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  • Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition – The Units That Need Some Love
    Will 8th make fluffy units truly viable again? Here are my top picks to get a boost. ... read more
    Source: Heresy & HerosPublished on 2017-05-26By johnnya10
    3 hours ago
  • Interview with Masters of the Forge – May 2017
    “At Masters of the Forge, it is our goal to blow your mind with the lore of Warhammer 40.000, by helping you forge its stories into extraordinary narratives and breathing life into your games, workbenches, and imaginations.” Here you can listen to my interview with Masters of the Forge, where we discuss in-depth my two Phoenix Lords novels, Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan, and Jain Zar: The Storm of Silence. Listen To The Interview Please Feel Free to Share: ... read more
    Source: Mechanical HamsterPublished on 2017-05-26By Gav
    5 hours ago
  • A Satirical Look at Eighth Edition
    There comes a time when every man has to throw in his two cents on a topic that is as ground-breaking in the hobby world as a new edition of 40k. Unfortunately for my poor readers, I decided to consult the dark gods directly and obtained a vision from another dimension. A dimension where the biggest Chaos Marine around struggles to come to terms with his place in the new edition...Chapter 1 - State of Contusion  Bignimuus rapped the slide of his big gun with an even bigger hand. "8th Edition eh?" he rumbled. His oversized lips grinding together; turning the ... read more
    Source: Tabletop ApocalypsePublished on 2017-05-26By Blazmo
    5 hours ago
  • Silverback
    Guess what?I will always love Gorillas. Since a long time this seems to be my spirit animal. Well, my zodiac the lion too, so imagine a gorilla mixed with a lion if you want and can. Whatever. I passed some months without any joy in paint, colors and was not even able to enjoy music. Kind of burned out from working my butt off in 2017. Somehow sad weeks, on the other hand also time to recharge creative powers. Slowly I crawl out of a small dark valley, some scars left in place for sure, but what would we be ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-05-25By Roman aka jar
    8 hours ago
  • Horror Boards Horror Game System Up On Kickstarter
    What love “What if…?” scenarios and to see match-ups between our favorite characters. Who would win in some sort of mythical fight between two icons? Horror Boards lets you live out some of those fantasies by pitting different horror movie characters against one-another in a no-holds-barred duel to the death (or further, in some of their cases). The game is up now on Kickstarter From the campaign: Horror-Fix is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that will allow the public to meet Horror Boards. Horror Boards is a collectible, expandable horror themed tabletop gaming system. “We can’t ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-05-25By Polar_Bear
    15 hours ago
  • BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition 40K Missions Explained!
    Whilst it's not as exciting as weapons rules, or as glamorous as new models, what can make or break a system in a game is actually the game you play. Which means the context in which you push around your plastic soldiers. Frankly, it's also the hardest bit to sell to neophyte students. They're generally champing at the bit to just roll dice at the other person until everything's dead. Games Workshop has given players like that a simple battle system to follow: Only War. Because that's in the 40K tag line.  This is similar to the Age of Sigmar freebie rules mission, ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-05-25By Tabletop Teacher
    15 hours ago
  • Pinball Showdown To Be Released At Origins
