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Broken Paintbrush Blogroll is Live!

This is something I’ve been putting off doing for a while, but I have finally got it done: The Broken Paintbrush Blogroll!

One of the common themes I saw in last week’s discussion on commenting was that many people have lost contact with blog updates since Feiet’s blogroll went down. I know I used to get a good deal of traffic from it that has disapeared.

So, following Thor’s advice, I’ve installed WP RSS Aggregator and added all the blogs I follow (over 150!). You can check it out at: That is where you can also find how to add your own blog to the feed (if I haven’t already added it!).

I am still working on the formatting and sync issues, but I’m hoping that the Blogroll will soon help everyone find new hobby bloggers and connect. If you see funny business, let me know so I can fix it.

Request for a Logo

Also, I am putting a request out for anyone with digital art skills. I need a blogroll badge, and maybe a new logo as well. I’m willing to pay with miniatures!

My current logo isn’t a vector image and has some rough edges. If you are interested, let me know.

Join the Blogroll

Are you a 40k, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Warmahordes, or so other Wargaming hobby blogger? If so, I want to add your blog to the feed so others can find you.

The requirements are pretty simple:

  1. Blog about a wargaming hobby
  2. No spam or click-bait articles
  3. Add value to the community (don't write abusive articles or comments)
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  • D Power

    Just a suggestion; if you didn’t mind an ordinary JPEG/TFF banner, would you like me to have a go at something slightly less dark than normal? It wouldn’t be an exclusively digital product, but if you contact me we could sort something nice out 😉

    • I’d be open to the idea, the reason I was thinking vector art is so I could resize it for banners, social media headers, etc. But a unique piece of D Art could be awesome as well 🙂

    • That’s a really cool idea that I haven’t thought of at all.

  • Blogrolls are damn near a requirement for us hobbyists and gamers. It’s funny. It’s very frowned upon (blogrolls) for reasons of SEO, retaining traffic/bounce rate, and more. However, none of those people writing articles had small community niche blogs either. Those folks were trying to make a living off their sites, where you have to squeeze every ounce of attention and traffic you can get. However, we’re just a bunch of people who love checking stuff out that people are working on, and getting some insights. Blogrolls are perfect for that.

    • I had been resisting doing it for a while because I couldn’t understand the desire for them as I love my feed readers. I never thought about it from the SEO aspect but could see how linking to so many other sites could hurt traffic, and probably why I haven’t seen it used on any other site!
      But here in our little corner of the tubes, people love them and use them, so might as well enable that right?
      It is cool to see that I’m already getting new requests for it, which is great way for me to find new bloggers too!

      • Blogrolls were the rage years and years ago, but yeah – at this point it’s mostly just used by us niche bloggers. We’re such a small community in the grand scheme of things that if we didn’t promote each other then traffic would come to a crawl for many. Plus, it’s not like any of us are competing either, so why not spread the love?

        I love getting new blogroll requests. It’s one of my favorite things. Like you said, you get the chance to discover something new.

        • wait, what? We aren’t arch enemies sworn to destroy each other’s blogs with glorious battle?
          Good point for the small/new bloggers, I know I got most/all of my traffic through the blog rolls for years until social media started to grown and I had enough content for google to pick up. I guess it’s my turn to pay it forward 🙂

  • Nice work Joe, will need to check out to try and find some new blogs. Just a suggestion- is there a way to add an image to each post? It looks a big bland with just a wall of text.

    • Thanks Corrm! I installed one of the add-ons that is supposed to do that but seem to be dealing with errors in actually displaying the images.