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Good Reads Week 22

Welcome to another week of Good Reads. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration or new tutorials to read, Good Reads is a collection from recent postings around the web. Check out what your fellow hobbyists have published and leave them a few comments as well!

Storm Talon

Storm Talon by Jeff Tibbetts

Storm Talon by Jeff Tibbetts

Tibbetts has returned to painting his Marines with a nicely finished Storm Talon for his Eagle Eyes. One of the cool ideas I got from watching his WIP posts is that he glazes the green with yellow to tone it back down.

Thousand Sons Forge Fiend

Forge Fiend by Rory Priest

Forge Fiend by Rory Priest

Rory has been constantly improving his painting and modeling skills, taking ideas from the many great bloggers in our hobby and putting them to great use. His latest finished piece is a Forge Fiend for his Thousand Sons, but with a great orange twist in honor of Thor.

Story Based Game Event

Unknown Army, picture by Thor

Unknown Army, picture by Thor

Speaking of Thor, he did a write up of an event his has been running that is a story based campaign. Fratris Salutem looked like a fantastic event and the kind of event that I would love to attend.

Painting Yellow and White

Models painted by Dave G.

Models painted by Dave G.

Ask a hobbyist what the hardest two colors are to paint and you can bet they will be: yellow and white. Dave G dives right into these colors with a fantastic tutorial on not only painting these hard colors, but also some great painting tips as well.

A Little Village

Town by John Stiening

Town by John Stiening

Everyone dreams of battling over a fantastic table, covered in great looking buildings that set the scene.  John Stiening decided to do this for his Bolt Action games and create almost a whole town of plaster buildings. The cool thing about doing them in plaster is he has created a number of ruins out of it as well.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Good Reads and I’m always open to other blogs if you think I missed any – there are tons of hobby blogs out there and I’m constantly finding new ones myself.

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Until next time,

Joe B.

  • Thanks for the plug. One of these days, probably when the story line wraps up next year, I want to put Fratris Salutem into a packet, so people could run it as their own campaign, or run a large event like I have been.

    • That would be fantastic! I think the story based battles are a blast and would love to see what you’ve been cooking up over there.

  • Cheers again, Joe! I appreciate the exposure you and Thor are giving that project.

    • For sure! I was laughing this morning when I saw Thor’s post – between picking the same posts and featuring each other 🙂
      Now you just have to finish your other Storm Talon!

  • As ever I am honoured to be in such good company. Allways make me feel like I am doing something right when I end up in your Good Reads section.

    • Hey for sure Rory! Like I said, it’s been awesome watching you improve your painting so well and you are doing great work 🙂

      • My thanks Joe.