    Normally, we hear about Kickstarter campaigns being pushed back from the posted release date. Things happen, and even when seemingly everything is taken into account, a release date may be missed. Shoot Again Games is, technically speaking, not releasing Pinball Showdown when they originally expected. But, in this case, that’s a good thing. They were originally going to have the game at Gen Con. But now, they’ve moved it up to Origins. From the announcement: Today Shoot Again Games announced that they have moved up the official Pinball Showdown release day to June 15th at Origins Game ... read more
    Source: Tabletop Gaming NewsPublished on 2017-05-25By Polar_Bear
    16 hours ago
  • 8th Edition and Horus Heresy – Thoughts with Winters SEO
    Hey all!I played a game with a Winters SEO today and we sat down to chat about how we think 8th edition will work with the Horus Heresy/30k.Check it out :)Peace out,Rob ... read more
    Source: 30kplus40kPublished on 2017-05-25By 30k plus 40k
    17 hours ago
  • [Theory Thursday] VtM: Another Kind Of Thaumaturgy
    So. Here we are. The caps above should explain more or less what I’m trying to achieve here – a streamlined version of the most out-of-control Discipline which boils it back down to part of the vampire fantasy and the standard structure of Disciplines, instead of trying to fit a whole D&D’s worth of spell... Continue Reading → ... read more
    Source: Kaptain VonPublished on 2017-05-25By Von
    22 hours ago
  • Shadow War and 40K Terrain
    Greetings!I have been quiet here in the blog for a while, but not so at the work bench.  I have been busy clipping, cleaning and gluing elements of the new Sector Mechanicus terrain for Shadow War and finally reached a point where I was ready to start putting new tiles together for my gaming table.  In order to base and theme my table top terrain, I prefer to put everything on a tile, 12"x12" squares of 1/4" birch plywood in this case.  I have revealed portions of my Sector Imperialis terrain already, and the new Mechanicus stuff is being assembled ... read more
    Source: 262nd Death Korps of KriegPublished on 2017-05-25By Dave Mary
    24 hours ago
  • Ramshackle, filthy and disgusting…
    Now, what is this? A new edition of 40k is upon us, and seeing the new incredible Death Guard miniatures that'll come with the new starter, I got all inspired to reboot my lovely Zombies-in-Power-Armour™. I'm also very excited to see what else they have in store, as there seems to be more plague marines in the teaser video (probably multi part boxed set) and, wait for it... Terminators! Proper Death Guard Terminators!Anyway, I started rummaging through my bits boxes last night, and cobbled this together - it's very rough and just a mockup, but I think it would be ... read more
    Source: Bitter Old PaintersPublished on 2017-05-25By GuitaRasmus
    1 day ago
    In this easy, step-by-step tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a Cobblestone Base in a what is probably the fastest and simplest way ever. Wallpaper*, Basing Glue, Flat (used up) Brush, Hobby Knife, *Just find a suitable one at a local builder’s store. Now you see how insanely fast and easy this […] ... read more
    Source: Scar Hand PaintingPublished on 2017-05-25By Nazroth
    1 day ago
  • Runewars Miniatures Game Scale Comparison (Part 2)
    A while ago, Asmodee sent Must Contain Minis a review copy of Runewars by Fantasy Flight Games. In this post, I am going to show my readers a scale comparison of the Daqan (Human) miniatures in the base-set to figures by other companies. This is the second part to my two part series about the scale of Runewars minis. The first part looked at the Waiqar (undead) army.The Daqan army from the Runewars starter box.When I first saw the artwork of Runewars, the first thing that popped in my mind was "I wonder how these minis scale to the biggest miniatures ... read more
    Source: Must Contain MinisPublished on 2017-05-25By Jacob Stauttener
    1 day ago
  • Good Ol’ Boyz – Bonus Grots!
