filth. Polluted areas are many within The Chapel as vast districts are given over ... read more
    Source: Heresy of UsPublished on 2017-03-23By heresyofus
    4 days ago
  • Bloodthirster with Magnetised Bloodletter Base – Glory to Khorne!
    Steve here, and taking a moment to show off a model I have completed and the method that I go about creating wound markers for larger figures. I present to you the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury!The Bloodletters are magnetized to the baseI painted this model over the course of a long time, and followed Duncan's painting techniques from the Warhammer TV videos. I will link in a better post than I did months ago. I am really happy with how he turned out.The Bloodletters are painted via a guide posted on YouTube by the Apathetic Fish. His YouTube channel is ... read more
    Source: Watch Fortress EriochPublished on 2017-03-23By Spot1cus
    4 days ago
  • The problem with Primarchs returning
    Sorry there have been so few posts this month, really just have been in a mad dash to get Adepticon Ready! (I am and leave the day this is published!)The Primarchs are coming back, and that isn't necessarily good for 40k.Don't get me wrong, I am happy that the story of 40k is advancing. I think it is cool that the Primarchs are returning. I am sure they will be amazingly fun in game, albeit likely OP, but that is not the point of this post actually. I am looking at this purely through the fluff lens. And I am ... read more
    Source: Sepulchre of HerosPublished on 2017-03-23By Gothmog
    4 days ago
    The Army Painter – a worldwide supplier of hobby products, such as paints, colour primers, glues, brushes, tufts and well… fck’n barbaric ‘Quickshades’. The company entered the market in 2007th introducing a medium sized offer of hobby products meant, as the name suggests, to paint entire armies. My personal adventure with Army Painter started pretty […] ... read more
    Source: Scar Hand PaintingPublished on 2017-03-23By Nazroth
    4 days ago
  • Mu 96 – Neko Galaxy, Akito
    Time for another review on MV.  This is review #96 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU. Today we will look closer on a bust called "C-Girl Akito", by Neko Galaxy,sculpted by Miroslav DimitrovThe busts price is at 49,00 € + shipping. If you want to order your copy write to NEKOGALAXYMINIS(at)GMAIL(dot)COMRoman takes over with the review now.Well, the square box arrives with a sweet artwork on it and really makes you want to look inside for more.A sticker on the back ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-03-22By Massive Voodoo
    4 days ago
  • Road to Adepticon 2017 : Part 3
    We have at last come to the week of Adepticon 2017.  This will be the first major Wargaming event I will be attending and the excitement is incredible.  Games Workshop will be out in force this year with event support and hobby seminars galore.  It is going to be big and I cannot wait for Thursday to arrive!Over the past few months, you could see a few posts about Adepticon preparation appearing in your social media feeds.  As we grew closer more and more appeared as the Hobby Crunch time swung into full effect.  I personally experienced this crunch for ... read more
    Source: The Realm Gate BlogPublished on 2017-03-22By Chuck Moore
    5 days ago
  • 592 – Smashing Bolt Action Game Vs Russians
    Hullo, All!Work's been busy recently (hell - I've still got an entire bloomin' tournament to update you with!) but I've an easy day tomorrow, Robot Wars is on iplayer, and not too much washing-up to here, with no energy for the details, are some very pretty pics from a recent meet-up game against a lovely chap in my home town, Portsmouth.Venue: Fistful of Dice, Southsea, Portmouth.Forces: Sam, with his gorgeous and characterful Late-War Russians, versus my 11th Armoured Division, 4 KSLIPoints: 750Mission: Hold Until Relieved (ugh!)Attacker: RussiansResult: a marvellously fought draw! 🙂Sam was an absolute gent to play against, and ... read more
    Source: Admiral DraxPublished on 2017-03-22By Admiral Drax
    5 days ago
  • Fighting alongside the Imperial Guard – Literally
    Great news, Soldiers, You will soon be joined in your war zone by none other than the Emperor’s own personal guard – the legendary Adeptus Custodes. The returned Primarch, and newly reinstated supreme commander of the armies of the Imperium, Lord Guilliman, has dictated that these peerless warriors be assigned to key war zones, such as yours. Now, you may be thinking that such a deployment might represent a desperate redistribution of strength that leaves the throne world itself relatively unguarded – we can assure you this is not the case. This deployment represents the supreme confidence the Primarch and the ... read more
    Source: The Regimental StandardPublished on 2017-03-22By The Warhammer Community Team
    5 days ago
  • Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 2
    I have made a tentative start on corrupting one of my Imperial Knight models.I have very little in the way of skills with green-stuff which is kind-of the point of doing this exercise - I intend to go totally mental with it in order to try and force myself to improve.So I've kicked things off by adding a few details as follows:To start things off I simply glued a few Nurglings to a base...Then added some Chaos-death-spikey bits modelled to look like they're erupting through a fleshy skin...More spikey bits, a few buboes, some Nurgle's rot and a gash...Some more ... read more
    Source: Wargames WastelandPublished on 2017-03-22By Dean Kelly
    5 days ago
  • The Valley of Kings 1 – Twilight Kin – 2017/03/22
