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Good Reads 27 With Domitars, Bases, Renegade Knights and More

Welcome to another week of Good Reads. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration or new tutorials to watch, Good Reads is a collection from recent postings around the web. Check out your fellow hobbyists and leave them a few comments as well!


Domitar by Rob Hill

Domitar by Rob Hill

Rob put together a great pair of a Domitars that are not only painted extremely well, but he did a fantastic job of posing them to create a great sense of motion and story. The gory trooper at his feet also provides a nice contrast to his cool, robotic look.

Painting Bases

Base by Wilhem

Base by Wilhem

Wilhel is back this week with a great step-by-step on how he paints his bases. They are a great mix of jungle, marble tile, and 40k morbid gothic. And he makes it look so simple too! If you want to see the monster he put on this beautiful base, check out his Tyranid mutant as well.

Meeting of Scouts

Scratch Built Tanks by Klaus Fischer

Scratch Built Tanks by Klaus Fischer

There are two types of scratch builders in my mind: the economist who is trying to hack together an expensive model and those trying to create something completely new. Klaus is one of those who takes raw plastic strips and tubes and creates magic, this time with his Meeting of Scouts diorama. What I love about his work is that he walks you through his steps and thoughts along the way – on top of creating models that tell a story.

Creating Realistic Yew Trees

Yew Trees by Dagger and Brush

Yew Trees by Dagger and Brush

I recently stumbled across the Dagger and Brush but I’m already a fan of their work. Just as an example is this week’s tutorial (and epic read on Yew forests) is how to build and paint a yew tree. While the hyper-realistic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you have to admit he does some amazing work to make the scene above look like a movie shot.

Renegade Knights

Chaos Knights by Third Eye Nuke

Chaos Knights by Third Eye Nuke

I just received my box of Imperial Knight: Renegade and very much looking forward to adding both to my current knight to have a viable detachment. ThirdEyeNuke went the opposite route and is painting both of his as traitors. But he didn’t go for the ‘just slap some chaos stars on there’ route but instead making them full blown Death Guard members.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Good Reads and I’m always open to other blogs if you think I missed any – there are tons of hobby blogs out there and I’m constantly finding new ones myself.

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Until next time,

Joe B.

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