    Blame it on painting that old Ork but since then I’ve had a real itch to work on a few grots for him to boss around (after all the other lads are never going to stop picking on him for being short so he’ll need someone to bully in turn). Into the box of old models I go to fish out these two gretchin. Like the Ork (and plenty of other things that you’ll see in due course) these were a gift from my good mate Tom who’s been clearing out, so cheers once again dude. This one’s ... read more
    Source: Convert of DiePublished on 2017-05-24By Wudugast
    1 day ago
  • Ultramarine Daemon Prince
    Hi One and All,Thanks for reading!Here is a little project I've finished, an Ultramarine Daemon Prince. This was a model I purchased off a well known auction site, as I liked the flying conversion of the plastic daemon prince. I'd already added a Relictor DP to my princes, so I thought it was only fair to add an Ultramarine on to the party. I believe this guy was finished before Siph's..I've opted for a veteran look, with white helmet/face and shoulder trims, this is added to the pale skin complexion. I'd always wanted to try white skin, and really happy ... read more
    Source: WeeManPublished on 2017-05-24By Lord Halfpenny
    2 days ago
  • 8th Edition base sizes
    I saw this crop up in the comments yesterday here and elsewhere so our resident spy, Dessie, went back in for a closer look. Armed with charm, ego and a measuring tape they took these pics: 48mm for the Death Guard lord in termintor armour.  38mm for the Primaris Captain in fancy new armour. Well that puts that question to rest at least. Four more weeks! The post 8th Edition base sizes appeared first on Stepping Between Games. ... read more
    Source: Stepping Between GamesPublished on 2017-05-24By thousandeyes
    2 days ago
  • Hygiene is High Priority
    Greetings Guardsmen, The dastardly forces of the Arch-enemy are getting desperate it seems.Unable to best the might of the Imperium’s armies in a fair fight, they have resorted to underhanded methods – in this case, bio-daemonic infection. Cleanliness is, as you know, next to wrathfulness, and a good Guardsman should always maintain a good state of personal hygiene. But with increased reports of the contagion-bearing Death Guard Heretic Astartes in your war zone, you should be especially careful. Here are some handy (and mandatory) guidelines to ensure you and your squad remain free from infection and taint. Ensure all battlefield ... read more
    Source: The Regimental StandardPublished on 2017-05-24By The Warhammer Community Team
    2 days ago
  • Striking Gold
    While all non metallic metals are very fun to create, I especially like golds.  They allow for many interesting contrasts between lights and darks, muted and saturated colors, as well as warmer vs cooler tones.  The key to all NMM is in that reflected light, and reflected colors.  This is interesting on regular metal, but with gold,  using warmer tans and sienna against the purples and blues reflected in it.You can see the differences in the sword blade, where the same colors were reflected.  However, it is less of a temperature contrast.  I normally use a lot of purples and ... read more
    Source: James Wappel Miniature PaintingPublished on 2017-05-24By wappellious
    2 days ago
  • REVIEW: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skirmish
    The Age of Skirmish is upon us with the release of the Age of Sigmar Skirmish supplement. A rather simple addition, it adds a fantastic new way to play the game using all of your existing rules and models, as well as a bit of new background lore on the mysterious city of Shadespire. Let's take a look at what's between the covers!Read more » ... read more
    Source: Mengel MiniaturesPublished on 2017-05-24By Mengel Miniatures
    2 days ago
  • Countdown to Armageddon.
    Hi All,If you don't recall, here's the classic Public Enemy track:Anyway we're getting down to the wire for getting ready for this game.Here are some resources and some of the things I am using or trying to bring to the game.Warhammer Community has a bunch of Downloads for Shadow War: Armageddon here. There are errata scenarios, force lists, roster sheets and status counters to print out if you don't have any.I've tried to order these counters from Litko but they haven't shown up yet and when I track my order on their site it says "in production." So maybe not ... read more
    Source: Sean’s Wargames CornerPublished on 2017-05-24By Sean
    2 days ago
  • 8th Edition 40K Rules Summary
    We have had a huge amount of information dumped over the past few weeks, and despite me linking everything together as best I can, we're getting to the point where a lot of things are repeating themselves.This is a summary of the revealed rules for 8th Edition 40K. It will also be a page here, which will be continually updated as more information comes in. I will link my previous articles, so you can have a bit more of an in-depth analysis (using Logic and Reason).Here's a snapshot of the Core Rules, as found on miniwars:Core GameplayMovement Phase(As above)Psychic PhasePsykers ... read more
    Source: Tabletop TeacherPublished on 2017-05-24By Tabletop Teacher
    2 days ago
    The Lady Elect and her Sentinels are the wardens of the entrance ways to The Chapel. The Sentinels themselves occupy many of the main and well used entrances and are large imposing machines worthy of the Machine God. Each has it’s own character with some being taciturn while others are brash and some are even morbid. These traits are caused by the long exposure to the entrances for The Chapels fickle ways are at their strongest in these places.     The Lady Elect, Mistress of the Sentinels, High Warden of The Chapel, is a giant of a woman. ... read more
    Source: Heresy of UsPublished on 2017-05-24By heresyofus
    2 days ago
  • Jacques de Molay
    Heyho Jungle,several weeks ago I was able to finish a bust I started during the private coaching with Alex, Paul and Marcus. It is a gruel topic, Jacques de Molay, last grandmaster of the Templar Order, while being burned in Paris. A bust by Pegaso Models.This bust is not for sale, as it will be raffled during the NOVA Open 2017,via NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. I am very proud to be a part of this compassionate force that gathers artist and gamers to help support for example Doctors without Borders.Jacques here will be one of my two models this year ... read more
    Source: Massive VoodooPublished on 2017-05-23By Roman aka jar
    2 days ago
  • Heresy Era Thousand Sons – Osiron Dreadnought and Castellax-Achea Battle Maniple built!
