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A Little Chaos to the mix: Iron Warriors Helbrute

So to break up the aliens a bit, I got a bit excited that the Helbrute kit finally came out for Chaos. I had been holding on to the Dark Vengeance model – which I think is a fantastic model (especially for a starter kit!) but I was waiting for a multi-part kit to customize it. For me the stubby Multi-Melta looked a bit off, so that’s what I fixed!

Iron Warriors Helbrute

To contrast the silver and yellows of my Iron Warriors, I figured purple would do just nicely so I went with purple-blue skin and red-purple red accents.

Iron Warriors Helbrute

The skin is worked up from Xereus Purple to Calgar blue (with some Lothern blue on the tubing). I used washes of Khorne Red, Leviathan Purple, and Earthshade to add the bruising and shadows.

Iron Warriors Helbrute

The red was built up over a few shades of red and purple wash used on the daemon face and tentacles. Hard coat was later added to the claws to make them blood-glossy.

Iron Warriors Helbrute

From the top you can see the nice contrast between purple flesh, hard metal, and the yellow stripes. The Iron Warriors skull on the hand was an attempt at sculpting a custom badge. I carefully scrapped off the eye that was there and built up the skull shape with greenstuff.

Iron Warriors Helbrute

Here is the action shot! I choose the new right arm to make him look like he was shoulder checking with a massive left hook coming after.

Iron Warriors Helbrute Red Background

Final parting shot, decided to try a colored background ala GW style (all red and hip). It does help the horns stand out a bit more.

Somewhere in the queue is the actual Helbrute from the new kit as well as a kit bashed version use the old metal dread! Both are based coated and just waiting all the yummy details.

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