    Greetings! In the round 3 of the Valley of Kings tournament I had a chance to play against the army I have never faced before - the Twilight Kin! I was very excited as it meant I will have a game with a civil war theme. These are always very close and bloody! Andrew, who commanded a beautifully painted army of the Evil Elves, is also a new opponent for me so I was very happy to play against a new player with a new army at the same time!I was very intrigued by Andrew's army because it was a combination of ... read more
    Source: Path of an OutcastPublished on 2017-03-22By Swordmaster
    5 days ago
  • Hotlead Frostgrave Warbands – Part 2
    In the first part of this two part series, we looked at three Frostgrave Warbands available for use at Hotlead. In today's post, we look at the other three.The first Warband is the Summoner's Warband. If I were playing (and not as the Nameless One), this is the Warband that I would use. I would suggest it for players with some experience. The Summoner has a Demon starting in the Warband as well as two Javelineers, two treasure hunters, a Marksman, a Templar and a Captain. If I have time to finish it before Hotlead, they will also have a Demonic Servant. This Wizard has ... read more
    Source: Must Contain MinisPublished on 2017-03-22By Jacob Stauttener
    5 days ago
  • Duke of Bavaria – Overview and Information
    Dear Miniature friends! Soon the duke of Bavaria starts!Duke of Bavaria on facebook: Here is some information for you (taken from this official source):________________________________________________________________________________ CONTEST To keep the waiting times as low as possible, please use the registration form. You can download the writable PDF file here:…/anmeldebogen-inscription/ You can find the competition rules here in several languages: time for the competition:Friday, 31/03/2017: 10:00 am - 4:45 pmSaturday, 01/04/2017: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Now a very important note in own matter:Figures from all eras and sections (civilian, military, Fantasy, round or flat) are admitted for the competition. ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-03-22By Massive Voodoo
    5 days ago
  • Painting Flesh Tones with Layered Glazes – Step-by-Step
    Jay Martin has given me the opportunity to share my experience of painting Akito on his excellent site Figure Mentors. Part one looks at how I used layers of glazed acrilics to paint her flesh tones. You can find it HERE. ... read more
    Source: Sproket’s Small WorldPublished on 2017-03-21By David Soper
    6 days ago
  • Hobby desk update Kw 11
    I’m a little bit late this week and that’s because of work again. Needed to work long on Sunday and Monday so I had almost no time to do anything hobby related including this week´s overview. So what have I done. I painted some of the small claws and started with the base. I’m not too happy with the base. It just looks uninspired to me. I´ll probably make some adjustments to the trygons positioning and paint some rippers too. Thanks for reading and you I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! For wip updates follow me on twitter or for finished models ... read more
    Source: WolfsherzPublished on 2017-03-21By Wolfsherz
    6 days ago
  • Desktop of the week VI
    Last week I started painting the three new Nurgle followers I shared in my last post. They will hopefully be finished during this week. When I've completed the three models I'll photograph them properly and share them in a larger post.My local GW store is having a small painting competition in two weeks time, themed plastic Primarch. This means you have to enter either Daemon Magnus or Gulliman. Honestly I think Gulliman is one of the ugliest models GW have ever released. But I still decided to use him for the competition. Yesterday I started playing around with the bits ... read more
    Source: Wilhel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-03-21By Wilhelm
    6 days ago
  • Orc Blood Bowl Team Completed
    While I didn’t finish them for Squaduary as I had pledged, I finally finished all twelve of the Orc Blood Bowl players of The Mighty Squigs. Who says you haven’t seen a purple orc! As I currently don’t have time for games of 40k, I find that board games have been easier to get the family involved. Blood Bowl fits this perfectly. I think I could even talk my dad into a match since he is a huge football fan. When it came time to which team to paint first, it was simply a matter of which team looked ... read more
    Source: Broken PaintbrushPublished on 2017-03-21By Joe B
    6 days ago
  • Painting Kastelan Robots – Monster March week 3
    We've reached week three and so far, progress has been good. I was hoping to have the last robot finished for this update but unfortunately things rather got away from me over the weekend and I didn't manage to finish.Close, but no cigar!As you can see from the above, there is only a final highlight to add, along with finishing out the base and he'll be done. I'm really looking forward to having these guys finished, not just so that I can admire them, but so that I can move on to the next project. I feel like I've made ... read more
    Source: Berserker BladePublished on 2017-03-21By Ed OMalley
    6 days ago
  • And the Last Shall Be First
    I finally got a chance to get my Alpha Legion on the table with the Traitor Legions supplement, and dude, they are so much fun. I narrowly beat an Ultramarines Victrix Strike Force with Roboute Guilliman, because, while I wasn't able to come close to matching his combat power (he utterly destroyed everything he made contact with, including my Terminators+Chaos Lord and Sorcerer, which he downed in 1 Assault Phase), massed Infiltration let me control the board well enough that I was able to stay on top of the Objectives and keep the lead.The Mindveil did totally betray me, tho. ... read more
    Source: Cascadian GrimdarkPublished on 2017-03-21By WestRider
    6 days ago
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