    Some reinforcements arrived from Zhao-Arkkad, and since I've managed to get a fair bit of painting done recently I decided to reward myself with some time gluing my fingers together and cranked out some new models for the force, starting with the Castellax-Achea Battle Maniple:In the sorting and cleaning process I managed to lose a couple of the claw talons, so in order to hide a bit of a bodge job, one of the Castellax is carrying a legion banner. Doesn't do anything in-game, but thought it could be a neat look and a good focal point for the unit!  Next ... read more
    Source: Mordian 7th RegimentPublished on 2017-05-23By Mordian7th
    2 days ago
  • Weekly Hobby Update : 5-24-17
    Happy Wednesday everyone!  Over the past week, I have finished all my terrain in preparation for my Coalescence event.  I have also been working up fun teasers for my event to hint at what my places could expect during as the narrative unfolds.  My Club also held a terrain build/repair day that I will dive into more detail during my Friday post.  I also received a nice surprise from a local commission painter and club member!Teasers for my Coalescence Story!A Club mate who goes by BrushForHire painted this up for me.Finished all my personal terrain in preparation for Coalescence.My Local club showed up and put in work!Let me ... read more
    Source: The Realm Gate BlogPublished on 2017-05-23By Chuck Moore
    3 days ago
  • Proyecto Eldar (XIII): Falcons
    Buenas a todos.Estando octava a las puertas, y sin saber todavía como va a ir el meta, he decidido ampliar mi ejercito pintado con algún vehículo y me decidí  por el falcon. Además y como homenaje a la formación de tres falcon de séptima pues he pintado tres a la vez.Primer FalconSegundo Falcon. Este lleva una torreta de forgeworld de un serpent, a la que le he añadido una lanza estelar para que haga de pulsar.Y el tercero. De este solo tengo tres fotos, y sé que le hice cuatro por lo menos, pero la cuarta se debe haber perdido ... read more
    Source: MastodonticaPublished on 2017-05-23By Cylde Ar
    3 days ago
  • Showcase: sister of battle alternative
    After assembling all of my new Sisters of Battle, it is time for me to actually paint them.  With the help from my wife, I laid out several different choices and this scheme was the winner.I started with a white base coat.  This is something new to me but I new it was going to be a light scheme so I didn't want to base then, apply a second base to paint the lighter colors on then finally the colors themselves. I might try a wash on the white to pre highlight the parts to give me more depth on ... read more
    Source: Xeno for the WinPublished on 2017-05-23By Grenn Dal
    3 days ago
  • Some WIP Shots and Slowing Things Down (for now)
    Between the reemergence of the sun, writing books, and chasing after two little boys, I have realized that I need to slow some things down. But part of that slow down is to make sure the articles I publish here are not rushed or forced. So with that said, let’s check out what is on Joe’s painting table first and get back to the boring blog stuff after. WIP Blood Bowl With two Blood Bowl teams completed (Orcs and Dwarves), I had turned to the balls and tokens so that I could get a fully painted game in. ... read more
    Source: Broken PaintbrushPublished on 2017-05-23By Joe B
    3 days ago
  • Stormcast Eternals: Test model
    OK - it's official. I've lost my mind, gone fishing, out to lunch. Bats in the belfry, a total nutjob, flibble, wibble, gibber, gribbly.I've started ANOTHER TWO PROJECTS!I've been looking at the Kharadron Overlord models that GW have just released for Age of Sigmar. Now I've never played AoS. No reason other than I've not had an opportunity. I've been very impressed with a lot of the new models that GW have released for it but until now - knowing I have no chance to play at the moment due to "life" - I've not picked any up.That's been bugging ... read more
