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Mentor Legion Stormtalon

Another model sitting on my shelf for way too long. Last year when flyers were the big hot thing, GW had a air force kit for the Space Marines with two Stormtalons and a Stormraven, I quickly built them up and started painting but got distracted with so many things in life. So here is my Mentor Legion Stormtalon.

Mentor Legion Stormtalon

I also got a set of bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures Secret Weapon Miniatures to add interest on the large, nearly empty base. The junkyard base had a downed plane reckage that I painted up to look like a Ork flyer, a bit of internal competition.
Mentor Legion Stormtalon

The base colors were done using an airbrush and painters tape to mask the other areas. Mentor Legion Stormtalon

I then used washes to mark the panel lines and shade the green areas. The green was then highlighted and weathering done.Mentor Legion Stormtalon

The biggest issue I had with the original model was the nose weapon, so before building I did a search for other conversions and found Hand of Junk and Excommunicate Traitoris that both had fantastic solutions. So moved the missile pods to the under wings and the cannons to the sides. Where the nose cannon should have gone, I added a weapon site from a Land Raider.Mentor Legion Stormtalon

I had kept the model in a few sub-assemblies to allow painting of the interior possible, a nice Techmarine look for the pilot.

Mentor Legion Stormtalon

Mentor Legion Stormtalon

The control panels received a bit of color as well.

Mentor Legion Stormtalon

Overall I’m happy with the end result, and have the second Stormtalon base coated. The Stormraven is only primed and may be sitting on the shelf for a while yet.Mentor Legion Stormtalon Mentor Legion StormtalonHappy flying!


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