    Source: Wargames WastelandPublished on 2017-05-23By Dean Kelly
    3 days ago
  • Horus Heresy: Dark Angels
    Hi folks,A few weeks ago, Rob from 30kplus40K ran a competition to celebrate the Birthday of his blog. The prize was a squad of Tartaros Terminators, a 30K era unit that had caught my eye previously (I am a complete sucker for Terminators). To win, we had to post which Legion we would collect and why, to which I replied:Slippery slope indeed! I was lucky enough to win a squad and my already bursting To-Do list has now erupted volcanically. Having skated on the edge of 30K for a few years, secretly yearning to explore the Dark Angels pre-Heresy shenanigans; ... read more
    Source: Old School GamingPublished on 2017-05-23By Marc van Holst
    3 days ago
  • 8th edition incoming…
    Hi guys, Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I’ve been fairly busy lately and so has my wife (needing the only laptop in the house and using the office which is where all my painting/building tends to happen) so it has been difficult to find time and time with the laptop to write the posts. So here I am watching the latest episode of Dr who and writing a post on my phone about upcoming eight edition. I apologise as it will probably be a short one. I don’t know about you but I have been thoroughly enjoying the ... read more
    Source: Miniature MindedPublished on 2017-05-22By Miniature Minded
    4 days ago
  • Knight Titan Base Coat
    I own an airbrush. I really do! Of course, if you saw my armies, you wouldn’t exactly have reason to believe me.  The thing is, that I like how airbrushed models look, I even went to town using it on … Continue reading ... read more
    Source: Warhammer 39999Published on 2017-05-22By warhammer39999
    4 days ago
  • Partizan 2017
    With show season in full swing it was the turn of Partizan over at Newark showgrounds,This time round we were running a game for Cavalier Books called skirmish action, Personally I'd never heard of it due to the fact that you've hundreds of WW2 rules systems out in the wargaming world now.So knowing absolutely nothing about the system I headed over with a load of Japanese and USMC!So one of the two phat cats boards ready to rock!  The terrain was supplied by Lee from a recent blood and plunder weekend that he recently ran, which I'll be posting fairly ... read more
    Source: The Anarchy of AntonPublished on 2017-05-22By Ant Evans
    4 days ago
  • Terrain: Sewers 002
    The sections for my sewer are largely ready for paint and I decided to try something new instead of the usual PVA, paint, and water.This stuff is pretty good. Your mileage may vary but I got all the main pieces of my sewers triple coated with spray primer. I think with extruded styrofoam sheets it will work better. The expanded polystyrene just has too much exposed area to do any less...This is my fault. I gave this piece two coats of primer and didn't give it time to dry properly before giving it a coat of black. You can see ... read more
    Source: Into the VoidPublished on 2017-05-21By CJ Kilbride
    4 days ago
  • Lore of the realms: The Grey-mane Dynasty part 1, The founding (generation one and two)
    When the realms were born from the destructive aftermath of the The world-that-was, civilisation began anew from the ashes of the old world. Many would start out as farmers, tribal communities and small established villages. But, unlike most civilisations, the Grey-mane Dynasty started out as a mystery to outsiders. The legends behind the founding of the dynasty may hold the answers, or even more questions as to how the dynasty first established it’s place in the mortal realms. The Founding During the beginning of the Age of Myth, eight individuals were created by an unknown entity at the top of ... read more
    Source: CallumartPublished on 2017-05-21By bjorndovah
    5 days ago
  • Speed painting challenge… OF DEATH!!!!!
    Hello boys and girls, welcome to a pleasantly unscheduled post from yours truly. I have been quiet of late, being deeply immersed in writing the final dissertation in a 5 year mission to explore strange new academic worlds; to seek out new knowledge and new qualifications; to boldly, (after 42 years of consuming oxygen on this good Earth), finally get a bloody degree! This workload has meant that I haven’t really been in the right frame of mind for in-depth hobby stuff like the Chapel project lately – in fact, I hadn’t painted much of anything up until Friday night… ... read more
    Source: Praetorian Imperial GuardPublished on 2017-05-21By Alex
    5 days ago
  • Vacation Time
    It’s been a week since Inner Circle and I am still recovering.  I fit in a lot of painting in a short period of time and came short of my goal.  I was aiming for the golden ticket to Dallas and came up short by two points to win the store.  I do have more to say on the event, however, I’m enjoying a long needed vacation and that includes the Roost. As Inner Circle drew closer and closer my posting frequency increased to correspond with my project.  Maintaining the Roost is a hobby in itself and I ... read more
    Source: The Roost of TurkadactylPublished on 2017-05-20By Turkadactyl
    6 days ago
  • Shadow War House Rules
    A few House Rules my group has come up with for Shadow War. Mostly they're just intended to tweak things more to our liking, but there are a couple that fix things that seem like they're actual game design flaws.Shadow War: Armageddon House RulesPoints may be carried over from initial Team Creation and Recruit/Rearm actions. (The system as presented in the book works fine for those Factions, but it gets really problematic for several of the additional Factions added on the Warhammer Community website, and the DeathWatch Kill Teams below)Any Model that has access to a Power Sword may take ... read more
    Source: Cascadian GrimdarkPublished on 2017-05-20By WestRider
    6 days ago
  • Monthly Muse #2
    For this month's Muse, lets talk a little bit about what has been revealed so far for the upcoming 8th edition 40k, review some recent (and not so recent) hobby activity, and lastly I'll share some of my thoughts on using the Blogo app over the past couple months.So this post was supposed to go up a few weeks ago but ran into a number of delays, some of which I'll get into later, but mostly life has gotten the better of me this past month. As the title suggests, I will try to do these every month and hopefully ... read more
    Source: Joe Saves the DayPublished on 2017-05-20By joe m.
    6 days ago
  • Orc Shaman WIP Something Something
    Orc Shaman WIP Look at that, a post… it’s been quiet here for a while now but I’ve been painting quite a lot the last weeks. Most of the time as been spent on my orc shaman wip, that’s close to being finished now. I was hoping to have him done by tomorrow but I […] The post Orc Shaman WIP Something Something appeared first on ... read more
    Source: KlatuPublished on 2017-05-20By Nils
    6 days ago
  • Swan Song Coverage
    Huomenna mennään, kenties viimeistä kertaa Warhammer 40K seiskaedikkaa turnausmuodossa! Pelaajat palauttivat ajoissa liudan siistejä rostereita ja järjestelyt venuella ovat lähes valmiit. Näistä saadaan näyttävät hautajaiset seitsemännelle laitokselle!First Round Pairings and Results+++Incoming Transmission+++Second Round Pairings and Results+++Incoming Transmission+++Third Round Pairings and Results+++Incoming Transmission+++Final Standings+++Incoming Transmission++++++Army List Compilation+++Player: Karri ReunanenArmy: Death Korps of Krieg, Militarum Tempestus, InquisitionPRIMARY DETACHMENT: COMBINED ARMS DETACHMENTHQ1 - WARLORD: Death Korps Company Command Squad (100), Flamer (5), Master of Ordnance (20) [125]HQ2: Commissar-General (70), Power Sword (10) in transport1 [80]Elite1: Death Korps Combat Engineer Squad (50), Plasma Gun (15) in transport2 [65]Elite2: Death Korps Field Artillery Battery, 3 ... read more
    Source: War HeadPublished on 2017-05-20By Frenzy
    6 days ago
  • Hirst Arts- Timber Frame Building
    Its been awhile, Its seems more of struggle of to keep the blog updated these days than I remember even thou, I've painted close to a dozen figures , finished the castle and built this since the last update.this from the "project files" on the Hirst Arts website, a Timber or "Half Timber" building depending on what molds you used, for this I used mainly molds #224 and #225, with #260 for the floors, a few 1/4 planks from the original wood panel mold #220 and the Chimney and Fireplace from the old small brick mold. 250 I found numerous issues ... read more
    Source: Plastic LegionsPublished on 2017-05-20By John@Plastic.Legions
    6 days ago
  • Weekly Waffle #123
    Well it’s been a really bad week this week for hobby this week. I’ve had family over from France so I’ve been playing nice and spending time with them, which in fairness has been nice and then away again all week. So the only thing I’ve really managed to get done this week is to green stuff some base inserts. I need these for the fishermen I’ve been working on and for a couple of other things that I’ve done but not got round to basing. But in keep with how manic things have been I’ve not even had time ... read more
    Source: Terminator TidsPublished on 2017-05-20By Steve
    6 days ago
  • WIP: Loka Queens – Yellow & Green
    Ladies and colors above, pictures below...Yellow...And green.Almost done the whole set :)Next post: Red and Blue queens.Thanks for looking let me know what you think and remember; you can't spell paint without a little  pain 🙂 ... read more
    Source: Almost PerftecPublished on 2017-05-19By Zab
    7 days ago
  • Thunderer Siege Tanks
    As I work on my all Death Rider army, I took a small break and made their armoured support: a pair of Thunderer Siege Tanks! First rule of Forgeworld- Why buy one when you can get two for twice the price!These are fun little tanks. These turretless LR Demolishers act essentially like up-armoured vindicators on the battlefield. I can't wait to see their 8th edition stats!I went with these because I1- LOVE the models2- Think the imagery of a low profile tank with a large front cannon advancing in support of an all cavalry army just looks right. WWI style ... read more
    Source: Sepulchre of HerosPublished on 2017-05-19By Gothmog
    1 week ago
  • DaggerAndBrush goes Patreon – A modelling guide in the making
    In the past years the DaggerAndBrush blog has become an essential part of my hobby and I really love to write tutorials and articles for you that hopefully inspire and entertain. Without you there would be no real reason to publish content, thus I thank you for your ongoing support, comments, suggestions, discussions and general banter; it does indeed mean a lot to me. All content on the DaggerAndBrush blog will always be free and there won’t be any paywalls. I would love to publish content more regularly, but real life often prevents me from doing so. I would also love to ... read more
    Source: Dagger and BrushPublished on 2017-05-18By daggerandbrush
    1 week ago
  • #New40K? Time for a new army.
    I am looking forward to the #New40K with a mix of optimism and excitement. It's a great reason to start an Eldar army; the army I originally started playing Warhammer 40000 with all those years ago. Thanks for reading about my hobby efforts on Sprue Grey Toy Soldiers. ... read more
    Source: Sprue GreyPublished on 2017-05-18By Adam
    1 week ago
  • In the Shadow of Great Wings, pt. 1
    Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been crazy busy these last couple of weeks! That being said, I do have something new to share with you today, a new conversion of an established character that I hope you will appreciate — some of you may already be suspecting who it is we are talking about, based on the title of this post, but anyway: Here goes: When I shared my 30k Khârn conversion with you recently, several fellow hobbyists here and on the forums suggested I should actually also create a model for Argel Tal of ... read more
    Source: Eternal HuntPublished on 2017-05-18By krautscientist
    1 week ago
  • Good Reads 52 with Nurgle Titan, Painting Tutorials, and a Cult
    Another awesome week of hobby posts to check out in today’s Good Reads 52. Come see some of the work done by fellow hobbyists, learn from tutorials, be inspired, and some things to think about. While it has been a busy week here between finishing a book and getting started on a crazy Rainbow Warriors Project (more to come), it is awesome to poke my head up and see what others have accomplished. Sorry I haven’t commented on your site lately, but I do bookmark posts to eventually get back to But for now, dig into this week’s ... read more
    Source: Broken PaintbrushPublished on 2017-05-18By Joe B
    1 week ago
  • Foul Play #6
    The Blockers are more or less done and I’ve made three custom star players! A bit more work is needed on a couple of them but I will let it slide for now. Simple but does the trick and they fit sculpt-wise very well in with the rest. -t ... read more
    Source: Big Boss RedskullzPublished on 2017-05-17By bigbossredskullz
    1 week ago
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